Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mission Impossible 6: Fallout

In his Instagram debut, Mission Impossible franchise veteran Tom Cruise revealed the title for the newest and highly anticipated Mission Impossible 6 installment: Fallout. A stunt clip from the film has also been featured on his new account for the film which will be released July 27. No news as of yet when a first trailer will be released, however, given that Hollywood begins promotions six months in advance of big film releases--and Cruise debuting his Instagram account with promotional material for the film, so we could say MI6 has started its campaign--a teaser trailer is likely to precede a full-length trailer within four weeks.
Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan) has an interesting hair cut, which changes at some point in the film to (I believe the style is called "corn rows?") but this "pom-pom" at the front and to one side of his head indicates how "one-sided" and "explosive" his thoughts are. Because our thoughts originate in our head, anything on our head, such as hair, manifests what kind of thoughts a character has, so Erik's are one-sided, whereas T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) has evenly distributed hair, he sees things evenly and "fair" because he sees "all sides" of a situation. In the latest trailer, Erik establishes himself as a socialist-progressive figure in that he wants to destroy everything T'Challa's family has built and take everything for himself, much like the socialists/communists throughout the world today. What about T'Challa? I think we are going to see nothing short of a new, capitalist manifesto encouraging hard work, diligence, self-respect and respect of others. 
Black Panther, opening February 16, is currently tracking for a $100-$200 million weekend and looks like it's going to be an amazing film. I have held back--obviously because of my illness--but also because I wasn't quite sure which direction the film would take, however, with the release of the last trailer (which I anticipate we shall discuss in-depth) I am confident this is going to be a long-overdue film: "overdue" as in, it should have been released in like 2009, however, it could not have been understood then, so, at least it's being released now. Also coming up is a film that probably won't do well, however, I am quite excited about it: Pacific Rim 2.
There are numerous elements of the trailer I love, but the one I would like to draw your attention to is when at 1:00, John Boyega's character asks, "How did they get in?" and another character replies, "Someone let them in." Sound familiar? If you saw Warcraft, it should, because the creators of Pacific Rim Uprising saw Warcraft and totally agreed that the enemies waging war against the United States (and most European countries) were "let in" as part of a plot to cause the downfall of these countries. Coming out March 23, the continuing battle of the Jaeger pilots is definitely a call for those younger generations, supposedly swept-up by socialism/communism, to wake up and rebel. I can't wait! Still sick, still no diagnosis, and still not feeling better. I have been working on a post of questions everyone has asked me about King Arthur Legend Of the Sword, as a follow-up to the original post, so, as always, I am nearly done with it, just have to get it finished.
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