Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Greater Than Man": Wonder Woman Trailer & Feminism

This is actually a pretty good poster, one of the better ones we have seen in some time. The most dramatic aspect is the lighting: it's obviously from the sun, but is this a sunrise, or a sunset? The light on the horizon looks like a sunset, but the light in the upper right hand corner of the blue sky looks like a sunrise. We can interpret this to mean, that whereas the sun sets for one group of people (such as white males) the sun rises for another group of people (such as feminists and socialists). Wonder Woman's rather large sword (phallic symbol) touches the earth in a moment suggesting penetration of the blade into the ground,... but it doesn't. We know Diana Prince (Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman) wasn't conceived naturally with a father, she was born like Athena from Zeus, so this "lack" of penetration is likely a sign that she doesn't want anymore penetration of men into women; the "natural sex act," in other words, is about to become "unnatural," and given that the film creators have said in interviews that Diana is obviously bi-sexual (having been raised on an island with only women, so she would naturally have become sexually active with other women, according to them) it looks like she's going to forego the "bi-sexual" and just go with lesbianism where there is no penetration. We've seen at least one other woman with a "false phallus," Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) in The Mummy, and that crooked little knife she has that she uses when she goes around killing people. Then there is the Hammer of Thor which Hela (Cate Blanchett) destroys in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. Wonder Woman does the same in appropriating the phallus for herself. The reason this is so bad is, she steals (a form of wealth "redistribution") what men naturally have because she wants it for herself, but ignores and disregards the power she naturally has being a woman, which now creates a vacuum in nature where she fails to provide her gifts and power: the gifts of nurturing, love, moral guidance, giving birth, spiritual development, feeding and sustaining those in their care,... feminists call this "drudgery" and "enslavement," but all these gifts and powers are utterly necessary to the survival of the species and the quality of life, including the existence of the soul after life. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT, because with the destruction of mothers, comes the destruction of the entire society, and the government can move in and take the place of the family unit and the care-giver so we are fully indoctrinated from the moment we are born.
Now, notice how the sun is behind Wonder Woman and we can't see it (we can't even tell if it's rising or setting), but there is the falling shadows of her own profile on the foreground, as well as her sword's shadow. The question is, why is it being "reflected?" it looks, to me, like maybe she's on a seashore (the island where she is from possibly) and there is maybe water that reflects her shadow,...? If it were sand or dirt, her shadow wouldn't be so crisp and high definition, so it looks like she's standing on a thin layer of water (that just happened to not pick up her feet prints to where she walked). Why is this important? She blocks the sun, meaning, she's blocking the "light of truth" and, we can even add, the very light of life (since all life would be destroyed if the sun were to be destroyed) and so, the ability to reflect is also destroyed. How? If we don't know the truth which exists outside of ourselves, we have no means by which to measure the truth within ourselves. I can't reflect on whether or not an action I have committed is right or wrong, if I don't have access to the laws of the land telling me, for example, that murder is wrong. When the light of truth is blocked, access to the illumination of society and the norms by which society governs itself is also blocked, and we can't reflect, either on ourselves as individuals or our government, and whether it is just and fair. At the bottom of the poster, it says, "The future of justice begins with her." Technically, that's probably a reference to the Justice League involving the rest of the heroes, but taken by itself, it's probably also true that she--as a symbol of feminism and the destruction of true female identity which encroaches upon masculine identity--is the standard by which a new justice is going to be exerted throughout the world. Remember, they probably thought Hillary Clinton would be president when they made this film, so that's what we can expect to see. In other words, no justice at all, or only justice which destroys the enemies of socialism, which would be white males.
I am working furiously to get the post up for Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2: it was SO AWFUL, I keep finding things I feel like I need to discuss, so I am committed to working through the night to get it up by tomorrow; thank you for your patience! In the meantime, a new spot for Wonder Woman has been released, and it clearly shows the direction this film intends to go (the first one if the new spot, followed by previously released material):
It may sound highly altruistic to say, "I will fight for those who cannot fight," but the truth is, we have heard this line before, and the line clearly signaled a helpless, victimization model. In The Penguins Of Madagascar, Classified (Benedict Cumberbatch) reveals exactly what Wonder Woman says in the trailer above:
The cheesy dibbles act as noise (and I do mean "noise" in the most strategic of senses) to scramble who Classified really is, a socialist enabler, which is also why his name is classified: if they flat out told us, we probably wouldn't believe them: so, what's his real name? Guilt. He's a wolf, so he's a predator (remember the film Zootopia?), which means he feels guilty that animals (like penguins) aren't wolves, too, so he wants to spends his life helping animals who can't help themselves; as anyone who has ever seen the penguins in action knows, the penguins are the very last animal in need of help, because they always help themselves, which is what Classified is keeping them from doing. It's exactly the same with Wonder Woman: she is going to keep men from working out their war amongst themselves so her agenda (socialism) can triumph. In addition to calling work "slavery," we also see the title card telling us, "There is a power greater than man," and that power is woman and socialism. Now, I just came across this trailer for the TV Series, Medici: Masters of Florence (which I am going to have to start watching), but just watch this and we will see a dramatic difference in attitudes:
Granted, not everyone ion capitalism is so smart, and certainly only think of themselves rather than others, but as we have noted countless times, historical dramas are NEVER about history, they are always, without exception, about the here and the now. ALWAYS. So Medici: Masters Of Florence promotes capitalism and the politics of a republic, like in the US (and it's easy to argue that, without the Medici, there would not have been a Renaissance because of their massive patronage of art; that doesn't excuse private sins the members of the family committed, however, it does pave the way as an example today of what good we can do when we want to). I always hate ending on a sour note, so here's a bit of humor for this dismissal day (thanks, France, for ruining my week):
I will get the GOTG Vol 2 up asap!
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