Monday, July 17, 2017

TRAILERS: Blade Runner 2049, Wind River, The Emoji Movie

UPDATED: Reviews of Nolan's Dunkirk are coming in, and they are all quite positive; this review, from Variety, hails the achievement as a "masterpiece," and I'm sure I will be quick to second that. The big news in the film world today is two-fold: George Romero, the "father" of zombie films has passed away. Night Of the Living Dead is truly a masterpiece for being a "extra-textual Gospel" as to why Christians need to be faithful to the tenants of our Faith (please see My Favorite Zombie: Night Of the Living Dead for more). Secondly, one of the longest running debates in film criticism might be answered with the newest trailer for Blade Runner 2049:
In Ridley Scott's original Blade Runner (1982), Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard was a blade runner, a cop who hunted replicants (non-humans who appeared to be human); at the end of the film, he was left with the question of whether or not he, too, was a replicant. When Deckard says, "We were being hunted," in the trailer above, critics latched onto that and cautiously debated whether or not this is the answer to the question posed at the end of the film. I emphasize cautiously because we all realize this line is being taken out of context of the rest of the film, and that the film makers of Blade Runner 2049 know we want to know if Deckard is, in fact, a replicant. The "we" Deckard uses in the line in the trailer above might not mean "we" replicants, rather, "we" as in, Rachel (Sean Young) and myself, Rick Deckard, regardless of whether Deckard is replicant or human.
If seeing Jeremy Renner wearing this Arctic camo gear flashes you back to The Bourne Legacy, that's probably not a coincidence, rather, intentional. When film makers set up a situation to inspire the audience to remember a film they have all ready seen, it's because the film makers saw it, too, and they want you to recall that event or character because they want to bridge their own film to the film they invoke in your mind; of course, we won't know why until we actually see Wind River, however, it will be interesting to see why they wanted to bring in The Bourne Legacy
I really want to like this next trailer, Wind River: Jeremy Renner is a fantastic actor, maybe one of the best in Hollywood today, and it's certainly admirable the way he has worked his way up and the craftsmanship of his skills. Here is the second trailer:
On the one hand, they are in Wyoming, "the land where you are on your own," and on the other, they are on an Indian Reservation where they are completely supported by the government (so capitalism and self-sufficiency in Wyoming, but socialism and government control in the Reservation). The young girl, we know, symbolizes the future of the Indian people because she's young enough to still be "a teenager," (a symbol of the future) but capable of giving birth, so she's also the motherland. We see her wearing a blue coat, so she's depressed and experienced with the trials and burdens of life. We know that snow--which plays such a dominant role in the landscape--symbolizes reflections and meditations which have been finalized and made tangible, so whatever her sad state in life caused her to think about (maybe that there was no future) she died with that thought (the snow) but her death was self-willed (running bare-foot in the snow). "Out here, you survive, or you surrender." Well, the girl who is murdered is going to present us with an interesting narrative, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. What I have decided I am not looking forward to is the latest Star Wars film; I just think it's going to be really liberal. We don't have a new trailer, but for ComicCon, they have, so far, released this footage:
Have we talked about The Emoji Movie? 😧 Well, I pretty confident this is a total liberal-brainwashing job 😷, but it is pretty funny to see Sir Patrick Stewart voicing the Pile of Poo:
It's good that Gene (Meh) wants to take responsibility for his mistake, however, he wants to have more than one emotion and he's going to the Source Code to change his situation, i.e, that's like someone being upset that God (the Source Code) created them to be just a man or just a woman,... why can't I be a man and a woman and a goat, if I want to? I want to like this film but I think it's going to be,.... yep, you guessed it,.... 💩
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