Friday, March 31, 2017

Trailers & News

This, is one awesome poster. So, what do we have? The face is the seat of our identity, when something sees our face, maybe even just a portion of our face, they can tell who we are. The language we see "written" on her face (and it maybe "burned" or tattooed, or even glued onto her, I'm not sure) is NOT Egyptian hieroglyphs, I know because I studied hieroglyphs for two years when I was in high school (there are examples of Egyptian hieroglyphs here). This language is more "runic" and was (probably) created for the film (or borrowed from some other ancient culture to stand in for the traditional hieroglyphs). Why is this important? The traditional language of a culture is the language that has been approved, used and is recognized, it's the canon and the identity of that culture itself. With a "counter-language" being used by someone we know was not a ruler, even though she wanted to be, it becomes subversive to the culture, society and values. There is also, however, another important aspect: there has to be a "new" language to say what cannot be said. In other words, "who" this woman is, who has been denied the right to rule, can only be told in a language that not everyone can read. For example, in Zootopia, Judy Hops, a bunny, meets Chester Cheetah, and Chester tells her what a cute bunny she is, to which Judy replies that one bunny can call another bunny cute, but another animal cannot call a bunny cute (rather the way blacks can call each other "nigger," but if a white, like Paula Deen uses the term, she's going to lose everything she has). There is also Baywatch, when Zac Efron's character says, "You people," and Dwayne Johnson's character corrects him and says, "You can't say that, you're just tan." SO, there has been a most regrettable assault on Americans' 1st Amendment right to free speech, that saying some things is a social crime if you are not of a specific gender or ethnic background. It's possible that the film makers have gone with this current and have created their own language to talk about Hillary Clinton and liberals.
In some other news, Joss Whedon (who did the Hillary Clinton PSAs) is directing The Batgirl film. Jeremy Renner is not returning to Mission Impossible 6 due to conflicts with Marvel filming, but Rebecca Ferguson has confirmed she is returning. Christopher Nolan has gone on record stating that Dunkirk has been filmed to the full capacity of IMAX cameras; heretofore, only certain scenes would be shot in IMAX, or aspects of the IMAX cameras used, but Nolan has stated that the film will be released to maximize its presence on the screen. There is also a highly reliable report that the sequel to The Kingsman The Secret Service is totally amazing. The full details of the synopsis can be found here, and it looks like everyone is back except for Michael Caine's character (who died, but Harry, portrayed by Colin Firth, is back, and he "died").  I cannot wait to see that trailer! 
While some people (bloggers and reporters) will complain about "trailers for trailers" announcing when a trailer is coming out, I think it's a brilliant idea on two levels: first, we reporters and bloggers know what to expect and when (instead of anxiously checking all the time to see IF something has been released when we weren't checking) and two, it helps us to get ready for it, to gear our thoughts and prepare for it. Most others don't do anything for a trailer drop besides regurgitate information they have all ready reported or facts, instead of studying, analyzing and decoding like I try to do (and grated, I don't get nearly as much time for trailers as I would like, like for many of the trailers here, but you know what I mean). Announcing when trailers are coming out--especially for highly anticipated films--is a sign of respect from the studios to those reporting and, in exchange, those reporting give the studios double the free publicity (the first bout of publicity is stating that, "Hey, a trailer for The Mummy is coming Sunday, and then the second bout is, "Hey, here is a new trailer for The Mummy). Anyway, we have two trailer announcements, including the one for The Mummy, the second trailer coming on Sunday:
Oh, I can't wait!
The second announcement comes for Annabelle: Creation, which the first trailer is being released tomorrow:
Even though we have the same writer for Annabelle: Creation that we did for Annabelle (which was a great, pro-capitalist film) I am concerned about the information released in this teaser, which is exceptionally well-done. We know, in our culture today, that limited editions are rare and therefore valuable, and the first of a limited edition is even more valuable, so from the very start, the idea of "valuable" is attached to Annabelle's creation, meaning, she's a material object created for investment, and the monetary value attached to her IS the symbolic attachment. Now, this may go in a highly different direction, we have seen like 30 seconds of a two hour film, so I am just pointing out what is probably obvious to you all ready. But, speaking of writer Gary Dauberman, let's take a look at the trailer which has made a lot of noise this week, It:
Again, the good news is that Dauberman wrote the screenplay, the bad news is, the director also did Mama, a definitely pro-socialist film, so which of these two men will win and put their stamp on the film? Let's ask, why clowns? Why take something nice, like a clown, and turn it into a horror? Well, a toy clown played an important role in the remake of Poltergeist, whereas the firm Poltergeist was decidedly about women, the remake was definitely about the guys, and the young boy in the film, who was haunted by a toy clown in his closet, as basically being haunted about becoming a clown himself, becoming a clown instead of a man, the way the original Poltergeist was about Carol Ann turning into a whore like her mother (and older sister) instead of becoming a respectable woman. Given the film is called "It" instead of "Him," (after the clown, Pennywise) we might assume there is a problem with gender identification--which seems to be, literally, plaguing America right now, even as judges have begun awarding "gender neutral" status to people wanting to be as free of their birth right as possible--and the kids in the trailer (which appear to be all male) might be coming to grips with being male in a country that doesn't want white, heterosexual males any more. Possibly. Our next trailer is for A Ghost Story, and it's rather unique:
David Lowery, who wrote and directs the film, also did Pete's Dragon (I did not see Pete's Dragon, so I might be wrong, but I am thinking that was pro-socialist; but I might be wrong, I have certainly been wrong in the past) but this looks like a good film and I am interested in seeing this. We also have a new little clip for Pirates Of the Caribbean 5:
It's been awhile, so let me just repeat that Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) is the father of Henry Turner (Brandon Thwaites) and part of the film is Will trying to save Henry, as Henry tries saving Corina and Sparrow tries saving himself. Pirates 5 is also considered a "reboot" of the franchise, which means the film makers are wanting to get back to the core and roots of the Pirates story, meaning Henry is really the "main character," with Johnny Depp's Sparrow as an important supporting character. Now, some new clips released from Fast and Furious 8. This is the prison break scene:
This is the ice scene with the submarine; the quality, for some reason, isn't great on this, so I apologize:
Now, this is a clip that has been released with Cypher talking to Dom about what "freedom" is to him, and this is a rather fascinating discussion which will undoubtedly have far larger consequences for this film:
This is a fascinating discussion, but without the context of the rest of the film, I'm not going to go into it here and now (and I need to get back to work on the King Arthur post). Here is the second trailer for Spider Man: Homecoming:
The ship being sliced in two? That's what has happened to the "ship of state," in the United States with how we have been divided. I don't know, but when Stark says, "There are people who handle things like that," or whatever he says, it's like, "Yea, you mean like The Avengers that you arrested and had locked away?" Stark might really be turning into a villain, just something we have to look for happening. So, more trailers on this way this weekend, and I am finishing up the discussion for the second trailer of King Arthur, which is the next post! BUT, before signing off, let me post the way that Chis Pratt is selling Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2:

On May 5th the greatest movie in the history of movies is coming. There has never been and will never again be a movie like this. Seriously. Ever heard of Citizen Kane? We're much better. Seriously. Our movie just tested at over one million points. Rotten tomatoes already has it at 234% fresh. #GotGVol2 will win every movie award AND about 39 Olympic gold medals in swimming, gymnastics, the skiing event with the gun, x games, snowmobiling and everything. It will win the World Cup and about 7 super bowl rings, sorry TOM Brady. This movie will fry your brains and lift your spirits. James Gunn will be elected president of the world. They will add the faces of the guardians to Mount Rushmore for sure. We're gonna get a planet. May 5th will become a national holiday. Everyone will get pregnant. Candy will fall from the sky. Global warming will stop. Dinosaurs will come back to life. Which unlike some movies might tell you, is actually a really good thing. Because they won't flip out and kill people instead they'll be your awesome pets. So basically get your tickets as soon as you can. Don't be the only person on the planet who doesn't see this movie.

Of course, that movie telling you that dinosaurs are going to "flip out and kill people" was Pratt's own Jurassic World, and they have released their first image for Jurassic World 2:
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

TRAILERS: Justice League #2, Pirates Of the Caribbean 5, The Boss Baby

What exactly is the point of Justice League? The seven (including Superman, and some other hero that I don't know, completes the list but who the seventh is will surely going to be showing up) fight an army of parademons who want to take over earth. I guess these are like zombies, but from hell, and there were a couple of deleted scenes from Batman vs Superman which show up in the Ultimate Edition which explains the set-up for this film. 
Two things: first, I thought this was going to be released much later in the day to keep everyone guessing, checking and hanging; thank you, Warner Brothers, for the reasonable release time, that was very courteous of you! Second, I'm surprised, but Batman/Bruce Wayne actually has my favorite line in this trailer, and I think you will know it when you hear it, because it really sets the stage for what the rest of the film is going to be like:
"What are your super-powers again?" "I'm rich." I didn't expect that coming from Ben Affleck. We also have the Age of Heroes, "best of the best," which is a feature of capitalism (because socialism prefers mediocrity) in the very bodies of the metahumans themselves. We see JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon ("It's good to see you're playing with others again,") and Aquaman floating in the air as he would float in water (Amber Heard makes her appearance as Mera, the wife of Aquaman, who is not technically a part of the Seven, but is a warrior herself). What we don't see, not surprisingly, is Superman. The first trailer for Justice League was released about a year in advance of the film's November 17 release date, so there is still considerable time the film has to keep up hype and speculation, without revealing everything.
This is one of three "Mother Boxes" which exist in the DC universe, rather like the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe. The parademons are after all three, and we see one here, supposedly Aquaman's Atlantis has one, and Wonder Woman's Amazonians have another. What we see is a "Mother Box" surrounded by football trophies. This is a cause of alarm for me; why? It was rodeo trophies which played an important role in the deaths of the Munson family in Logan. Laura, Logan's little mutant, was looking at the rodeo trophies of Nate Munson in his room, and Nate told her that they were all second and third place trophies because he wasn't very good at it, but his father made him do it anyway. That sounds like the kind of thing many parents do with their kids: give them a hobby, a focus, an extra-curricular activity to help them find out what they are good at, build confidence and keep them out of trouble. But this is also the main reason why Nate and his father die, because even second and third place is too good for a socialist regime, and Nate had his trophies sitting out in a form of pride, even if it wasn't that much. We can't really tell if these football trophies are tossed into a corner with other junk (and if so, why? They are trophies, be proud of your accomplishments) but it looks like that which is giving rise to the "parademons" is something that I know I myself would clearly be aligned with: accomplishment (the trophy) and competition (football and sports in general). In other words, I think we have cause to suspect that Justice League will actually be pro-socialist, and it's the little details like this which could ultimately betray the Ben Affleck-produced film. 
Here is a,... "new-ish" trailer for Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. There's not much new material, but there is a bit. I need to make an apology: I had read a report that Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Swann) was returning to POTC 5 to revise her role, but she's not appearing on the credits listing, so the long, dark-haired woman in her pantaloons washed up on shore, being chased by Captain Salazar and his crew must be Kaya Scodelario's Carina.
I would say more about this, especially Carina's character, but this is just a quickie: I am anxiously trying to finish John Wick Chapter 2 this weekend, and don't won't to needlessly get distracted, so on for the moment. And here is a new clip from Alec Baldwin's The Boss Baby. Yea, we haven't really discussed this, and that's not because I'm not interested, I just still haven't gotten my feet grounded on where this is going, which--according to my gut--is likely not in the direction I want it to go.
Last, but not least, is a 30 second clip of Cipher and Dom from Fate Of the Furious: Fast and Furious 8 which is pretty good (this video is much longer, but it's just the first 30 seconds we haven't seen so far):
That's a pretty interesting little clip; why? It shows the more philosophical path the film is willing to take. As we have discussed previously, I think Dom's "choice" and his "free will" are being explored because we saw the same with James Bond in both Skyfall, when Silva (Javier Bardem) tells him the story about the rats, and again in Spectre when Madeline asks him why he chose that life (they are on the train) and Bond replies that he doesn't think he ever really had a choice. Here is another little clip for F & F 8 that has also been released:
I will post a message letting you know when John Wick Chapter 2 is finally finished!
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Film Criticism vs Rotten Tomatoes

