Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NEW King Arthur Legend Of the Sword Trailer

I don't know about you, dear reader, but this chess board reminds me of Clash Of the Titans and the "stadium" Zeus had with a clay figure of each mortal, and he could effect their lives by placing them in there or putting them in certain positions. Just a thought. If you haven't watched the new trailer below yet, please do, and then come back and read this comment.
In the trailer below, Uther passes the crown to Vortigern who holds it like a tambourine, and Uther grabs Vortigern's arm and says, "Hold it steady!" Why, and why does Vortigern show such disrespect to the crown? Because Vortigern doesn't respect the crown. He doesn't respect power nor the obligations and responsibilities which come with it (and we will probably see the same themes explored in Princess Ahmanet and The Mummy with Tom Cruise).  In another trailer, we also saw Vortigern putting the crown upon his own head at his coronation (a bad portent, indeed) and then again when Vortigern "visits" Arthur in the dungeon, we see Vortigern playing with the crown and holding it like a tambourine again; again, disrespecting the crown. Why does Vortigern do this? Because he doesn't understand what "strength" is, which is why Uther grabs Vortigern's arm and steadies it, the arms symbolize our strength, and Uther tries to "uphold" Vortigern so Vortigern can uphold the crown, but that obviously isn't Vortigern's intent. 
I can't believe they released another trailer right before the opening, but here it is! There is actually quite a bit of new footage involved, so please enjoy!
Please look at 0:43: Vortigern's nose has blood coming out of it. Why? The nose, being the most prominent feature of our face (the face is the seat of our identity) so the nose symbolizes our character: when a person has a broken nose, for example, it means their character has been broken (which can be either good or bad). With Vortigern, blood coming out of his nose means his character is geared towards bloodshed, he's determined to spill blood. You may recall how, in the first trailer, blood comes out of the Knight chess piece when Arthur pulls the sword (since this is just a trailer, we don't actually know when the blood comes out of the chess piece) BUT what we can say is that the scene of Vortigern's bloody nose and the bloody chess Knight are being intentionally linked, that is, because of what Vortigern does in the scene where his nose starts bleeding, whatever it is happening at the same time that the chess piece starts bleeding is a direct consequence. So, when you see the film (and I know you are going to see it this weekend, FINALLY!!!) please pay attention to what is happening in those two scenes because director Guy Ritchie intends us to link those two together. For example, in The Man From UNCLE, when Napoleon Solo walks over to Illya's car to "finish him off" Solo decides not to and there is a light flare on Solo's face; we see that light flare again when Uncle Rudi is torturing Solo to death; why? Ritchie wants us to know that Solo is being, in effect, "rewarded" for not having killed Illya in Berlin, because now, Illya saves Solo from being electrocuted to death by Uncle Rudi. In King Arthur, Vortigern's bloody nose and the bloody chess piece will work the same way. SO, because of the times my theater is showing the film, I am not going to get to see it in 3D until like Saturday or Sunday. So I am going to see it Friday at noon, I will post an initial reaction, then get the post up asap (and I am seriously nearly done with Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2, just that one caption to still finish). To all you mothers, God bless you, and have a wonderful Mothers' Day!
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