Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beware Of the Light: Logan & Racism Against Whites

What's so tragic about the film is that it's so ignorant. Clearly, the real villain is the Transigen company, and because they are a company, the film makers think this is a cute way to strike an anti-Trump punch; because Transigen uses our food and water to poison people, thereby destroying mutants except those they create in their labs, Transigen bares striking resemblance to real-food modifier giant Monsanto, who happens to be a big-time donor to the Clinton Foundation or there is this article where Hillary accepted $325,000 to "coach" Monsanto employees on how to avoid being honest. There is also this article about how Obamas, Clintons and Bushes have pushed for GMOs in our diet, but always had organic food at the White House. In other words, the very  problem Logan wants to vilify and peg at the door of the conservatives, whites and Christians are issues their own candidate championed. They will never admit it though, will they? This isn't something particular to capitalism, this is particular to socialism: when businesses are merely doing something, the government is there to enforce regulations and oversight; when the government is in charge of everything, there is no one to enforce regulations and oversight, because the government isn't going to govern itself or keep up checks and balances, just as we saw during the disastrous eight years of the Obama Administration. politicians give these organizations money when they are in power (like Hillary Clinton and the $600 million missing from the State Department while she was Secretary of State) and then those organizations give a percentage of it back to the politician in the form of a "campaign contribution," like to the Clinton Foundation. That's "cronyism," that's not capitalism. But because they are so quick to blindly follow orders, they don't question anything or do any research, they just open their mouths and swallow whatever is fed them, and they count upon us to do the same.
On an entirely different note, there is a serious philosophical problem with Laura being Logan's "daughter," and the film makers intentionally want to muddy these waters with ambiguous, emotionally charged language (like "father" and "daughter") to intentionally to get their way. A child is a result of the sexual act between a man and a woman, so there is a degree of free will even when the man and woman employ artificial birth control to prevent a pregnancy, there is the understanding that it's never 100% effective. With a "child" being created merely from the DNA of an unknowing "parent" who did not provide their consent, this is an act of "rape," because the DNA owner was not consulted and so an act (not necessarily "the act" but an act to replace "the act") of procreation takes place without the DNA owner's consent or knowledge. We saw a similar instance in Independence Day: Resurgence when a father gave his life for his daughter as Logan does for Laura, and, again, it's meant to symbolize the replacing of the active figure of a capitalist economy (the white heterosexual male) with the socialism of government rule (the passive female principle). There are two minor details of Logan substantiating this: first, Professor X tells Logan a mutant waits for him at "the statue of Liberty," and, indeed, it's at the Liberty Motel which has a Statue of Liberty logo where Logan picks up Laura. The act of picking up an immigrant (because Laura is from a lab in Mexico, so she's crossed the border) and taking her is meant to invoke Ellis Island and the immigrants who arrived there. The track Logan and Laura make to get to North Dakota invokes the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to the free North and today, to "free" Canada where socialists believe a true Eden exists and everything is free because of the socialist policies of the country (there are also echoes of Chief Joseph leading his Nez Perce Indian Tribe to Canada for refuge). The second way we know Laura symbolizes a socialist form of existence is the T-shirt Logan gets her she sees a mannequin wear in the shop window with a rainbow on it. Unfortunately, the rainbow today symbolizes homosexuality (originally a sign from God that He would never destroy humanity with a flood again, and so homosexuals mock God's promise by having it affixed to their public perversions) but also utopia, and Laura's guardian, Gabriella, calling the meeting place "Eden," not only aligns socialism to Eden, but replaces God who created the original Eden and the creator of the original Man and Woman, with the State who created Laura and the other mutants. This is an important point of the narrative, once again, deconstructing itself: the "slavery" invoked by the Underground Railroad was because of the Democratic South refusing to free their slaves and slaves trying to escape to the free north where it was predominantly Republicans who didn't own slaves; in other words, the Democrats blame--as usual nowadays--the Republicans for what the Democrats themselves did. 
