Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Trailers: Tag vs Game Over, Man!

Please notice that, when the trailer begins, two of the characters have a conversation about the difference between Episcopalians and Lutherans; one character replies, "They're all fanatics," and then we go back to the wedding scene. The point is, Jerry, who has never been tagged and is literally the "target" of the animosity of those who are not his equals in the game is a "fanatic" because he's a Christian and because he's the best that has ever played the game. They didn't have to put this conversation in the film, and they certainly didn't have to put it in the trailer, even at the very start of the trailer, but they intentionally wanted to advertise that they will be insulting Christians (regardless of denomination) AND those who are good at what they do. This is what liberals do, and it's all that they do.
As funny as the trailer is, it also proposes some serious socialist problems which recently seem to dominate culture more and more,.... and more,....
So, what's the problem with a little game of tag?
Jerry is the best, so the best has to be brought down,... because that's only "fair." Anyone who has read The Fine Art Diner for any length of time knows my total adoration for game theory ("game" is separated into "game"--based upon rules allowing certain players to gain an advantage, such as tall players having an advantage over shorter players in basketball--and then "play"--which allows for "creative interpretation" of rules so that players at a disadvantage in "game", like the short ones, can get fouled so they can make free throws). TAG isn't about game theory, however, it's about games fulfilling their function (determining who is the best at whatever game is being played) and then deciding it's inherently unfair and needs to be "balanced," like with Thanos balancing the universe so it's "fair" (The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1). All the participants in TAG are white, heterosexual, middle-class men, the number one target of liberals' own game of "tag" (as in, "You're IT, and be IT we mean the enemy of all the people") and the film appears to be spreading that propaganda through two means. First, it's obvious the guys are competitive, and to liberals, "competitive" translates as "testosterone," which as any liberal will tell you is inherently evil. Secondly, the trailer highlights certain serious moments in life--the wedding, the funeral, the birth of a child--to show the game "interrupting" these serious moments; what does that accomplish?
I think those are Jeremy Renner's actual clothes. They look like the same clothes he was wearing at the introduction of the trailer. So, we have Jerry who has this "unlimited free will" in a supposedly "real life" situation. "Unlimited free will" is a term coined to describe how the hero of a story always manages to get things to work out the way they want them to (without reality interfering, like gravity, or not being in good enough shape, or being able to hold your breath under water for six minutes, or making a super-human leap across a building, etc.) and we can see it in this scene, for example, when Hamm's character desperately tries to tag Jerry but without even looking, Jerry is able to step aside and avoid being tagged by tying up his friend in a sheet that just happens to do exactly what Jerry wants, at the moment he wants it. Why is this important? Exaggerating the circumstances of the odds means that people will more willing to start rooting for the losers who get tagged all the time, and start going against Jerry because it "isn't fair" that everything works out so that Jerry wins and is able to establish himself as the best. That just isn't fair, is it liberals? So, there is lying going on, so that in reality, our real day-to-day world, we start revolting against genuine heroes who do extraordinary feats to demonstrate what is possible and give us new heights to aim for so we, in turn, can try to achieve that standard for ourselves. 
First, the new wife is obviously upset with this game, as the film hopes all good liberal women will be, so they don't allow their estrogen-gilded husbands to mimic such bad male behavior,... in any game, which goes for sports (they start small, then work their way up to bigger things). Second, by comparing their game of tag to these really important moments, the comparison belittles the importance of games (which are important because they teach people to lose or win gracefully, how to work on a team, how to develop their skills and talents, all things liberals detest and don't want as a part of a winning culture when they are determined at all costs to be losers). So, the others ganging up on Jerry, just because he's the best, is like the last Super Bowl when no one wanted the Patriots to win because they had won so many Super Bowls all ready: playing games isn't about achieving an artificial atmosphere of "fairness," playing games is meant to establish who the best player/team is, and it's the best who should win, not the saps who are lousy but want trophies anyway. And speaking of Tom Brady, that brings us to our second trailer, which I love!
Sure, they start out by complaining that they should be draped in diamonds--that's the wake-up call for ambition, to better one's lot in life, and get to a place where you want to be and you are proud of your accomplishments--then, when the hotel, i.e., their employer, is taken hostage, they don't say, "Good riddance! Let's help them burn the place down!" no, they take the honorable and masculine course of action and start kicking butt. After they succeed in saving the hotel, they are going to be utterly transformed and completely different, kind of like McFly in Back To the Future when he stands up to Biff and changes his whole course in life for the better.
Opening this weekend is Pacific Rim Uprising and I am so excited!!! I am definitely going to go see it and I will post on Pacific Rim next, just to jog our memories about what an awesome film this is and get us ready for the weekend. THEN, after Pacific Rim Uprising, I promise, it's Murder On the Orient Express, I can't wait!
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