Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dunkirk Was Excellent!

It was beautiful, it was moving, it was deep and it was the perfect IMAX experience! Please, IF YOU CAN, see it in IMAX. That's what Nolan wanted, and you will be rewarded. Just a note before you go: it's not a linear timeline--surprise!--there are flashbacks and interweaving experiences, one scene is at night, then you jump to the next scene taking place during the day,... it's got it's purpose, so bear with it, that is how Nolan wants to tell us these stories. The acting, of course, was superb, and I mean top-notch, best-in-class, all around the cast, everyone was perfectly cast and filled their roles to perfection. I think I was holding my breath through the whole film. I am actually almost done with the post, but there are spoilers in it, so, please, see the film before you read my post, as always, and this earlier post I did, Ineffability: Dunkirk & Visual Philosophy was correct, there is nothing that needs amending in that, you might want to read it before seeing the film to help draw your attention to certain features. Lastly, my post on The Shape Of Water was posted at like 4 am and I forgot to include some important notes on who the creature is and why, but that has been corrected; so sorry, 4 am tends to make me a bit groggy, but I am so happy that Nolan's film exceeds my expectations, oh, happy day!
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner