Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Clips! The Mummy

UPDATED: I have re-posted the video that for some reason was removed from YouTube, so it's working now.
So sorry!
Below are some new clips that we have not yet seen of The Mummy, out next week! The first one is probably the most important, because it reveals the pact Ahmanet made for power; this obviously doesn't explain everything, but we have an important part of the clue. By the way, if you need a film to watch between now and then, DO check out Gods of Egypt with Gerard Butler: he portrays the desert god Set, and Set figures heavily in The Mummy, as that is the god possessing Ahmanet. Again, I PROMISE we will discuss this and the other trailers BEFORE the film is released next week!
Sometimes they release clips and it's like, are they giving us the whole film? But trust me, we have far more questions than answers with these new insights. I am getting the post up for Pirates 5 tonight, and seeing Wonder Woman tomorrow afternoon (as long as I don't have to take Grandma to the hospital) and I will get that up asap, because I don't want to waste my weekend on it.
Eat Your Art Out,
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