Thursday, August 3, 2017

TRAILER: Death Wish vs Leftist Ideology

So, if you haven't heard, the Left is melting over the new Bruce Willis trailer for the remake of Death Wish. Why? We've seen films like this before, like Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler, and any number of other vigilante films, like The Brave One with Jodie Foster; the problem is, the Left's ideology is being tested in its hometown of Chicago:
The first problem with this trailer is when the man says, "If a man really wants to protect what's his, he has to do it for himself," and there are three problems with this statement; correction, there are three "aberrations" to acceptable Leftist ideology, with this statement. First, "his," that's a binary gender word, and anything binary is inherently logocentric, which means it glorifies Western civilization and thought, which has been dictated to us by white men; second, "what's his," is the threshold of Leftist hell, because to the Left, nothing is "yours," or "mine," everything belongs to the State, so it's up to the State to protect us, or else,.... and here is the great glory of being a Liberal,... YOU ARE A VICTIM. Nothing is better, or greater in life, than being a victim, because that proves you CANNOT PROTECT YOURSELF and you need the State organizing every single second of your life to prevent chaos from ruining the world. This leads to the third aberration: "do it for himself." We are animals, the Left insists, and we have no free will, we don't know anything accept how to eat, do drugs and have sex; anything beyond that is impossible for us to manage without the State coming to save us. And then, we can add in the bonus material: the hero is male and white and a known Trump supporter. Had the "hero" actually been a heroine (and if she is addicted to heroine, that makes her even better) or a non-binary gender orientation being, who was black (or at least not white, please, anything but a white person) then the Left would be slamming conservatives' faces into this exact same trailer (because yes, they would suspend all other ideological agendas for the sake of seeing a black woman transitioning to becoming a black man killing white people). So, why is the Left upset with this trailer? They don't want to draw attention to Donald Trump today, because the the governor of West Virginia has switched from being a Democrat to a Republican,giving the "alternative right" (as Liberals are calling Republicans) complete control of 26 states. Yea, this is a bad day for them, but I don't feel sorry for them at all.
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