Wednesday, April 12, 2017

TRAILERS: Transformers & Detroit

Two important trailers have been released today, Michael Bay's Transformers: the Last Knight and Katherine Bigelow's Detroit; both of these trailers might seem a bit confusing, but they are coming from directors I trust completely. I think it's specifically a nod to Bay that he can--and has--taken years over numerous films to build up an audience bond to a character like Optimus Prime, and then, for the sake of the story and to make his point, Bay then turns that same hero into an ultimate villain.
There's a reason, a very good reason, why two dominant film makers like Michael Bay and Guy Ritchie have both gone back to explore the legend of King Arthur at this time (the knights with their round table and their swords can only be King Arthur are something along those lines). And please, do not forget, in Batman vs Superman, it was to Excalibur that the Wayne family had been to see the night Mr and Mrs Wayne were murdered, not the traditional Legend Of Zorro (meaning, director Zack Synder changed the film for a definite reason). So,... why? Why does Optimus Prime become a villain and want to destroy earth so bad?
Without having seen either Transformers 5 or King Arthur: Legend Of the Sword, I can't say why they are both included in these films, however, we can say that the story of King Arthur and his knights offers a vocabulary for modern film makers, which hasn't been required for public discourse in decades. From information in the trailer, however, we can glean at least two reasons why King Arthur is important: first, as Anthony Hopkins' character tells us, when there are no leaders, there is chaos, and, secondly, they were all men. First, King Arthur is the quintessential leader who brought order amidst the chaos of anarchy and lawlessness sometime in the early Dark Ages. He established order, for all people, to be protected under the law and for those who committed acts deemed unlawful, they would be punished accordingly, and that is a system which largely perseveres unto today. More on this in a moment. Secondly, it was the white men who did this, not the women, not the proletariat uprising, not Black Lives Matter, not the Vagina Monologues, but men who did this, and men who were all white and, as far as we know, heterosexual. They didn't offer law just for themselves, or justice just for themselves, they defended and protected everyone who needed it and especially those who couldn't offer anything in return (the poor). Now, keeping these thoughts in mind, let us turn to the second scene in the bottom image.
If you look below, past the next paragraph to the first image at the top of the next images provided, we see the female robot (the Maker of Optimus Prime who has imprisoned him) asking him if he wants redemption. Back to the images above this caption you are reading at this moment, please look at what happens to Optimus Prime's eyes: they have turned pink. Why? Feminism. Optimus Prime, like Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, has become a feminist, and bought-into their narrative that men are bad, and they have done all these terrible things ("You have destroyed your home," meaning, you have been the optimal example of what it means to be the very best in all things, and in doing that, you have ruined the world that feminists want to have for themselves, where no one can do anything good without the government's help; do you want redemption for the horrible crime you have committed in being so good? And Optimus Prime answers, "My Maker, yes"). In this important scene, Prime's eyes turn from blue, to pink; why? The eyes are the windows of the soul (yes, I know, they are machines and don't have souls, but let's say it's the soul but really mean Prime's "program" or "operating system" because this is meant to apply to us the audience who do have souls). Whereas Prime has always been a male, he has now been TRANSFORMED into a female. Yea, it's kind of transgender, he's gone from being a protector of everyone, to being an offensive and aggressive jerk for his female boss who is willing to kill anyone and everyone, even Bumblebee, who was like his son; but because Bumblebee has also been "male," Bumblebee must also die if he won't become a feminist. Please, keep reading below for more.
Because this is exactly what didn't happen.
During Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Optimus Prime gives one of the best speeches I have ever heard in my life; it's a moment full of emotion and heroism, hope and courage, making Optimus Prime one of the greatest heroes ever. And this is exactly why now, he's being targeted: he symbolizes white male power and dominance. "He's a robot, he can't be white," most white people (like myself) would probably say, but the situation is (and I haven't seen the film, just these trailers, so I am deducing here) Optimus Prime thinks like a white person, acts like a white person and speaks like a white person. It's this "white logic" which targets him for being an enemy, even though he's never been before, in other words,...
When, may I ask, have people like Donald Trump, come out and said, in order for my world of billionaires and white men to survive, the world of women, blacks and other minorities must die? They haven't. It is, fundamentally, in nearly every culture, the duty of men to protect other members of their culture and society. We know, however, that it is a fundamental premise of socialism and communism that any socialist state must wage war on non-socialist states, because the non-socialist state will make the socialist state look bad (in terms of quality of living, personal and civil liberties and technological developments, none of which exist in a socialist/communist society). Any socialist country, then, has to wage war on every other country and destroy their way of life in order that socialism might survive (even then it wouldn't survive, but this is the rationale behind all of it). So, when Prime, in the image below, tells the woman, In order for my world to survive, yours must die, he's admitting that, like all the rioters, and the terrorists, and the feminists and other minority groups who have been "protesting" the sane, normal and lawful society in which they have the blessing and great fortune to live in, are trying to tear it down, those protesters are testifying that, in order for their world of chaos to live, they have to destroy the order of the world in which we all live now, so that no one will any longer thrive or have any rights. If you don't believe me, please watch the rioters and protesters in the trailer for Detroit, because it's spelled out quite clearly there. 
When Optimus Prime did everything correctly in the previous films, when he was the best he could be, the shining light and standard of heroism, enemies of those standards and ideological concepts could then accuse Optimus Prime (and every white person in the world, or who has ever lived) of destroying their world, their world built on the perceptions and narratives that white men are oppressive and deserving of death because they can't do anything right and they have basically killed people of every other race and tribe, sexual orientation and destroyed the environment, so they deserve to die; with such a devastating sentence against them, we can then see how Optimus Prime would, to say, "I'm sorry," turn his back on everything he ever stood for and destroy the very world he once would have laid down his life to protect. In still other words, if feminists, social hackivists, the media and lame politicians had their way, white men would start destroying everything they have ever built so women and blacks and mediocrities didn't feel so threatened by greatness. And here, we have Detroit, which is certain to be a masterpiece,....
Detroit, Michigan, is, of course, the largest city to ever declare bankruptcy; why did it have to declare bankruptcy? The city was spending three times more money than it was bringing in, in spite of its large gross profit anyway. Fifty years of Democrats running the city, which should have been a model of capitalist investment and technological ingenuity, instead led to a city that is a by-word for "blight" and "failure," the perfect reality of socialism at work because socialism doesn't work. In the trailer above, we see the group of blacks being asked by the police where the gun is; why don't they tell them? It appears that someone committed a crime, and instead of explaining the situation, they aren't going to tell the police, when that's all they need to do; so they are the ones bringing the situation upon themselves. We see John Boyega's character giving the army men some coffee, and one asks if Boyega's cop has any sugar, and Boyega's character responds, "Don't push it," meaning, I'm giving you coffee, don't ask for more than what I am willing to give you. What we will see happening, is the rioters taking and taking and taking, in spite of what is being offered to them, and the rioters being the cause and authors of their own misery, choosing the situation that would lead to the city declaring bankruptcy decades later.
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