Thursday, March 14, 2019

Update, Finally

It has finally been revealed that the long-awaited Bond 25 film (that is, the 25th film in the Bond franchise) has taken the working title of "Shatterhand." It may be the official title, in the end, but is merely being employed for the moment. "Shatterhand" is an alias of the villain Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) but no definite word yet on whether Waltz--or any other character from Spectre will return. Filming starts April 6 with a projected release date of April 8, 2020; this is still considered to be Daniel Craig's last film as Bond.
Thank you for being here.
I can offer an entire list of obstacles: moving into a house that I then had to promptly move out of due to an electrical fire, illness, changes at work requiring far more time and labor, more illness, a mouse infestation, computer problems, my aunt's illness, my illness again,.... starting posts but not having time to get them done,.... but you are still here, and I can't thank you enough.
The official poster for John Wick: Chapter 3. I have a post on this, but didn't finish; it's an awesome poster, and hopefully, before May 17 when the film comes out, I will be able to spend some quality time giving it what it deserves.
On an entirely different note, Disney Studios has decided to release its own streaming service. It will offer ALL its films, including those highly coveted titles locked away in the Disney Vault that only come out once every twenty years,.... or so. Star Wars, Marvel, X-Men, Pixar and Disney films will be available on this streaming service and no other, as well as several new series which will be developed (including but not limited to stand alone films/shows for Vision, Scarlet Witch, The Falcon, with the original actors playing the roles); best of all, it's being rumored that it will be cheaper than Netflix, as that is the primary competitor Disney Plus streaming hopes to undermine. Yes, I love capitalism!
So, what am I doing?
I am still determined to get up the YouTube channel; initially, I am going to focus on the Harry Potter books and films, as they provide me with a nice break from depressing politics (but I can't seem to tear myself away from while doing critiques); I have been extremely pleased with the books and have done considerable work on them which, I hope, will make a contribution to the Harry Potter Fandom and, as always, provide you with the analysis you enjoy and look forward to at this site. And trust me, we are going deep into these works: J.K. Rowling truly is a top-notch author, and although one might not be interested in the stories, her utilization of symbols is exquisite and total; I am truly impressed and can't wait to share this work with you! In the meantime, here is the newest trailer for The Avengers 4: Endgame and it looks amazing!
And if you don't have a team of extraordinary heroes, all you really need is one man: John Wick. Chapter 3 comes out in May, here is the first trailer just in case you missed it, and the second trailer should be coming out anytime now:
I know this isn't a real post, but I didn't want you to think I had actually died and was never posting again: just regrouping my energies to do something better for myself and, I hope, you as well. As always, thank you with all my heart for your support, and you will be the first to know when the YouTube channel is live!
Eat Your Art Out,
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