Friday, June 9, 2017

1127 AD, The Crusades & The Mummy (2017)

I actually didn't realize what a genius poster this is; the analysis I did in my last post on the airplane was absolutely correct, but they take it even further. Also, keep in mind plays on the word "possession," even though the word isn't said often, "possession" is taking place (not just the demonic kind, but also sexual possession, and that is the gateway for demonic possession). There is a TON of glass in this film, so when glass shatters, remember that it means the ability to reflect upon what is happening being shattered, because at some point, our minds just can't comprehend the eternal. 
In the first few minutes of the film, an important date comes up on the screen:1127 AD, ENGLAND. Why? We see Crusaders burying one of their own with a large, rock-gem, and then we cut to today. Using the strategies of New Historicism, if we look up that date, William IX, Duke of Aquitaine stands out. Please take a moment to read his bio, because I will be writing a special section on him in the post; in other words, he's a very important detail.
This is the Book of Life (or maybe the Book Of Death) from the trilogy of The Mummy with Brendon Fraser from the 1990s, and there is a part where we see it in the film. Why? Well, that's a good question. Remember how we have been told that Dracula Untold isn't a part of the Dark Universe? Well, Dr. Jeckyll utters an important line from that film, suggesting that it could still be brought in, but also just that The Mummy exists in the REAL WORLD, the Dark Universe isn't just a cinematic experience, rather, it's a reflection of what takes place today. 
The Mummy was SO GOOD, I am going back tonight to see it again, in 3D this time! I loved it! It was well worth the wait! There is no end-credits scene, however, the "artistic" credits are worth watching, as they go back over some of the details you might have missed in the film and highlight little clues of other monsters which will be appearing in the Dark Universe. Definitely make plans to see it this weekend. I do have an important correction to make about things I have posted: Ahament's tomb was not "buried" in water, rather, she was buried in Mercury; I will talk more about it in my post, but you might glance through the article to give you some background on it, if you are not a chemist. (The trailers had scenes/dialogue that was "extra footage" they shot, so not all of it goes into the film exactly as it was presented to us, and I really hate that, it makes it difficult to keep things straight). Anyway, starting the post now and getting it up asap! Remember, there will be every spoiler in my post, so if you want to read it, please, please go see the film first, I don't want to ruin it for you!
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