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine character, Logan, is old and not regenerating as he once did: men symbolize the economy of a country because men are the "active principle," whereas women symbolize the passive principle, as in the great Western film Shane, and mother being told, "There are no more guns in the valley." But just as Shane tells the young boy that everyone has a brand on them, and that brands stick, the film makers behind Logan want the audience to know they have a brand on them, too: the color of their skin. If they are white, that brand sticks, and they can't escape it, so it's best to just go off and die, like Shane, like Logan. The future is female, as Hillary Clinton announced, and Wolverine's Mexican daughter is headed to Canada.
There isn't an end credits scene to Logan, the way there usually is for Marvel films, but there is a pre-film involving a "little skit" with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds).  I'm glad they put this in, because, inadvertently, this Deadpool sequence validates every single thing I have ever written on this blog. We see his feet in black shoes (symbol of the will, black symbolizes death) walking along a street with a lot of trash on it. A figure wearing a black hoodie pops out earphones and we hear Juice Newton's song, Angel Of the Morning; why? Because in a world where women are happy to have a one-night stand with a man there can't be real super-heroes, and Deadpool isn't a real superhero because the poor guy Deadpool vows to save dies before he can get to him. Since women haven't demanded that men be converted and overcome their bad habits so they are always prepared to answer the call of being a real man, Deadpool has to jump into a phone-booth and literally change out of his clothes and into his Deadpool outfit to fight off this mugger, who kills the the poor man before Deadpool gets out. (All the trash on the street, the darkness and even the poor man being held up, we can see, are a result of women allowing their own personal morality fail so that they aren't any longer angels in the morning because of how they let the dark night of lust overwhelm them and, hence, the whole world). Deadpool wants to "answer the call," symbolized by the phone booth, but Deadpool also mentions that phone booths "disappeared in 1998"; why? Bill Clinton, Mr. Preisdent-Rapist was in charge and men stopped being men and became sex machines. While Deadpool struggles in the phone booth, we hear the white man being mugged by a black man, that he "has worked too hard just to hand it over" to someone who hasn't. If that doesn't describe what has been happening in America, I don't know what does. Again, Deadpool, in his own words, isn't a real superhero, and the guy probably would have been saved if Logan had been there, because Logan didn't have to "change," but Deadpool did (All the trash on the street, the darkness and even the poor man being held up, we can see, are a result of women allowing their own personal morality fail so that they aren't any longer angels in the morning because of how they let the dark night of lust overwhelm them and, hence, the whole world. Deadpool then goes on to use the dead man's body as a head cushion and eat his ice cream, then complaining about brain freeze while this poor man is dead. 
It takes a while to realize that all the people beating up Logan are doing so because Logan deserves it. He can't defend himself, or what is his, anymore because he shouldn't. Logan isn't being poisoned by the adamantium attached to his skeleton, rather, by the poison of guilt because he's white, he's strong, and everyone could always depend upon him to save the day. The very characteristics and virtues which made Wolverine a hero in bygone days, now mark him as a target for the socialist purge and a sacrifice to be made, with tears for sure, but a sacrifice he has to be. And Logan, being a "budding feminist" like Iron Man, is happy to do that.
