Tuesday, June 20, 2017

John Wick: ORIGINS

John Wick Chapter 3 is definitely happening.
But something else is happening, too,....
There is going to be a comic book released that provides us with all the details of how John Wick came to be the John Wick we all know and fear.
From Cinemablend::

Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Giovanni Valletta, the John Wick comic book series will begin with the main protagonist escaping from prison and embarking on his "first epic vendetta." During his journey, he'll cross paths with a shadowy community of assassins and master The Book of Rules that "guides their lethal business." John will also have to figure out what The Three Bills are and who the mysterious Calamity is. Serving as John Wick's official original story, fans of the movie will want to read this series to learn what he was like before he became the Baba Yaga. 

But folks, that's not all,....
Ian McShane's Winston, who owns and runs the Continental Hotel, and who has been a personal friend of Wick's, has not officially been announced as being in the TV series. We know that John Wick will not be the lead, however, Keanu Reeves may make occasional appearances.
There is a TV series being developed regarding the Continental Hotel. It's probably going to be something like ER, but in this case, the doctors are replaced with assassins, and instead of helping people, they are trying to kill them. Keanu Reeves is not expected to be the lead in the TV series, but might put in a cameo, especially since John Wick Chapter 3 went into production last fall, and what better way to advertise the next installment? There is certainly plenty of material to expand upon for Wick fans, not to mention an abundance of material that can set up future films, or at least provide us with "filler" of what Wick is going to go through in JWC3 (like details of what it means to be excommunicado, for example). My post on John Wick can be read here, and here is my post on John Wick: Chapter 2.
Really, The Mummy is almost done, really,...
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