Monday, March 20, 2017

The Mummy (2017) Featurette & Behind-the-Scenes

There is no news yet on when a second trailer for The Mummy will be released, but there is a delightful behind-the-scenes featurette (below) that will bide the time. It appears that now, Alan Kurtzman, the director and writer of The Mummy, as well as the head-honcho of the Universal Monsters Universe, is saying that Dracula Untold (Luke Evans) is not going to be a part of this reboot,... it's possible it is, but the interview wasn't very clear. Javier Bardem has been confirmed for Frankenstein, with Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man and Angelina Jolie as Frankenstein's Bride. Russell Crowe appears in The Mummy as Dr. Henry Jeckyll, who also is Mr Hyde, but he appears to be the head of a "monster-fighting organization" that is very old and holds all the knowledge of who these monsters are and how to get rid of them.
Speaking of Tom Cruise, we just got an update on Mission Impossible 6 with the casting of Henry Cavill in what now appears to be a rather large role. It's now being released that the "big stunt scene" of MI6 is the biggest stunt Cruise has ever done,... how big? It's so big, that even though the film hasn't even begun production, Cruise has all ready been training over a year to be able to do it. Granted, I don't know if that is daily yoga exercises or falling from a slightly higher roof-top each day to get used to a hundred-foot free-fall or something, but the point is, Cruise is doing it himself and it's going to be rather spectacular.
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