Monday, June 12, 2017

TRAILER: Black Panther Marvel

According to the synopsis I have read, when King T'Challa returns to Wakanda from the events of Captain America Civil War, his sovereignty is being challenged by a faction within the kingdom, and he has to work with the CIA and his country's own special forces corps to stop the unrest. Martin Freeman portrays Everett K Ross, a member of the CIA special terrorism branch, so his role will likely be significant in the film. Andy Serkis is Ulysses Klaue, who we have seen before; he is in the black market, smuggling and somehow got a hold of a piece of advanced Wakandan mining equipment,... they might be wanting that back.
UPDATED: Ulysses' last name is pronounced "KLAW," and he gets a high-tech prosthetic, so it's the opposite of the "claws" of the Black Panther.
The body of The Mummy post is finished and I am just finishing up the captions; after that, I am binge watching all four of the Transformers films, and I should be able to get at least a short post up before next weekend when it opens; in-between then, we have some serious catching up on trailers to do, but Marvel's exceedingly early release of a Black Panther trailer (it doesn't hit theaters until February 2018) deserves its own spotlight:
The very first thing we see are the blinking lights; why? There is not only the buzzing noise we hear them making (almost like flies swarming) there is the "glitch" of the blinking light. Light symbolizes truth, our ability to see truth and truth that has been revealed to us; this isn't just the kind of truth that is the "cold light of day" truth, but includes spiritual truths as well, which any good film operates upon both levels. The feet are next: black shoes, handcuffed to the chair. The black means death, so the later shot of him shooting someone is probably a good indication that this gangster isn't a hero, at all. The handcuffs around his ankles are a nice touch, I applaud that little detail: this necessarily links the symbols of the hands and the feet together, so since the feet are our will, and the hands symbolize honor, there is nothing honorable about his will and what he wants to do in this world. The handcuffs suggests that even if he wanted to do something to change himself, he couldn't. He's "tied down," because of past mistakes and might not be able to successfully go through a conversion. He wears blue pants: blue symbolizes depression, while our legs symbolize our "standing" in society, how people view us; he has probably suffered (perhaps making him a bit mental, maybe it was the ordeal of losing his arm, or getting out of Wakanda alive, or something before that, but he had some hard knocks and they have effected him). Obviously, we can go on, like why his arm is gone, and why he has two things around his neck: the pale blue tie, and the necklace with a,... tooth, perhaps? But I am working on The Mummy and can't let my focus slip, so I will get that up asap!
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