Monday, August 14, 2017

Removing Statues=Rewriting History

Is the flag of the Confederacy really offensive? No, nothing is really offensive, because "offensive" is a reaction. I am a Christian, I could easily be offended by Andreas Serrano's Piss Christ but I'm not offended: this piece reflects Serrano's spiritual state, because he can't hurt God, he only demonstrates what is within his own soul, not how God actually is; likewise, the Left, in being "offended" by every single thing, demonstrates that they have no backbone or priorities, that they don't believe in free speech or the right of others to have any freedom; they only believe in their own weakness and want everyone else to suffer for it. THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT PROTECT EMOTIONS, AND IT DOES NOT SHELTER PEOPLE FROM BEING OFFENDED, IT PROTECTS PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO SPEAK FREELY. This is our social contract to which we bind ourselves. So there is nothing offensive about any of these statues or symbols the Left has been crying about, there is only the power grab being waged by the Left, and unfortunately, they are winning it. For example, they want the names of presidents removed from a memorial because they owned slaves and in Brooklyn, there is a push to rename streets at a army base named after Civil War generals.. Civil War-era monuments are being torn down in a Hollywood cemetery because "some" activists are offended by them. So far, The Trump Administration's Interior Department seems to have the right, balanced idea and is refusing to remove the monuments. In Baltimore, however, the female black mayor had crews remove four statues overnight; no one knew it was going to happen, so how about that for democracy?
UPDATE: after posting this article, it has been reported that Southern Poverty Law Center has declared three of America's largest Army bases to also be Confederate monuments that need to come down, because they are named after Confederate generals; it's not about re-naming the bases, no, this is about tearing down the bases completely; why? In their words, "they have the potential to unleash more bloodshed and turmoil" if activists don't take them down. That might reference two things: first, that SPLC views America's activities as that of an "empire," and anything America does anywhere is a sign of power, therefore, "Confederate." Another possibility is a reference to an upcoming civil war in America between the Left and conservatives, and the Left is fully aware that the bases will support Trump and conservatives, so they are trying to disarm the bases before they start a civil war. 
The Left has undertaken what appears on the surface to be an exceedingly popular and sympathetic gesture to blacks: the removal of Confederate symbols (such as the Confederate flag, above, or statues of the famous Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, below). The Left argues the Civil War was a period in history that is offensive and any symbol of the Confederacy is a sign of white supremacy and a desire, in the words of former Vice President Biden, to put blacks back in chains. The removal of these symbols, however, accomplishes two important tasks for the Left, and the veneer of self-righteousness does wear thin indeed when we realize the advantages (there is an interesting poll I have posted towards the end of this).
The statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, which was recently graffitied  with Black Lives Matter. A further advantage for the Left in removing such statues is, the statues depict white men, who were immortalized by white male artists, so when an invasion of conquest takes place, the conqueror will eradicate the art and cultural symbols of the conquered so the conquered forget who they are and what their history is (for example, the English did this with the Welsh and Scottish). This is exactly what the Left is doing with American (capitalist) culture and identity: the capitalists and Republicans proudly remember that we fought against slavery and for the Union, whereas the Democrats fought to keep slaves and for dissolution (the same way they are trying to dissolve the US now, not just in terms of values and culture, but literally with the petitions of California to leave the US). The Left realizes their role in the Civil War reveals what they are really after and makes them look bad, since they want to get blacks to support them, so they are doing away with the "cult of white men" by getting rid of these statues which detail the history of the Democrats, as well as showing signs of the modern Left's power by achieving whatever they want by putting pressure on authorities and crying. It is difficult to take Black Lives Matter seriously when they are obviously so ignorant of such an important era of their own history, and if they argue that the Democratic Party of the Civil War was in the past and no one should pay attention to history, then so, too, was slavery, and the idea of "modern day reparations" for blacks because of slavery is just as ludicrous. 
It was the Left that was responsible for slavery. It was the Left that was responsible for the Civil War. The Republican North wanted freedom for slaves and wanted to keep the Union as one. Removing the public monuments begins the necessary steps the Left obviously wants to take in erasing from their history their role in enslaving black people and attempting to destroy the country through war (they are determined to destroy America, always, that just doesn't change).
And this is from NPR and PBS.
So the first advantage is the first step to erasing unsavory aspects of their personal history so the Left's role in the Civil War and slavery can't be used against them: if there is no record of the Left's involvement, then there is no crime (just like Hillary's hundreds of thousands of deleted emails). The second advantage the Left has in waging this public monuments war is power: if they can get these monuments removed, then that gives them power to censor and rewrite history the way they see fit. Anyone resisting this can easily be labeled a bigot, racist, a "Reb," and white supremacist, and who wants to be called names by the bullies of the Left? That has been the massive push to power and bulldozing of policy which they have managed to accomplish since Obama took office, and they are trying to hold onto it.
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