Monday, February 26, 2018

Fahrenheit 451 Trailer; Premiere Date Announced

I just keep writing and writing on the Black Panther post, I am so sorry, I am working on it and trying to get it up. This awesome trailer for a new HBO TV series has been released, but no word on when it will air. UPDATE: it will premiere on May 19 at 8 pm ET.
If, for some reason, the very last line doesn't seal the deal on which way this classic story turns, then seeing that a woman plays Chairman Mao in the film should (because Chairman Mao was the dominant force in the Chinese Communist Revolution, and remains so today), not only resurrecting Mao's theories and practices, but the gender-bending of the American Left. "We were not born equal, so we must be made equal by the fire," is the EXACT teaching of socialism, and the lack of freedom of speech, expression and thought due to political correctness and the constant policing by the social and "news" media has done more to turn America into a communist state than anything else in history. I can't wait to watch this one! Again, I promise to get Black Panther up, I just can't stop writing!
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner