Friday, June 16, 2017

TRAILER: The Limehouse Golem

Given that the release date is in September, I'm rather surprised we haven't heard about the film before now (there were production problems, as the late Alan Rickman was cast to play the lead; after he retired from the film for his health, Bill Nighy signed on with Rickman later dying of cancer; the film has been dedicated to Rickman's memory). There are two major reasons we should at least be somewhat interested in this film: the first is in the title, and the second is in the name of a character who appears in the trailer below, so I will give you a sporting chance to find it:
Nighy's always good, and his lead in the film is case alone for watching The Limehouse Golem, but the appearance of Karl Marx as a character is intriguing beyond compare: no other film which I myself have come across the past couple of years has actually cast Marx as an explicit character, although we have certainly seen him referenced in spirit and ideology. Is Marx a good guy, or a villain? He appears to be on trial when we see his character at 0:47 (and a photograph of the character laid out on the desk at 0:23, second from the left, and again at 1:37), however, no one in the show's casting actual gets billing for playing Marx (and while the actor does look like Marx, it's possible Marx isn't actually in the film,.... which would be bizarre since they mention him,.....). Marx is being listed as "being there" on September 24, meaning, that Marx is a suspect for being the Limehouse Golem. Regardless of what the film does or does not do with Marx, there is another scrumptious detail, and that is the title,...
The Golem.
This is at least the third time now we have seen a "golem" invoked: the first was Warcraft, the wizard Medivh sculpted one, supposedly to help with the chores, but it ended up being a warrior to protect the treasonous activities of the wizard, and the second is Wonder Woman herself (her mother sculpted her from clay and then Zeus breathed life into her, so that counts). It's possible that we can even count the new Blade Runner 2049's Neander Wallace (Jared Leto) as a "golem producer" when he talks about producing a disposable workforce (you can watch the clip here). The consistent thesis is that God didn't create these beings (even though it supposedly requires the breath of God to bring it to life, but even in Wonder Woman, Zeus died after giving Diana Prince life) so God isn't needed in creation, and we should get used to that concept (such a "order" has been presented to us as characteristic of socialist countries in Man Of Steel [Superman's home of Krypton] and Oblivion with Tom Cruise; in Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2, however, James Gunn attempts to insist that "God-less creation" is a product of capitalist societies with the gold people and their programmed existence). I'm guessing that The Limehouse Golem is probably going to be pro-socialist and the "golem criminal" will also be a capitalist, and the Karl Marx figure is going to help Nighy's Kildare capture the blood-thirsty money-thief.
But I could be wrong.
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