Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stephen King's Universe and The Dark Tower

Two trailers have dropped: the first, a "validation trailer" for fans of Stephen King, insuring them that the film makers realize and want to insure fans that they realize, that The Dark Tower is the central feature of all of King's works, and this trailer does a great job of that!
I haven't read any of King's books (😭) so I'm embarrassed there are so many references in the trailer above that I can't name, however, I know the first reference is to The Shining, followed by the sewer with the floating boat and red balloon is It (the topic of the second trailer released); the dance with the roses, and bucket dripping blood refers to Carrie, while the prison scene is The Shawshank Redemption, Christine (the Chrysler), then The Stand and The Dark Tower. What I don't get, is the #19 which seems to be a constant theme in King's works. Anyway, a teaser trailer has been released in anticipation of a full-length trailer for It, based on King's book, coming out Thursday:
I realize some people think teaser trailers are a waste of their time, and I understand that; however, as a blogger, I appreciate it on two levels: first, if the studio is excited enough to tease teaser trailers, that means they really care about how the film does (this in turn makes studios who do not tease their trailers look like they don't care since they are just throwing it out there) and, secondly, it gives me a chance to prepare and be on the alert that, something is coming out Thursday, so I can plan accordingly; in other words, it's a professional courtesy to those of us providing an infinite amount of free publicity to studios through the posting and writing about said trailers on our sites. Having said that, I should be finished with The Mummy post quickly, but maybe not tonight: I saw it, for the third time, and it is a masterpiece, it's so overwhelming because there is so much, but I am determined to get it up, so you have that to look forward to!
Eat Your Art Out,
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