Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Public Monument To Satan: Belle Plaine, Minnesota

It might not look like much, however, this monument to Satan, complete but not yet installed, is the latest in very public and growing "devotionals" to Satan spreading across America as the Left has called for monthly "prayers" to cast spells against President Trump, his administration, and all supporting him. The monument (supposedly) came about because Satanists in Massachusetts were offended by a statue depicting a soldier praying before a cross in the Belle Plaine, Minnesota Veterans' Park (pictured below), and the Massachusetts Satanists threatened to sue Belle Plaine if their monument wasn't also put up. So, is this a case of the First Amendment rights of the Satanists being trampled?
So, what is so offensive about this black cube with the Pentagram on it and a soldier's empty hat sitting upside-down on top? From start to finish, this is a "prayer" to Satan. In the image above, the soldier kneels, because kneeling is a sign of humility; his gun pointed up towards the sky is a sign of dedication, that which the soldier has been called upon to do by his country, he dedicates to God so God will protect us. The cross before which he kneels symbolizes both the death of a comrade and the death of Jesus, and the sacrifices the kneeling soldier himself is willing to make for that in which he believes. The soldier kneels for a moment to reflect upon this sacrifice, realizing what may be required of him, and all he gives up in order to secure what will be protected for others, and then, we know, the soldier will stand and go on fighting, his life in God's hands.
This small monument is abhorrent to Satanists; why? In the words of the head of the Detroit chapter of The Temple Of Satan, "The Satanic Temple holds to the basic premise that undue suffering is bad, and that which reduces suffering is good. We do not believe in symbolic “evil.” What she means to say is, "We do not believe in making sacrifices to God." Each time you endure suffering, no matter how small or how great, you become like Christ, and Satan can't stand it. So, The Satanic Temple went into action and created this monument to evil; how is it "evil?"
The cube, the main "body" of the work, is the beloved of Freemasons and the Illuminati, because it incorporates their theology of creation: when God created man, man was enslaved to God, and it wasn't until the "Fall" that man became free because he was separated from God and man was therefore in charge of his own destiny and will from there. (Just a philosophical case in point that is actually important: God created man with free will, to choose or reject God; if God did not create man with free man, Adam could not have chosen to disobey God and partake of the Forbidden Fruit, so all the Satanists are doing, is taking what Christians have known and taught for two millennia, but perverting it, like they do with everything, as the poet John Milton put it, God created man "sufficient to stand, but free to fall"). The perfect dimensions of the cube reveal the idea of perfection which Satanists have for the universe, but what's really important is that the cube be broken up, in other words, the cube only exists to be destroyed (like Pandora's box being opened). Why? Because they thrive on chaos and destruction. It's all a big lie, they know people will fall for it, because they get away with everything, but it's all to trap souls into slavery to sin. So, all the evil in the universe is contained within the cube. The Pentagram, the five-pointed star, is a sign of Satan because it emphasizes this world and humanity, rather than emphasizing God. The opposite of the Pentagram is the Star of David, with two triangles intertwined with each other in perfect symmetry (God always works with perfect symmetry, the devil perverts and destroys).  The Star of David shows how God which is above, has created all that which is below, and the two are linked, including ourselves, so there is harmony. What about the colors we see? The box is black because, as we know, black always symbolizes death: the "good death" is when we die to things of this world (our animal appetites) but live for the good things of the next world (we live in a state of virtue); "bad death" is when we are alive to things of this world but dead to things of the next world, so we live in a state of mortal sin, when we are perpetually separated from the Face of God. The Pentagram is in gold because gold denotes kingship. Gold is the only gift worthy to give a king/God, so the gold Pentagram reveals that Satan is the god of the creators of this monument, but also that we the viewers are invited to sacrifice our dignity to Satan by participating in the sins he advocates (gold can also symbolize the soul because we are created in God's likeness, to be co-rulers with Him, so Satan wants us to forsaken that and join him in hell). What about the upside-down soldier's hat? It might not seem important, but this is terribly evil. The head symbolizes our thoughts, because it's within our heads that our thoughts originate. Anything on the head or having to do with the head, therefore, can also symbolize thoughts, like the soldier's hat. So, it's a soldier's hat, a fighter and a warrior's, but it's turned upside-down, because that's how you tell that something has been perverted, which is what "perverted" originally meant, it was something that had been turned "upside-down" (used for a purpose for which it wasn't intended, such as children being used for sexual pleasure). The hat then, is meant to be a "call" to all the soldiers of Satan to broadcast out all the evil of their master, Satan (the hat sitting on top of the "box of evil" acts like a megaphone, releasing all the bad things that Satan wants to accomplish in the world).
Permit me to point out that Detroit, Michigan, where the statue of Baphomet resides, Montana, where the new monument will be placed, and Massachusetts, where the Satanists are from who instigated the lawsuit against Belle Plaine, all voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. 
The answer is quite clear: Satan, and Satanic principles, go against the very order and law which is necessary to have a First Amendment, in other words, if you embrace the principles of anarchy and chaos, which Satan's revolt against God reveals, there is no Constitution, there is no freedom of speech, there are no rights of any kind; there is only the slavery to sin and corruption that is left. Sound like socialism? By using the "freedom of speech, expression and religion," card to their favor, the Satanists are morally bankrupting America the way immigrants and refugees are materially bankrupting America, both with the same goal in mind: destroy America. The very ideals of freedom within the context of a social contract, to which everyone adheres by making sacrifices so they can gain something they would not be able to have on their own and outside of a community (such as protection by laws and security from enemies) has been eroded by the very forces people want to be protected from. Nothing, absolutely nothing, IS chaos, destruction, darkness, despair and EVIL like Satan, whether one believes he is an actual being or just a literary figment of the imagination, the glorification of Satan does NOT, under any circumstances at all, "balance" the Light and Truth of God; it slowly but surely destroys it, and as that Light is destroyed in our society, it's destroyed in each one of us. Please, pray, and encourage your churches to pray also, that such horror will not be tolerated in this great country, or anywhere in the world.  
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner
P.S.--I have had a couple of deaths in the family, so that's, again, why I am behind, but this was just too outrageous. I could easily write more, but with obligations right now, I just don't have time.