Saturday, March 25, 2017

TRAILERS: Justice League #2, Pirates Of the Caribbean 5, The Boss Baby

What exactly is the point of Justice League? The seven (including Superman, and some other hero that I don't know, completes the list but who the seventh is will surely going to be showing up) fight an army of parademons who want to take over earth. I guess these are like zombies, but from hell, and there were a couple of deleted scenes from Batman vs Superman which show up in the Ultimate Edition which explains the set-up for this film. 
Two things: first, I thought this was going to be released much later in the day to keep everyone guessing, checking and hanging; thank you, Warner Brothers, for the reasonable release time, that was very courteous of you! Second, I'm surprised, but Batman/Bruce Wayne actually has my favorite line in this trailer, and I think you will know it when you hear it, because it really sets the stage for what the rest of the film is going to be like:
"What are your super-powers again?" "I'm rich." I didn't expect that coming from Ben Affleck. We also have the Age of Heroes, "best of the best," which is a feature of capitalism (because socialism prefers mediocrity) in the very bodies of the metahumans themselves. We see JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon ("It's good to see you're playing with others again,") and Aquaman floating in the air as he would float in water (Amber Heard makes her appearance as Mera, the wife of Aquaman, who is not technically a part of the Seven, but is a warrior herself). What we don't see, not surprisingly, is Superman. The first trailer for Justice League was released about a year in advance of the film's November 17 release date, so there is still considerable time the film has to keep up hype and speculation, without revealing everything.
This is one of three "Mother Boxes" which exist in the DC universe, rather like the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe. The parademons are after all three, and we see one here, supposedly Aquaman's Atlantis has one, and Wonder Woman's Amazonians have another. What we see is a "Mother Box" surrounded by football trophies. This is a cause of alarm for me; why? It was rodeo trophies which played an important role in the deaths of the Munson family in Logan. Laura, Logan's little mutant, was looking at the rodeo trophies of Nate Munson in his room, and Nate told her that they were all second and third place trophies because he wasn't very good at it, but his father made him do it anyway. That sounds like the kind of thing many parents do with their kids: give them a hobby, a focus, an extra-curricular activity to help them find out what they are good at, build confidence and keep them out of trouble. But this is also the main reason why Nate and his father die, because even second and third place is too good for a socialist regime, and Nate had his trophies sitting out in a form of pride, even if it wasn't that much. We can't really tell if these football trophies are tossed into a corner with other junk (and if so, why? They are trophies, be proud of your accomplishments) but it looks like that which is giving rise to the "parademons" is something that I know I myself would clearly be aligned with: accomplishment (the trophy) and competition (football and sports in general). In other words, I think we have cause to suspect that Justice League will actually be pro-socialist, and it's the little details like this which could ultimately betray the Ben Affleck-produced film. 
Here is a,... "new-ish" trailer for Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. There's not much new material, but there is a bit. I need to make an apology: I had read a report that Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Swann) was returning to POTC 5 to revise her role, but she's not appearing on the credits listing, so the long, dark-haired woman in her pantaloons washed up on shore, being chased by Captain Salazar and his crew must be Kaya Scodelario's Carina.
I would say more about this, especially Carina's character, but this is just a quickie: I am anxiously trying to finish John Wick Chapter 2 this weekend, and don't won't to needlessly get distracted, so on for the moment. And here is a new clip from Alec Baldwin's The Boss Baby. Yea, we haven't really discussed this, and that's not because I'm not interested, I just still haven't gotten my feet grounded on where this is going, which--according to my gut--is likely not in the direction I want it to go.
Last, but not least, is a 30 second clip of Cipher and Dom from Fate Of the Furious: Fast and Furious 8 which is pretty good (this video is much longer, but it's just the first 30 seconds we haven't seen so far):
That's a pretty interesting little clip; why? It shows the more philosophical path the film is willing to take. As we have discussed previously, I think Dom's "choice" and his "free will" are being explored because we saw the same with James Bond in both Skyfall, when Silva (Javier Bardem) tells him the story about the rats, and again in Spectre when Madeline asks him why he chose that life (they are on the train) and Bond replies that he doesn't think he ever really had a choice. Here is another little clip for F & F 8 that has also been released:
I will post a message letting you know when John Wick Chapter 2 is finally finished!
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