Sunday, April 30, 2017

9 New Clips! King Arthur Legend Of the Sword

If I want new footage of King Arthur: Legend Of the Sword, all I have to do is start working on a post and they will release new so I am perpetually behind. Here are nine new clips, just released a few hours ago (followed by all the trailers) and this beautiful new poster as well. I should have this post up by Monday (including the poster of Vortigern, trailer two and three which we haven't discussed yet, and new images), so, in the meantime, please enjoy this great clips. We also see David Beckham's cameo role as the Sargent of the guards patrolling the Sword in the Stone. (Do keep in mind, that these clips probably aren't complete, that is, there is more to each scene in the film that that which we are seeing here, so these are just teasers).
I just can't wait!
In the clip where none of the men want to leave, what's happening is, there is one escape route, down the hole, and and there are all those "Black Leg" soldiers trying to get into attack them; they want to protect Arthur and insist that he goes first; Arthur, for his part, refuses to leave his men behind, and is willing to die for them, rather than have them die for him, so that's what they argue about. It's highly possible that this scene references Katniss in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 when everyone is dying for her to save her because she's the face of the resistance, but Ritchie wants to point out to us that a true leader and king will die for his people, not expect his people to die for him. We see this in Excalibur, when none of Arthur's knights can beat Lancelot, so Arthur takes it upon himself to beat him,... and Arthur learns a valuable lesson. If you have time, I sincerely encourage you to watch Excalibur (1981) before you see King Arthur. It's likely the primary source of material Ritchie has drawn upon, and there are a number of things (especially the use of magic and the snake) which can be explained by Excalibur, but not unless you have seen it.
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