Sunday, July 9, 2017

Craig To Star In Bond #25

It appears the contract has won.
Daniel Craig, star of the latest films in the James Bond franchise, including Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre, has decided to honor his contract and film the last film of a five-picture deal; in other words, Craig is back. But it's a bit more tricky than that because of another Bond actor, Christoph Waltz,....
Craig originally signed a five-film deal to portray James Bond, so the twenty-fifth film--the very next one--could be Craig's last, however, producer Barbara Broccoli revealed around the time Spectre was released that after the fifth film, Craig can still play Bond, but he would be free to negotiate each film thereafter on an individual basis, and this leads us to Waltz's contract: Waltz signed a three-film deal to portray Bond's greatest enemy Blofeld, but contingent upon Craig returning as Bond (so if Craig wasn't coming back, Waltz wasn't coming back, either). So, if Craig returns as Bond, as reports are now saying he is, this leads to one of two possibilities for the Bond franchise and Craig's role in it,...
If Craig agrees to do one more film (and these reports could be wrong, dear reader), then he has to decide if he's going to do just one or two more films because of Waltz's contract; the contracts and narrative sequence of Spectre indicates that, at the end of Spectre, when Bond doesn't kill Blofeld, Blofeld will arrange to have Madeline Swann (Lea Seydoux) killed in Bond #25, then Bond #26 will be spent with Bond seeking revenge against Blofeld. So, if Waltz also appears in the casting for Bond #25, that means they are taking this course, and Craig has also agreed to be back for Bond #26; if, however, Craig is willing to do ONLY one more Bond film (the minimum to complete his contract), then the ending of Spectre, which was meant to lead to two more Bond films, is scrapped and they will have to abandon that road and take a "self-contained" film which will wrap up Craig's appearance as the super-spy. Given the franchise is one of the most successful and long-running in cinematic history, and that Craig is generally well-received as Bond both popularly and critically, this is a pretty-big deal.
IF, IF, IF all of this is accurate, then filming for Bond #25 would begin early next year, with the film being released in theaters in 2019, at the earliest, which means a four-year gap in-between Spectre and Bond #25. At this point, if Craig returns, it's safe to assume the "regular" cast of Q, Moneypenny and M will be back as well, leaving only Lea Seydoux's and Christoph Waltz's fate in the balance depending on what kind of a mood Daniel Craig is in. 
It's also being reported that Broccoli is "determined" to have Adele back to perform the theme song, meaning, the production team is going big to insure the total and complete success of Bond #25 (like Oscar success, because that's as big as it gets in Hollywood). We all ready know that, sadly, two-time director Sam Mendes (Skyfall, Spectre) won't be back--at least that has been the last word--and so the likes of both Christopher Nolan and Guy Ritchie are being considered for Bond #25's director chair, again, signaling that no investment is too big or too daring to make Bond #25 (and Bond #26?) the best in an extremely long, lucrative family of films.
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