Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Queenie & Nagini: Fantastic Beasts 2

Nagini, Tom Riddle's pet snake and horcrux, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Two HUGE spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald have been released by the film's producers today; if you do NOT want to know anything about the film going in, then please, stop reading now.
So, at the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, we saw Queenie enter Jacob's pastry shop and smile at him. According to the producers, Jacob doesn't remember Queenie (because of the massive mind-sweep at the end of the film) but Queenie puts Jacob under a spell, takes him to England and tries to get him to marry her (because of the laws in America, she can't marry him in the states but she can marry him in England). At some point, Jacob snaps out of the spell, gets mad at her and they join Newt and Tina in Paris. This doesn't mean that Queenie isn't going to work with Grindelwald, but I think it's going to be a great example of chaos theory at work, specifically, what we see happening on a small scale, is going to translate to a bigger scale, specifically, that Queenie using her powers to get Jacob to marry her is one way of looking at how Grindelwald is going  to be using his own powers to come to dominance. The purpose of this is strictly moral: it aides in defining boundaries and teases out the audiences' own sense of morality of right and wrong, so that it can then be translated to a broader, possibly more complex scenario as well.
Ezra Miller portrays Credence and Claudia Kim Maledictus, the woman who has a blood curse and will turn into an animal. 
Second Spoiler.
Maledictus is Nagini.
Our heads are spinning now that they have revealed this, but confirmed it is. My personal thought is, maybe this part of the story line isn't going to be developed completely in this installment, but they wanted fans to know beforehand so they can see where it's going. As far as I know, the Super Carlin Brothers were the first to advance this theory on their YouTube channel (you can watch that short video here, it's quite informative especially since this has now been confirmed). Given this huge release (it's only August and the film doesn't come out until November) I think this seriously suggests that she will have a bigger role to play in future films, although, not necessarily this one, rather like Credence himself in the first film. We also have been given confirmation that Credence has a much larger role in this film and will likely survive, at least long enough to see FB3.
Knowing how a character meets their demise, even before you see how they were born, is actually an incredibly fruitful strategy for artists because it allows the audience to pick-up on clues that might have been ignored otherwise, for example, we might get some idea of why Maledictus would make a good horcrux, which most audience members might have passed in noticing, or we learn something about her that makes her afraid of swords, or the Longbottoms, as we see Neville Longbottom killing Nagini here with the sword of Gryffindor in Deathly Hallows 2. Another excellent example of this is the introduction of Nicholas Flamel, whom we first heard of in the first Harry Potter book, but knowing what happens to him and the Philosopher's Stone, we will be the "informed viewer" who will be able to better interact with the statement the film is making and the values it advances.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you will allow me, I would like to take a moment to make a rather long-winded explanation of an apology. Back when the Harry Potter books and first films were being released, author JK Rowling said nothing regarding Christianity, hence, because the books were so much about magic, most Christians, myself included, condemned the books/films as advocating magic, and the dramatic increase in those practicing and claiming to be witches and warlocks has exponentially increased with the wide popularity of the books/films. This was the reason I decided I needed to investigate the movies/books because I was shocked--from my perspective--that so many Christians would find the books and films so "entertaining" when clearly this goes against our religion, and that I needed to provide a detailed explanation as to why this wasn't Christian material.

Watching the films, I certainly saw Christian parallels, however, I thought it only to easy to "baptize" Harry Potter for the sake of convenience and I wasn't going to be swayed to an easy path. It was only upon learning of a tiny detail in the books (namely, that Harry had taken Mad Eye Moody's eye from Umbridge and buried it beneath a cross) that I did some research and discovered that, in 2005 (well after I had written her and the series off), Rowling publicly announced being a practicing Christian and the reason she hadn't admitted it before was because she thought the metaphor to Christianity was so apparent,... okay, so, I have watched all the films and have started reading the books, and I will be doing a complete series on Harry Potter, not only because of the cultural implications and the religious benefits, but also because of the total of five Fantastic Beasts films within this universe. It is very likely that this HP series will be the first videos I launch on YouTube, and thank you to everyone who voted in the poll, there is an overwhelming desire to start seeing videos so I will start those probably by the end of August, start of September.

However, I have decided to wait posting on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them until after The Crimes Of Grindelwald is released in November: there are a few details which concern me, and I think they will be addressed in the new film, but a lot has happened in the world since the last HP books/films came out, and what was morally/spiritually true and relevant then for that story, may possibly not be true now, or with variations which are unacceptable. So, thank you, dear reader, for allowing me your time to articulate this switch and change, it means the world to me.
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