How does Professor X fare in the film? According to Donald Pierce (Boyd Hollbrook), Professor X's brain is a classified weapon of mass destruction,... why? Professor X is a white man, he's intelligent, and white people who can think can also think for themselves, so Professor X has to die. But there is another reason why Professor X has to die: he requires care. He needs medication--he doesn't like taking, and sometimes doesn't take just so he doesn't have to take it--and he needs someone with him to fix his meals and help him to the bathroom (we see the fight that takes place in the restroom when Logan has to help Professor X get on the toilet) and Professor X has to be loaded and unloaded into the car. This makes him a liability for socialists, they don't like old people because they cost the system without providing anything in return (such as labor in exchange for their medications) and the elderly remember the truth about Democrats, Nazis and socialism and they know what real freedom is and that we all deserve it, so the elderly can't be schooled the way Millennials have been, and brainwashed. Professor X is dangerous because he's smart and loves to teach and care for others (like the little garden he has in his hide-out home). So, like the Mexican nurses caring for the children in the mutant lab, Professor X had to die like them (Laura can "learn to be better" than Logan, but socialists don't want that, they want people to have bad habits and not to "get better" and become better, because then they won't need the State of the System that created them). But there is a third reason: his complaint to Logan when Logan was complaining, Professor X gave him a reality check: stop blaming everyone else for your boring shit. This is what socialists absolutely do NOT want to happen: keep blaming everyone else for EVERYTHING that happens to you, including you being unhappy with the gender you were born with. If you aren't complaining about something, then the State can't find what it is they need to promise you so you will sign your life over to them. Last, but certainly not least, Professor X realizes what real happiness is: your home, your family, the people you love,... the State won't allow any of these things: you don't have a home, IF you have a family, then you have to adhere to the rules laid out by the State (people aren't allowed to hug in China, for example) and because we are just animals, we don't know what love is, we just exist to eat, have sex, work and die once the State is finished with us. So, while the film does a clever little job making it look like it's happy and wants happiness for you and me, too, it's not, it's telling us that if we want those things, we are going to die for them. Remember, it's Professor Charles "X"avier who gives his name to his "children, The X-Men (who were created with his consent) and are examples of excellence in their fields that he helped to nurture to make even better; so X24 is, in a way, as much Professor X's child as Logan's, since the Transigen named X24 after the X-Men. So Professor X dying is also a case of patricide (child killing its own father). What does X24 really symbolize? The film makers would like for us to think it symbolizes ultimate capitalism, a free market without a soul, however, that actually exists, and it's the Hong Kong capitalist economy, ranked as the freest in the world even with the regulations that have been imposed. So, once more, we can say that the fears of the film makers--that a "soul-less" economy will start killing the elderly (Professor X) and kidnap the children (Laura) and be used as a weapon--isn't capitalism, it's socialism, because we know socialist societies do not value their elderly citizens, they believe the State should be in charge of raising children (and they should be viewed as "units" and future citizens, not as individuals) and that resources should be used to reward good citizens and punish bad citizens, so, the picture painted by the film makers is of socialism, not capitalism, as they intended. 
It's important that we detail exactly how this happens: as stated above, men of child-bearing age (and even though Logan is hundreds of years old, his DNA spawned Laura, the young mutant, so he's a father of a young girl so this still counts towards him) symbolize the economy; like capitalism always rejuvenating itself, so, too has Logan with his mutant abilities (this was clearly the basis of the last Wolverine film). The adamantine which was artificially adhered to his skeleton to make him indestructible is now, according to the film, causing him to be poisoned from within. We have to look at the symbolism here, and how the sub-text reads is, that because Wolverine has been so strong, so great, so indestructible, that has poisoned him, so he has to die. If that doesn't seem like very sound reasoning, it's because, it's not sound reasoning. According to this line of thought, capitalism is what is old because it's not "healing" the way it once did (remember, this was made before the election and the record Stock Market climbs past 20,000 for the first time in history) and that ability, anyway, makes people mad (like socialists) and so because of that, it needs to die, i.e., in the guise of Logan. But what about  X24?
Calaban, the albino mutant (on the right) who takes care of Professor X while Logan works, is perhaps the most tragic figure of the story: he's me. I am a white female, and Calaban's albinoism is meant to reflect white audience members watching the film. He can't be in the sunlight because it burns his skin, so his mother told him, 'Beware of the light," so he wouldn't get burned, and that's ultimately the message the film has for viewers who, like myself, are white: beware of the light, stay inside, don't come outside, or you are going to get hurt (mugged like the white man at the very start of the film that Deadpool didn't save). What happens to Caliban? He blows himself up with grenades, because this is what whites are supposed to start doing now: suicide. Do the rest of the world a favor and kill yourself, because no one likes you and no one wants you around. This is, of course, the message from the Liberals; why target white people? One, white people are the "dominant power holders" in Western society, and their radical Marxist textbooks teach them to target the dominant power holders in every society and isolate them and erase any possibility of anyone having sympathy for them. This is the only way to destroy them and take everything they have. So, when we see Caliban dressed as he is above, with the scarf over his face and wearing the hat and the poncho, the film makers want to tell white people that we are the bandits, not the Mexicans who break the laws, but we are the criminals and we better go into hiding and beware the light. Remember, we also see this in The Magnificent Seven with all the white cowboys die and only the minorities live: it's the same genocide, and just because some black people think it's "justice," certainly doesn't make it just and certainly doesn't make it right.
This might be confusing, but "X23" is what the "daughter" of Logan, Laura, was being called; X24 is actually,... one might say, Logan's twin brother Logan's DNA gave birth to, so both his brother and his son (China Town, anyone?). X24 is supposedly the "perfect weapon" because it's Logan without a soul to decide what is right or wrong, X24 just takes orders,... wait a minute,.... there's a problem. It's the socialists who don't believe in the soul, because to have a soul, you have to have God to give that soul ( a soul can't come from nothing) and socialists firmly disavow God and insist we are animals, not humans with souls. This leads us to the terrible,... "complication" of the ending.
This is one of the moments the film deconstructs: Laura has never been outside of the lab where she was created, so the System provided for all her needs and so she doesn't understand what "paying" is. She takes what she wants. When Logan comes in and stops her from beating up the poor attendant standing in the background, Logan tells her, "You can't just take whatever it is you want," then Logan asks the guy if he sells cell phone chargers and the guy motions to where they are, and Logan grabs one, some cigars and walks about with Laura, without paying. In a socialist system, we wouldn't pay, and socialists want us to believe that paying for something is evil (consider the kids not wanting to have to buy their own condoms in Project X and the way money was used in Bridge Of Spies: the Soviets used the nickle to pass microfilm, and the US used the silver dollar to bite down on and commit suicide if caught, because "money is evil and the root of spy games"; there is also the issue of payment in Logan, and Gabriella offering to pay Logan to take her and Laura to Eden, then Rictor offering Logan the money Gabriella offered him and Logan feeling like he had to refuse it and Laura not being impressed with Logan for not taking it) because paying for something is taking responsibility for it and for yourself. So Laura doesn't know to pay for the food, but this is the same food Transigen manufactured to eliminate mutants, which is what Laura is. Transigen also created that food to make a profit--us paying them to kill us--and instead their mutant isn't paying for it because they didn't teach her how to take responsibility for herself because they didn't want that in her or the others.
So, Wolverine dies, and X24 "crucifies" him on this stump and it does work because Wolverine has knowingly sacrificed himself for the kids to help them get to safety across the border (please see notes in caption above for more). After the kids bury Logan, and they have made a cross for his grave site, Laura shifts the cross so that, instead, it makes an "X" for X-Men,... or does it? A swastika, after all, is a bent cross, much like the turned cross of the "X" which Laura makes for Logan before running off to socialist Canada. Laura knows, then, the truth of the forces that created her, and Logan, but there is something just as sinister for Christians.
Mr Munson and his family is quite lovely, and it's so regrettable that white people bullied him later in the film, making it look like all white people are racist bullies, like KKK without the sheets, but the film wanted to do that to brainwash black film viewers into seeing racism everywhere. Why does Munson die? His son, Nate, tells Laura when she sees his trophies from racing and riding horses that he's not very good at it (all of his trophies are second and third place) but his father makes him do it anyway,.... it's very typical and common, in American society today, for parents to "force" their kids to participate in an activity, such as a sport, dance, game, or some activity which will help them socialize, develop their skills and focus on what gifts they have and what they want to do with their life. This is why Will Munson dies, he forced his son to participate in an activity. Socialists don't want anyone to be good at anything: everyone has to be equal in everything, which is why socialists/liberals are so good at ignoring reality, they are training to ignore reality even more, because that is what has to happen in a socialist society. 
Johnny Cash's song When the Man Comes Around, about the Final Judgment, plays during the credits, as if a warning to Christians that, if they don't become socialists, they will be judged and sent to hell. Sadly, I think this is the start of the turn of Marvel Studios, and rather than just Logan suffering from this asinine and willfully ignorant understanding of history and the future, all the future Marvel films will shove the same propaganda down our throats as Logan.
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So, the torch of the economy passes from the male-active principle that we have seen in Logan, to the child, female and passive principle we see in Laura. Socialists, of course, will far prefer the youthful, Hispanic hand of the female to the "toxic" masculinity and violence of the old man, and we are supposed to be trained to prefer the same.