Saturday, August 4, 2018

UPDATED: Death Of America & the "Real" Fascism

Political activist Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation opens this weekend. Unfortunately, when I saw the title Death Of a Nation, I was thinking of a remake by that name which was made by a man mired in a sex scandal and the release of it had to be post-poned, so I let this get away from me and I deeply apologize for not having pointed it out sooner. D'Souza has previously made films documenting the Obama's Administration's corruption in 2016: Obama's America, and Hillary's America, about the plans of the Clintons to finish the Obama agenda. With Death Of a Nation, D'Souza publicly supports President Donald Trump by comparing the devastation he inherited from the Obama Administration to what President Abraham Lincoln had facing him at the end of the American Civil War.
Here is a great clip from the film that has been released, and I am confident D'Souza made this scene a top priority for this film to battle the massive ignorance regarding history and who the Nazis were and what they were doing; this article clearly outlines the Left's sustained but grossly inaccurate attack comparing Trump to Hitler and Trump voters to Nazis. What D'Souza discusses in this scene were all items Hitler and his dictatorship implemented throughout his reign and sound sadly familiar in our day-to-day conversations with those we know:
If you are not familiar with D'Souza--and I highly suggest watching any of his patriotic and well-informed videos--here is a short documentary he did for Prager University on the true identity of "fascist politics" (this weekend the Left's Anti-Fa group [which is supposed to stand for anti-fascist] broke up a peaceful rally of conservatives there to pray, but remember, this is a Liberal newspaper reporting this story).
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