Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Still ANOTHER New Trailer For The Mummy

Yes, yet another trailer has been released for The Mummy, this one for China, so there are subtitles in Chinese characters beneath, but the actors are speaking English. Unfortunately, the trailer hasn't been released on YouTube, but you shouldn't have any problem clicking this link and watching it on Vimeo. THIS TRAILER IS DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR TIME. There are numerous important aspects of this new trailer that are awesome, like the "back story" (abbreviated, of course) of why Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) is there anyway (and no, it's not the terrorist cell he's looking for like the original synopsis contended last year). So please, take a look at it. In the meantime, a happy and blessed Holy Week to you all! Fast and Furious 8 comes out this weekend and the reviews are very good! It's late when I am writing this, and I have the Chrism Mass to attend tomorrow, so I need to get to bed asap, so we're just going to list these trailers for the moment. The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok has been released, and I'm not very happy about it.
So, the only part of the trailer I do like is when Hela (Cate Blanchett) explodes Thor's hammer; well, I don't like it in the sense I am glad she does it, but I like it in the sense that I think it accurately illustrates that which has happened in society: white men have had their phallus-power obliterated by feminists like Hela, and Princess Ahmanet in The Mummy. Just as Hela destroys Asgard, and Ahmanet levels London, so we can see the same destruction which happened during the Obama Administration in America, and would have accelerated under Hillary Clinton. What I don't like about it is that it seems to be several un-related films that have been mushed together, for lack of a better story line, for lack of a better screenwriter, for lack of a better director. Here, on the other hand, is a film which looks like it's well-constructed, 7 Witches:
"Witches" have often been linked to socialists/communists in America, consider the "Witch Hunts" of socialists in Hollywood--also called "McCarthyism"--during the late 1940s and early-mid 1950s. The next trailer, Past Life, looks complicated indeed. A young Jewish woman from Israel (Selphie), trying to make a career in music, is confronted by a woman claiming Selphie's father killed her father during the Holocaust in Poland. Selphie--with the help of her rebellious sister--then retraces her father's life during the Holocaust in an attempt to understand the taboo subject of what happened and what he did.
It's my understanding that Nesher himself, the writer and director of the film, is the child of parents who survived the Holocaust. In other news, the 40th anniversary of Star Wars is Tuesday, and a big announcement is being released in honor of the film; Wednesday, a new trailer for Transformers: the Last Knight is coming out and production has started on Mission Impossible 6, but no title has been released. It's also rumored that Felix, the black American CIA agent who forwarded money to Bond in Casino Royale, and told him where he could find Dominic Greene in Quantum Of Solace, is set to return to the next Bond film,... we just still don't know who Bond will be (but I think it'll be Craig).
A most blessed and happy Holy Week to you all!
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P.S.--I probably won't get to Fast and Furious 8 until Friday afternoon or evening due to Church services, but will post my reactions asap!