Thursday, March 2, 2017

TRAILERS: Pirates Of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales #3

There might be a bit of confusion about this trailer; I know I am still a bit confused. At 1:51 in the trailer, it says, "The Final Adventure," but we have been hearing for years there would be as many as eight Pirates films in all.  There appears to be a serious rumor that Michelle Keegan has been offered a role in Pirates 6, but that it's possible Johnny Depp will not be returning as Jack Sparrow in any more of the Pirates films. Then again, this might, in fact, be the "final adventure" for Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, and even the franchise as a whole. As always, I will keep you posted, because if this is the last Pirates film, it would be big news in the film world. Well, this just in: according to one of the two directors of DMTNT, there are going to be more adventures, and even though they put "The Final Adventure" in, we aren't supposed to pay any attention to it. I hope they didn't do the rest of the film like that.
Another trailer has been dropped for Pirates Of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and this is basically the trailer we have been waiting for: the point of the whole story.
"Pirates have infected the seas for generations," Javier Bardem's Captain Salazar complains, "So I vowed to eliminate them all." This puts us, the viewers, in a very difficult position: how many of us meek and law-abiding citizens want to live in a world where there are real pirates? We don't. Pirates are pirates: they rape, pillage, burn and destroy, making it impossible for people like you and me to live quiet, happy and prosperous lives. In other words, pirates are parasites because they live off the booty they steal from others who earned it honestly. On the other hand,....
There are two intriguing things about this image from the trailer. First, that Captain Jack Sparrow's famous head scarf is blue rather than red, and, second, circled in red in the bottom image, the decorative trident of Poseidon which acts as a figure piece on the ship, but which will become the main focus of Jack's search in the film (whoever controls the trident controls the seas, and by controlling the seas Jack will be able to destroy Salazar before Salazar destroys Jack; please click on the image to expand and take a closer look). It's possible that the blue head scarf means something like this: because of Jack Sparrow's early sufferings (he's a boy in this clip and suffering is symbolized by the color blue) Jack learned how to use his head (where the head scarf is, his head). There is something else: his exposed chest. We know the part of Sparrow's chest which is exposed is where his heart is, and the compass he holds points in the direction of what your heart most desires, so it's also possible that we will learn of an early suffering (again, the blue head scarf) involving Sparrow's heart and his desires, but then we also have the discreetly placed trident off to Sparrow's right. This suggests that all the events in this scene--Salazar, the compass, Sparrow, etc.--are part of a larger, grand design, i.e., the "Hand of God" may be in play here, as God foreshadowing that Sparrow is to undergo further trials with these same elements in the future.
Now, we also see "nudity" of Sparrow again in the trailer (the first time being in the image above with his chest bared): when Sparrow isn't wearing pants. In this later scene, Henry (Brandon Thwaites) details that Sparrow is missing his ship and his crew as well as his pants, symbolizing that the missing pants reveals Sparrow's "exposure" and vulnerability to the odds being against him. 
We also hear Salazar condemn Sparrow for "what he did to me," and not taking responsibility for what Salazar did: allowed himself to be fooled. We see Salazar eating the apple and, quite frankly, "biting off more than he can chew." He shouldn't have chased the ship into that cave, even I know that, but he's holding Sparrow responsible. So, what kind of a villain do we have, and what kind of a hero?
Women were hanged only very, very rarely during this rough time period because it wasn't civilized. I keep forgetting her name, but it's something like Carina Smyth. So, we know she's done something dreadful, and we know she's the key to finding the trident of Poseidon; now, given that she actually falls below the platform in her hanging, pictured above, we can say she actually does "die" but resurrects, as we have seen Sparrow himself do many times, and even like Orlando Bloom's Will Turner in transforming into the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, so it's a common theme. But we might also see a thing or two about femininity making the theme, since the two women we see stripped down to their undergarments--Elizabeth Swann and Carina Smyth--still wear more clothes than most women in their totally "dressed" state today. Henry being excited at having seen Carina's ankles might also, hopefully, be a hint to women about modesty as well,... I'm not holding out a lot of hope, but I am holding out some, even though I am continuously disappointed.
A villain and a hero that might be too close to tell the difference between the two. Undoubtedly, the audience will root for Captain Jack Sparrow--he's the star and the narrative vehicle for the tale which dead men don't tell--but there are several film makers at work on Dead Men Tell No Tales who also worked on the notoriously bad The Lone Ranger. Rather than be as bad as The Lone Ranger, I think DMTNT will be good, but I do expect it to be just as socialist and anti-capitalist as The Lone Ranger, because film makers rarely, if ever, learn their lessons.
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