Why wouldn't we see this today, or even, be a part of this today (wearing paper 3D glasses with one red lens and one blue lens?)? Technology. When a film does or does not effectively employ modern technology to tell it's story, then the audience factors that into the overall level of satisfaction they have found in viewing it. Too many special effects can, however, be just as bad as bad special effects: "The special effects were good, but there wasn't much of a story line," for example, and then, when the computer generated images are bad, it destroys the entire film. Is technological expertise a part of film criticism? Honestly, that's a difficult one to answer. We know good effects when we see them, but sometimes, what one person considers to be "good" effects, and another person considers to be good effects, are two different standards; then again, one person might actually be disappointed in some other aspect of the film, but not being able to articulate it, might instead blame the effects even though that wasn't really the source of the viewer's disappointment. 
There has been an interesting article posted on the Drudge Report, a producer/director complaining that "true" film criticism is dead, with the Rotten Tomato score being the only standard by which a potential audience judges a film's worth. What we do here, at this blog, is film criticism: we enter into the film's vocabulary, we analyze, we test and interpret, articulating our experience so that we aren't just looking at an "aesthetic experience" (based on emotions and some ambiguous feeling of "delight" we receive from our viewing time). All of us here--myself included--understand the language of art better now than we did a year ago, and that makes us better viewers, who, therefore, enjoy the films even more.
Power Rangers has opened and, surprisingly, to good reviews. Everyone is a bit startled at how much they enjoyed the film, but it's been consistent that critics who don't like giving good reviews--we'll call them snobs, and since these are the types of critics who just give people their opinions, I'm fine with this--are giving this film good reviews when they were prepared to trash it. So, if you are thinking about, go see it. I would like to see it, but I want to finish John Wick Chapter 2 (still) and I am thinking about going to see Kong: Skull Island because I think the (white) director makes a very bad racial mistake in the film, and I'm interested to see if he actually did it,... and I think he did. Anyway,...
JUST BEFORE I was ready to post this, I checked YouTube one more time, and this glorious gem for Fast and Furious 8 had been released: it's part of the amazing race we are going to see take place in Cuba; ready?
Yea, that's a hot rod, all right. The cheating is an easy decipherment: socialism is itself a cheat, because when you can't cut it, the government steps in to help you (like the guy on the motorcycle), so you don't have to learn survival skills, or how to do things the right way; Dom has had to learn the hard way, and he's had to learn more and more so he could become better and better, and that knowledge pays off in this scene because he knows that he can use the wrecked motorcycle to his advantage, and being one to push the envelope, he has learned that he can drive backwards better than most of us can drive facing right. That film is going to be totally awesome.
I will get the post up for Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 1 before May 5 (famous words, right?) no, really. This villain, however, is quite interesting and a possible link to Rita Rupulsa (Elizabeth Banks) in Power Rangers who unleashes the gold monster ("That's a lot of gold,") and possibly also a link to communist extravagance we see in this gold statue of Chinese leader Mao. Then again, it could easily be a reference to Donald Trump and all the gold decor in Trump Tower. I am afraid that we are going to see a huge reversal with Marvel Studios: I am starting to think that it was Marvel itself that was behind the PSA of Avengers stars telling people to vote for Hillary Clinton, and Robert Downey Jr was actually strong-armed by the studio into appearing in it, despite his previous (major) attempts at staying out of politics. I could be very wrong, but I am afraid we are going to start seeing Marvel showing a liberal face. Guardians may not be the first, but I am fairly confident that Thor will be (at least) more socialist than any Marvel film we have seen heretofore. Now, just looking at this image above, and knowing there is a plethora of women who all look exactly like this, in my gut, I have to say it's a socialist villain because socialism (today) elevates the woman above man, isn't interested in humanity and human values or emotions (the gold is artificial) and the drive to suppress human emotions (fear, for example); those are signposts of socialism. On the other hand, we can say that gold is a currency, so it speaks more of capitalism, and there are women because women actually do better in capitalist systems than under socialism, (but I don't think socialism would want to admit this). Anyway, we'll see, but there is a lot to see, and I am rather dreading what there is to see.  
Important announcement: Justice League is dropping a trailer this Saturday. I'm grateful they do this, even though they will make us (fellow bloggers and news sites) wait until late Saturday, because that's where the hype is, the waiting-game, it's good to know to be looking for something, so here is the announcement teaser:
This film is at least the third time--maybe more that I am not aware of--in which a trident (such as Aquaman--Jason Momoa--carries) is being used: I believe the first was for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 when Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) carried the trident as weapon of choice in the final "games" that took Katniss and crew through the Capitol. The second is of course the Trident of Poseidon which Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) searches to save himself from Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and then, Aquaman in Justice League. We can also add a fourth, Percy Jackson and the Sea Of Monsters, because I think we see a trident in the film, even though Percy and Tyson--both sons of Poseidon--didn't actually carry a trident or use one. I haven't the faintest idea of what this pattern of tridents means, however, it means something, that I do know: so, what do we do with it?
Beat around the bush.
So how is this coming? Are you doing well analyzing it? I promise, as soon as I get done with John Wick Chapter 2 to go over the second trailer for King Arthur, including this poster, and the seven things I have learned about the film; I am really excited about it! Permit me to give you a little help on this image, just in case you haven't caught it: please look at where "HEART" is written; this is the place where Vortigern's neck should be, but it's not, it's blackened out, so what does black symbolize? Death. Death, then, is what leads Vortigern., rather than his heart, which is what should be leading him (which is why HEART is written over where his neck should be). This, then, takes us into erasure, as with Guy Ritchie's last film, The Man From UNCLE and all the vast examples of erasure used therein (please see Only My Mother Calls Me Napoleon: The Man From UNCLE for more). Okay, one more hint: Temptation Blackens The Heart. This is actually false, but it's false intentionally. We are going through Lent currently, when we have voluntarily given up something as a sacrifice for our sins, and the temptation to cheat is driving me insane. It's not being tempted that blackens my heart; being tempted and resisting the temptation makes my heart stronger and rids my heart of the blackness of sin because I am choosing a greater, higher good rather than my appetites, which is the whole purpose of Lent. If I were tempted and gave into the temptation, than yes, that would blacken my heart. With Arthur, however, that doesn't happen, and we will discuss that in the post, but what this reveals about Vortigern is that he doesn't believe in free will: my free will allows me to choose to give into the temptation, but my free will also gives me the strength to resist temptation. Vortigern (and socialists) believe that, if we are tempted, we are not strong enough to deny our appetites because they control us, we do not control them, and this is one of the many reasons why socialism and Christianity are incompatible. 
We know that a trident is a phallic symbol, that is, it's a sign of power carried by males to communicate their power, their potency, their strength. We know water is a female symbol: while water symbolizes many things, it doesn't symbolize women, per se, but in its nature as a symbol, it's feminine where the trident--made of metal--is a masculine symbol (at this point, we could say that the sword Excalibur from King Arthur Legend Of the Sword fits into this category since the sword is swallowed up by water and then "reveals itself" as we have seen in the second trailer) so, we see traditional masculinity emerging from and separating itself against the tidal wave of feminism (not femininity, but the feminist movement) that threatens to drown it (like "The future is female" kind of drowning). Then, however, we have Gamora (Zoe Saldana) in Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2 who uses swords, but has now switched to guns,... so that's an interesting development, but we also know Gamora is in a state of conversion, as are all the heroes of that film. So we will play around with it some more later.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Mummy (2017) Featurette & Behind-the-Scenes

There is no news yet on when a second trailer for The Mummy will be released, but there is a delightful behind-the-scenes featurette (below) that will bide the time. It appears that now, Alan Kurtzman, the director and writer of The Mummy, as well as the head-honcho of the Universal Monsters Universe, is saying that Dracula Untold (Luke Evans) is not going to be a part of this reboot,... it's possible it is, but the interview wasn't very clear. Javier Bardem has been confirmed for Frankenstein, with Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man and Angelina Jolie as Frankenstein's Bride. Russell Crowe appears in The Mummy as Dr. Henry Jeckyll, who also is Mr Hyde, but he appears to be the head of a "monster-fighting organization" that is very old and holds all the knowledge of who these monsters are and how to get rid of them.
Speaking of Tom Cruise, we just got an update on Mission Impossible 6 with the casting of Henry Cavill in what now appears to be a rather large role. It's now being released that the "big stunt scene" of MI6 is the biggest stunt Cruise has ever done,... how big? It's so big, that even though the film hasn't even begun production, Cruise has all ready been training over a year to be able to do it. Granted, I don't know if that is daily yoga exercises or falling from a slightly higher roof-top each day to get used to a hundred-foot free-fall or something, but the point is, Cruise is doing it himself and it's going to be rather spectacular.
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Friday, March 17, 2017

TRAILERS: Transformers Last Knight #2 & The Mummy

We discuss The Mummy below and there is a bit of news: it appears that Henry Cavill is joining Mission Impossible 6 and that includes most of the recurring cast; Tom Cruise as legendary hero Ethan Hunt, Jeremy Renner as Brandt, Simon Pegg and Benji, Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa; what is unclear is if Alex Baldwin will return or if Cavill's character is taking the place of the character portrayed by Baldwin. The Aquaman film, part of the Justice League series, starring Jason Momoa, has been moved from its original October opening to a more auspicious December opening of 2018. Oh, and they are remaking The Matrix. At this point, it's just the first film, but who knows?
A word about The Transformers saga: watch it. Watch them all. I got lucky and found a DVD at Wal Mart the other day for just $12 that has the first three films on there (yea, I saw the first one, then missed the other two, and suddenly it was like Age Of Extinction and now it's Last Knight, so I have some catching up to do). The reason is, there are going to be at least two if not three more Transformers films in the series and that doesn't even include the stand-alone Bumblebee film coming out in 2018, so you want and need to be caught up on this, because in The Last Knight, the first three films come together and you need to understand who is who and why things are going to happen as they do. So, if you have a free weekend, get caught up.
Actually, first, I am going to make you watch a trailer, because it's the perfect not-so-metaphoric-metaphor of what the Democrats have done to the country, and know they intentionally did to the country, then we will get to the cool stuff.
Tell me that you see what's going on here? You do, awesome! Great job, that was the purpose! I know I pull in socialism and capitalism ad nauseam nowadays, but there is a reason for it, like, it's everywhere and we can't escape it and, as always, when something like this trailer comes along explicating the transformations so obviously, I want you to be reassured that I'm not just on a soap box. There is also this rather revealing article from the NY Times about how the world of documentaries are typically liberal, but are seeking conservatives to make documentaries and help "bridge" communication. Okay, next, another trailer for Transformers; The Last Knight, I can't wait for this film.
So, what do we make of Izabella (and we can interpret the word play as "is-a-belle" or is beautiful) and her monologue? For one, she's not blaming anyone; she's accepting who and what she is and what that means for her ("Yea, I fight like a girl," and she wouldn't have it any other way, i.e., she's proud of herself the way she is and she doesn't require outside validation to give her self-worth). She is self-sufficient, in several ways, including being female (she doesn't call upon the "vagina mafia" aka, feminists, when someone makes fun of her, she handles the situation herself) and she doesn't expect anyone else to change (guys castrate themselves, for example) or for people to pretend like she's not female (like transgenders) or to make special allowances for her (affirmative action or using special pronouns that don't make her feel disadvantaged). She's a girl and she's proud of it, and she's going to teach you how to be proud of being female, or male. Thank goodness for common sense. Next, a special feature of how they did the zero-gravity stunt in The Mummy (this is actually pretty cool, I'm glad I saw this):
The question is, why do they go "zero-gravity" at the point when the Mummy (Princess Amunet, I think that's her name) first reveals herself? Because she's going to cause all the "laws of reality" to be suspended, which is what feminists do, where men have to pretend to be women, and people who excel at things have to pretend to be mediocre so women don't get offended, which is what little Izabella in the Transformers trailer isn't doing.
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P.S.--I hope to have the captions for John Wick Chapter 2 done Sunday night; I will post a note letting you know when it's finished. Sorry, as always, for the delay! I will go over the Vortigern poster from King Arthur Legend Of the Sword when we analyze the second trailer!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Vortigern: King Arthur Legend Of the Sword

Here you go, Scholars!
Here is your bi-annual quiz: time to put your knowledge and the skills you have developed to the test. Tell me about this image. If you need a larger image, just click on it and it will expand. And, before you begin, you may enjoy viewing the hilarious new trailer for Despicable Me 3:
Related characters, as in "brothers," or "sisters," spouses or even uncle and nephew (as in King Arthur Legend Of the Sword) always refers to "related systems," so it's two things that are similar but different: for example, capitalism and socialism, are both economic models (they are related) but they are different in that one of them works and the other one doesn't. Someone sent me this sketch from Abbot and Costello which perfectly explains what it means to "work" in a bakery.
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Monday, March 13, 2017


Rumors are always just rumors,... unless they're more. We have discussed this, prior to the release of Spectre, regarding why on earth Sony would even allow talks of replacing Daniel Craig as Bond (this was before his very public temper tantrum which turned a great number of fans off and was at least partially to blame for the lower financial return compared to Skyfall). Plenty of people have begun loudly demanding that the new Bond be a female, or at least gay, preferably a minority who is female and gay, so "reflect the modern era," as those proponents claim (and they are lying, that's not why they want it, but this isn't the time, nor the place). So what's going on? Here are three facts. Fact one: Craig signed a contract for five Bond films; after completing the fifth film, (Casino Royale was first, then Quantum Of Solace, then Skyfall, and Spectre, so he is still contractually obligated to do another one) Craig can still portray Bond, but he can negotiate the films on a per film basis (salary, time constraints, stunt work, etc.). Fact two: Christoph Waltz, who portrayed Blofeld in Spectre, signed a three film contract to portray Blofeld (and Sony when to all kinds of trouble and expense with the Ian Fleming estate to get Blofeld onto the screen, so why on earth are they willing to just stop it at one film?) but Waltz's return was contingent upon Craig playing Bond in all three films (so Craig will be robbing Waltz of two more films if Craig skips out on the deal, not to mention co-stars like Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux and Ben Whitshaw). Fact three: Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are back to co-script the 25th film in the Bond franchise, which they began in 1999 with Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough. There is also the fact that the mayor of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik has stated that they are in "advanced talks" to be one of the locations in Bond 25. We also know that lifetime Bond-producer Barbara Broccoli agreed to produce a Shakespeare play on Broadway (or something like that) with Craig in the lead; why? Well, it certainly wasn't for any kind of profitability on her part. Personally, I think Craig will return, even though two-time director Sam Mendes has stated that he's done with the franchise (the stress, which is completely understandable). So, if I am right, why is there all this drama about, "Will Craig return, or won't he? Who will replace him?" Because it is drama and drama is publicity, free publicity at that.
I am slowly but surely getting the captions done for John Wick Chapter 2. I will post a snippet as soon as all are complete, as usual, I am so sorry for the delay. So, there just happens to be quite a bit of news dropping. First, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is getting a sequel, but it's not going to be any of the original cast (Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara) but the exciting news is, Fede Alvarez is directing! Who's that, you ask? Don't Breathe and The Evil Dead director. Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct Man Of Steel 2, which is awesome, since he did such a fantastic job on The Kingsman Secret Service. Director/writer/producer Ridley Scott has hinted that a sequel to Gladiator is in the works with Russell Crowe actually revising his role in the sequel. Beauty and the Beast opens this weekend. Expectations are that it will bring in $100 million on the low-end, and $120 at the high-end, so, if audience-boycotts because of the gay character cause the film to perform below $100 million, that will be a victory for audience members and a slap in the face to Disney, which I think they deserve.
Disney has basically decided to remake all of their classic animated films: they have all ready re-made The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Maleficent (for Sleeping Beauty), Pete's Dragon and. opening this weekend, Beauty and the Beast. Mulan is being written by the same writers of Planet Of the Apes, so it will be pro-socialist; The Lion King, fortunately, is in the hands of Jon Favreau, so we can look forward to that one. Whoever thought that letting Tim Burton remake Dumbo would be a good idea, deserves a lobotomy, because they obviously aren't using their brains anyway. Aladdin, however, is going to be helmed by Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows, King Arthur Legend Of the Sword). Christopher Robin, the human-hero of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, is getting the Hook treatment with Christopher Robin being grown-up and Pooh showing up on his doorstep one day to invite him back into the world of the imaginary. It's all ready had a number of scribes working on the script, so it's apt to not be very good. Oliver Twist is being given the Hamilton treatment and turned into a hip-hop musical. Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes is re-doing James and the Giant Peach, so that will be good, while Cruella, based on 101 Dalmatians, has the writer for Fifty Shades Of Grey working on the script. Oh, yea, that was a good idea. Here's two more bad ones that I don't understand: they are making films both Tink, for Tinkerbell in the vein of Maleficent and Peter Pan by the same pro-socialist Pete's Dragon film makers. I guess they have to come up with projects to give to all these socialists. Plans are in the works for The Litter Mermaid, but no definite attachments as of yet, while, sadly, one of my favorites, The Sword In the Stone, will be written by one of the Game of Thrones scribes, which means it will be an answer to the Ritchie King Arthur Legend Of the Sword, as a pro-socialist work. How sad. Pinocchio is in the works but no attachments. If you are wondering if this shows that there is no creative talent at Disney anymore, that's only half accurate. These live-animation films (like the Mary Poppins adaptation filming right now) require incredible creative genius for the technical side of the production, namely, bringing everything to life and making it look as real as possible. What is obviously missing is a creative interpretation of modern morals and grounding in reality, not some Marxist textbook that is just getting repeated and used as propaganda. 
A new clip for Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2 has been released:
This teaser for the releasing of a full-trailer tomorrow is for Despicable Me 3 and looks hilarious:
Since this is just a teaser, we will wait until the full trailer is released tomorrow to go into it. Next up: I really want to like this film, but with a few of the things I have seen, I just don't think it's going to happen.
What I do really like and appreciate is that Diana is being trained so hard; that's good. What I am concerned about is the German officer, even though he's just World War I, looks more like a Nazi, and even though the very word NAZI means National Socialist German Workers' Party in German, the history re-writers of the Left want to paint conservatives and those revolting against the refugee take-over of their countries as Nazis. On the other side, we have a great extra trailer from Ridley Scott's team for Alien (I simply LOVE these extra-topical trailers)! There has been a bit of confusion regarding Michael Fassbinder's role in Alien: Covenant. "David" was the droid featured in Prometheus with Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) while "Walter" is the droid in the feature below. According to credits listings I have seen, Fassbender will be playing both David and Walter, but it's unclear if at this time if, in the Alien: Covenant trailers that have been released, he's David or Walter.
This is a very simple premise: Walter was "created to serve," which means he's a slave. That's a bit of a misnomer given that Walter, as a droid, doesn't have free will the way humans do, so he's literally, created to serve, not created to be free or independent, and that's the point: we were. We were created to express our free will and our individuality, not to be enslaved. Walter/David will serve the purpose of highlighting everything we are not. For the premise of Geostorm, our next trailer, the changing environment on earth caused government's to ban together to create a series of satellites that protect the world from catastrophes; but they start to go haywire and two estranged brothers must work together to figure out the real problem of what has happened and who is behind it.
On one level, we see the satellite system as being a utopia of control typical of communist countries who believe they can control everything and seek to do just that. When there is that much power in one source, this case, the government-owned satellites, then there is no one to oversee the program and report abuse, or monitor the system, the government is its own watchdog. On the other hand, this could be propaganda saying, the government can fix all of out problems, but it's haters out there sabotaging the good the socialist policies are trying to enact.Oh, and one more, this second trailer was literally just released as I was posting; unfortunately, I have to say, if Cillian Murphy is in it, I am probably going to have to watch it; this is definitely going to be pro-socialist, and they even spell it out for you in the title card.
"If everyone has a gun, then no one is in control," and what they really mean to say, "If everyone has a gun, then the government can't be in control over everyone."

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

TRAILERS: F & F8 #3, The Transfiguration, Thor 3, Rough Night

This is one of the first images released of Chris Hemsworth as Thor for Thor 3: Ragnorak. We'll be taking a closer look at this and other images in a separate post, but this marks a decided change for the Asgardian from the character's traditional appearance. Shorter, darker hair for one, that has been cut to the scalp (please notice his left side above the ear, the two lines marked in his hair). Thor is a gladiator in this shot (more on how I know this in that previously-promised post) and has had his head shaved. Now, this is an interesting situation. We know that hair symbolizes our thoughts, and so for Thor's head to be shaved so that he will become a gladiator is basically a statement that the powers that be over Thor don't want Thor thinking, they don't want him reflecting on what has happened to him. This is going to be an important point in the whole film.  
I am trying to get the captions done for John Wick Chapter 2; my grandma had to go back into the hospital, as usual, my apologies. There are some trailers that have dropped, so let's take a look at these.
Yes, this is Cate the Great Blanchett as Hela, the Goddess of Death in Thor 3.  Following the same line as with Thor above, we know that hair symbolizes thoughts, and since we see the black hair in the face (which symbolizes identity) and covering the eyes, Hela, we can say, sees everyone and everything through death because she always thinks about death, which is why she is the Goddess of Death. In other words, you choose how you are going to see the world, and she chooses to see the world as a place of death, so she spreads death so that it becomes what she thinks it is. Another way to look at this is with racism: people who believe there is racism everywhere see it everywhere and spread it everywhere.
First, the newest from Fast and Furious 8. There is some familiar footage in here, but also some really new information. In the last trailer for F & F 8 that we discussed, we noted how the most important line of that trailer was probably when Lettie tells Dom, "I'm really loving Cuba right now," and that the poverty and communism on the island is going to rear it's ugly head so Lettie will understand what is really behind Cuba (like sharing her husband with another woman; how's that for wealth redistribution?); so, look for what you think is the most important line in this trailer:
A good runner-up for best line of the trailer goes to Hobbs: "We've only got one chance to make this family whole again." The reason this is a good choice is because families all over the country--even the world--have been split, divided, or even prohibited from ever coming into being. Another good line that might have won is when Cipher (Charlize Theron) tells Dom, "London, Abu Dhabi, Cuba,... our paths have crossed before Dom. You just didn't know it." Why is this a great line? It references Spectre when Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) tells Bond (Daniel Craig) that their paths had kept crossing but Bond refused to see Blofeld as the mastermind in what was going on. This detail is imperative because it directly links Cipher to the same type of criminality as the SPECTRE organization. However, that reference to Spectre doesn't make it, but another line does, and it is,...
Why does Cipher take control of all the thousands of cars in New York City? Because that's an example of wealth re-distribution, and the person with the power to take what everyone else has--in this case, Cipher--also has the power to turn that against you and everyone else. What's so awesome about this clip, though, is when Tej (Ludacris) says, "Now I know how every cop feels whoever chased us." Tej recognizes they were lawbreakers, and the ways in which they themselves broke laws, not just their petty thefts, but their grand thefts as well, was them doing on a small scale what they now see Cipher doing on a far larger and more grand scale. You don't get to eight films in a franchise without doing something right, and with each film, the definitions of what a car is and what it can do has been pushed. These cars being driven in this scene without drivers is basically like a zombie horde attacking at will; why? Just as the cars don't have drivers, so a zombie doesn't have a brain, a mind directing its behavior because the zombie, just as Cipher manipulates the cars in this scene. This movie is going to be amazing.
"I got no choice!"
Why does this line win?
For at least two reasons. First, as stated above, it echoes Spectre: recall, please, the train scene when Madeline (Lea Seydoux) asks Bond why he made the choice he did, and Bond replies that he didn't ever really have a choice (that isn't accurate, he did and we know by the end of the film that he did). So, in echoing Spectre, at least twice in one trailer, we know there shall be more echoes in other scenes, and that F & F 8 is going to be supporting what Spectre stated,... I have no idea how, yet, but we will. Let's watch a fine trailer for The Commune, which was one of the Danish entries for the Best Foreign Language Oscar but it didn't qualify; ask yourself, why not?
Why would the Oscars want to honor an anti-communist film when all the Academy Awards do nowadays is push communism? A spouse belongs to you, and we actually saw this topic discussed in, I can't believe I'm going to quote this film, Ted 2: Ted doesn't want to be just a "belonging to someone," and yet he's fighting to be married to what's her name, so Ted can say he is her husband, and she is his wife; then they want to have a kid so they can say they have a kid (please see Trix Are For Kids Ted 2 and Entitlement Culture for more). We fall apart when we don't have that which belongs to us. Here, on the other hand, is the very liberal Armie Hammer in Mine:
Within this trailer, we see two easily accessed points of deconstruction. First, the title: a "mine" can be an explosive device buried within the ground, meant to kill anyone who steps upon it, but "mine" can also be pronoun in English used to show possession or belonging to a particular individual. So, which "mine" is it that the film wants to invoke? This "word play" of indeterminate meanings is part of a deconstructionist approach and shows how the author/artist/film makers wanted to open up meaning and de-stabilize it to increase the greatest possible number of interpretations. Inherently, deconstruction is not a bad thing, even though it can definitely be used in bad ways. The second way in which the trailer deconstructs is the women. The bride we see getting married and the bride of Hammer's character belong to those two men, just as the men belong to the women. The sandstorm we see coming, however, is meant to make us not want to stand our ground, and not take defense of what is ours, rather, to relinquish it because to claim something as "mine" is basically, to die for it. Let's look at another, similar film, this one Sand Castle with Nicholas Hoult and Henry Cavill:
Hoult's character is a work of pure socialist mastery: he would rather be a victim (slamming his hand on the car door) than do brave, good work, and he acts like he's been drafted (forced to be here) instead of volunteering, which is what he did because there wasn't a draft for the Iraqi war of 2003; that was his free choice, but he's denying that. Then, we have the linking of Hoult's character's being "forced" to be in Iraq with a job: "We have a job to do." So your place of employment, is being forced upon you, you have no free will in the matter, and everybody in the world hates you ("You want to leave and we want you to leave" so that we can be left to making nukes so we can blow up the whole world, so get out of here). Well, that's enough depressing stuff for the day. Here is a film making quite the waves that is debuting at Cannes and getting quite a lot of good publicity:
We can use the same deconstructive tactic with The Transfiguration which we used on Mine: THE transfiguration was that of Christ transforming Himself shortly before His Crucifixion; this film suggests the transfiguring of a young black man morphing himself into a vampire who feeds on white people. Just as we saw Dom's free will being manipulated in the F & F 8 trailer above, so we see Milo, age 12, manipulating his free will into becoming a vampire in his thoughts and actions. We have at least two more examples of free will as well.
THIS is a great poster, because the shadow of Milo we see here is that of Nosferatu, the first vampire in cinema, based upon Bram Stoker's Dracula. At 0:51, the brother (I guess he's Milo's brother) says, "Whatever you're doing, there's someone doing a whole lot worse." Why is this line important? It's relativistic morality. That is, "Well, I must not be a bad person because I've never murdered anyone," but the standard of morality isn't the Sicilian Mafia, it's Jesus Christ. It's very possible, even likely, that the brother saying, "Someone killed a white boy in the basement," was done by Milo (we see what looks like Milo maybe sucking the neck of a white person and sticking his finger in blood of a white person) meaning, that it's not "someone," that is doing something worse than what you or I are doing, it's some one, i.e.,there is someone doing much worse things, and that someone could be us, it could be the person next to us, but making the world a better place starts with what we do, especially what we do in private and even in our thoughts (Milo thinking about hurting animals). If we aren't being transfigured into being Christ, we are being transfigured into being the opposite of Christ. (Please see The Undead: Nosferatu for more).
We have, undoubtedly, seen Before I Fall in several different films: it's obviously Caddy Shack, but as we have discussed before, great films will be remade, not to upset the fans of the original, but to teach a new generation the lesson within the original that made it such a great film.
Now, this is an example of someone taking responsibility to try and do something right; in Rough Night, we have a group of women, acting like the high school girls above, who get themselves into a lot of trouble:
Basically, if you live the kind of life that liberal women advocate women living, you are going to kill all the men, because you are going to also be killing yourself (the jail time, your life is taken from you). We saw this same thesis in Trainwreck: the life style of liberal women is completely at odds with reality, and white men are the real victims, not because women are refusing to be the victims, but because no one should live like that. But, fortunately, the movies haven't left us hanging, and they have provided a model for how we should live, in The Power Rangers. I have to say, this is looking pretty good.
Each of the colors, of course, corresponds to the vice they have had, and the virtue they have to work towards in order to become the Power Ranger they are meant to be. And here is a clip:
The water symbolism, I have to admit, is pretty awesome here. This is, of course, a form of baptism, they are being cleansed and reborn, but the "fall" they have at the end reminds us they are all still human and capable of "falling" from the grace they have achieved (or will achieve) as Rangers. This leads us to Scorpion (Elizabeth Banks) who herself used to be a Ranger but has killed several Rangers instead of making herself ever better.  And here is another clip:
And, last but not least, the "leaving trailer":
What was one of the first things Yoda tells Luke Skywalker? You never concentrated about where you were, just where you wanted to be. We see the same in these kids, and like most of us, but Angel Grove is exactly that: the "grove" where angels are supposed to be made, and some of those angels become power rangers. Trust me, I, too, would much prefer to be somewhere else, doing something else, but this is where faith comes in: that we are, in fact, exactly where we should be, doing what we should be doing; either we are doing it correctly and making a difference, or we're doing it incorrectly, and we're going to be stuck here until we get it right. The choice is ours.
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beware Of the Light: Logan & Racism Against Whites

What's so tragic about the film is that it's so ignorant. Clearly, the real villain is the Transigen company, and because they are a company, the film makers think this is a cute way to strike an anti-Trump punch; because Transigen uses our food and water to poison people, thereby destroying mutants except those they create in their labs, Transigen bares striking resemblance to real-food modifier giant Monsanto, who happens to be a big-time donor to the Clinton Foundation or there is this article where Hillary accepted $325,000 to "coach" Monsanto employees on how to avoid being honest. There is also this article about how Obamas, Clintons and Bushes have pushed for GMOs in our diet, but always had organic food at the White House. In other words, the very  problem Logan wants to vilify and peg at the door of the conservatives, whites and Christians are issues their own candidate championed. They will never admit it though, will they? This isn't something particular to capitalism, this is particular to socialism: when businesses are merely doing something, the government is there to enforce regulations and oversight; when the government is in charge of everything, there is no one to enforce regulations and oversight, because the government isn't going to govern itself or keep up checks and balances, just as we saw during the disastrous eight years of the Obama Administration. politicians give these organizations money when they are in power (like Hillary Clinton and the $600 million missing from the State Department while she was Secretary of State) and then those organizations give a percentage of it back to the politician in the form of a "campaign contribution," like to the Clinton Foundation. That's "cronyism," that's not capitalism. But because they are so quick to blindly follow orders, they don't question anything or do any research, they just open their mouths and swallow whatever is fed them, and they count upon us to do the same.
On an entirely different note, there is a serious philosophical problem with Laura being Logan's "daughter," and the film makers intentionally want to muddy these waters with ambiguous, emotionally charged language (like "father" and "daughter") to intentionally to get their way. A child is a result of the sexual act between a man and a woman, so there is a degree of free will even when the man and woman employ artificial birth control to prevent a pregnancy, there is the understanding that it's never 100% effective. With a "child" being created merely from the DNA of an unknowing "parent" who did not provide their consent, this is an act of "rape," because the DNA owner was not consulted and so an act (not necessarily "the act" but an act to replace "the act") of procreation takes place without the DNA owner's consent or knowledge. We saw a similar instance in Independence Day: Resurgence when a father gave his life for his daughter as Logan does for Laura, and, again, it's meant to symbolize the replacing of the active figure of a capitalist economy (the white heterosexual male) with the socialism of government rule (the passive female principle). There are two minor details of Logan substantiating this: first, Professor X tells Logan a mutant waits for him at "the statue of Liberty," and, indeed, it's at the Liberty Motel which has a Statue of Liberty logo where Logan picks up Laura. The act of picking up an immigrant (because Laura is from a lab in Mexico, so she's crossed the border) and taking her is meant to invoke Ellis Island and the immigrants who arrived there. The track Logan and Laura make to get to North Dakota invokes the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to the free North and today, to "free" Canada where socialists believe a true Eden exists and everything is free because of the socialist policies of the country (there are also echoes of Chief Joseph leading his Nez Perce Indian Tribe to Canada for refuge). The second way we know Laura symbolizes a socialist form of existence is the T-shirt Logan gets her she sees a mannequin wear in the shop window with a rainbow on it. Unfortunately, the rainbow today symbolizes homosexuality (originally a sign from God that He would never destroy humanity with a flood again, and so homosexuals mock God's promise by having it affixed to their public perversions) but also utopia, and Laura's guardian, Gabriella, calling the meeting place "Eden," not only aligns socialism to Eden, but replaces God who created the original Eden and the creator of the original Man and Woman, with the State who created Laura and the other mutants. This is an important point of the narrative, once again, deconstructing itself: the "slavery" invoked by the Underground Railroad was because of the Democratic South refusing to free their slaves and slaves trying to escape to the free north where it was predominantly Republicans who didn't own slaves; in other words, the Democrats blame--as usual nowadays--the Republicans for what the Democrats themselves did. 
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine character, Logan, is old and not regenerating as he once did: men symbolize the economy of a country because men are the "active principle," whereas women symbolize the passive principle, as in the great Western film Shane, and mother being told, "There are no more guns in the valley." But just as Shane tells the young boy that everyone has a brand on them, and that brands stick, the film makers behind Logan want the audience to know they have a brand on them, too: the color of their skin. If they are white, that brand sticks, and they can't escape it, so it's best to just go off and die, like Shane, like Logan. The future is female, as Hillary Clinton announced, and Wolverine's Mexican daughter is headed to Canada.
There isn't an end credits scene to Logan, the way there usually is for Marvel films, but there is a pre-film involving a "little skit" with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds).  I'm glad they put this in, because, inadvertently, this Deadpool sequence validates every single thing I have ever written on this blog. We see his feet in black shoes (symbol of the will, black symbolizes death) walking along a street with a lot of trash on it. A figure wearing a black hoodie pops out earphones and we hear Juice Newton's song, Angel Of the Morning; why? Because in a world where women are happy to have a one-night stand with a man there can't be real super-heroes, and Deadpool isn't a real superhero because the poor guy Deadpool vows to save dies before he can get to him. Since women haven't demanded that men be converted and overcome their bad habits so they are always prepared to answer the call of being a real man, Deadpool has to jump into a phone-booth and literally change out of his clothes and into his Deadpool outfit to fight off this mugger, who kills the the poor man before Deadpool gets out. (All the trash on the street, the darkness and even the poor man being held up, we can see, are a result of women allowing their own personal morality fail so that they aren't any longer angels in the morning because of how they let the dark night of lust overwhelm them and, hence, the whole world). Deadpool wants to "answer the call," symbolized by the phone booth, but Deadpool also mentions that phone booths "disappeared in 1998"; why? Bill Clinton, Mr. Preisdent-Rapist was in charge and men stopped being men and became sex machines. While Deadpool struggles in the phone booth, we hear the white man being mugged by a black man, that he "has worked too hard just to hand it over" to someone who hasn't. If that doesn't describe what has been happening in America, I don't know what does. Again, Deadpool, in his own words, isn't a real superhero, and the guy probably would have been saved if Logan had been there, because Logan didn't have to "change," but Deadpool did (All the trash on the street, the darkness and even the poor man being held up, we can see, are a result of women allowing their own personal morality fail so that they aren't any longer angels in the morning because of how they let the dark night of lust overwhelm them and, hence, the whole world. Deadpool then goes on to use the dead man's body as a head cushion and eat his ice cream, then complaining about brain freeze while this poor man is dead. 
It takes a while to realize that all the people beating up Logan are doing so because Logan deserves it. He can't defend himself, or what is his, anymore because he shouldn't. Logan isn't being poisoned by the adamantium attached to his skeleton, rather, by the poison of guilt because he's white, he's strong, and everyone could always depend upon him to save the day. The very characteristics and virtues which made Wolverine a hero in bygone days, now mark him as a target for the socialist purge and a sacrifice to be made, with tears for sure, but a sacrifice he has to be. And Logan, being a "budding feminist" like Iron Man, is happy to do that.
How does Professor X fare in the film? According to Donald Pierce (Boyd Hollbrook), Professor X's brain is a classified weapon of mass destruction,... why? Professor X is a white man, he's intelligent, and white people who can think can also think for themselves, so Professor X has to die. But there is another reason why Professor X has to die: he requires care. He needs medication--he doesn't like taking, and sometimes doesn't take just so he doesn't have to take it--and he needs someone with him to fix his meals and help him to the bathroom (we see the fight that takes place in the restroom when Logan has to help Professor X get on the toilet) and Professor X has to be loaded and unloaded into the car. This makes him a liability for socialists, they don't like old people because they cost the system without providing anything in return (such as labor in exchange for their medications) and the elderly remember the truth about Democrats, Nazis and socialism and they know what real freedom is and that we all deserve it, so the elderly can't be schooled the way Millennials have been, and brainwashed. Professor X is dangerous because he's smart and loves to teach and care for others (like the little garden he has in his hide-out home). So, like the Mexican nurses caring for the children in the mutant lab, Professor X had to die like them (Laura can "learn to be better" than Logan, but socialists don't want that, they want people to have bad habits and not to "get better" and become better, because then they won't need the State of the System that created them). But there is a third reason: his complaint to Logan when Logan was complaining, Professor X gave him a reality check: stop blaming everyone else for your boring shit. This is what socialists absolutely do NOT want to happen: keep blaming everyone else for EVERYTHING that happens to you, including you being unhappy with the gender you were born with. If you aren't complaining about something, then the State can't find what it is they need to promise you so you will sign your life over to them. Last, but certainly not least, Professor X realizes what real happiness is: your home, your family, the people you love,... the State won't allow any of these things: you don't have a home, IF you have a family, then you have to adhere to the rules laid out by the State (people aren't allowed to hug in China, for example) and because we are just animals, we don't know what love is, we just exist to eat, have sex, work and die once the State is finished with us. So, while the film does a clever little job making it look like it's happy and wants happiness for you and me, too, it's not, it's telling us that if we want those things, we are going to die for them. Remember, it's Professor Charles "X"avier who gives his name to his "children, The X-Men (who were created with his consent) and are examples of excellence in their fields that he helped to nurture to make even better; so X24 is, in a way, as much Professor X's child as Logan's, since the Transigen named X24 after the X-Men. So Professor X dying is also a case of patricide (child killing its own father). What does X24 really symbolize? The film makers would like for us to think it symbolizes ultimate capitalism, a free market without a soul, however, that actually exists, and it's the Hong Kong capitalist economy, ranked as the freest in the world even with the regulations that have been imposed. So, once more, we can say that the fears of the film makers--that a "soul-less" economy will start killing the elderly (Professor X) and kidnap the children (Laura) and be used as a weapon--isn't capitalism, it's socialism, because we know socialist societies do not value their elderly citizens, they believe the State should be in charge of raising children (and they should be viewed as "units" and future citizens, not as individuals) and that resources should be used to reward good citizens and punish bad citizens, so, the picture painted by the film makers is of socialism, not capitalism, as they intended. 
It's important that we detail exactly how this happens: as stated above, men of child-bearing age (and even though Logan is hundreds of years old, his DNA spawned Laura, the young mutant, so he's a father of a young girl so this still counts towards him) symbolize the economy; like capitalism always rejuvenating itself, so, too has Logan with his mutant abilities (this was clearly the basis of the last Wolverine film). The adamantine which was artificially adhered to his skeleton to make him indestructible is now, according to the film, causing him to be poisoned from within. We have to look at the symbolism here, and how the sub-text reads is, that because Wolverine has been so strong, so great, so indestructible, that has poisoned him, so he has to die. If that doesn't seem like very sound reasoning, it's because, it's not sound reasoning. According to this line of thought, capitalism is what is old because it's not "healing" the way it once did (remember, this was made before the election and the record Stock Market climbs past 20,000 for the first time in history) and that ability, anyway, makes people mad (like socialists) and so because of that, it needs to die, i.e., in the guise of Logan. But what about  X24?
Calaban, the albino mutant (on the right) who takes care of Professor X while Logan works, is perhaps the most tragic figure of the story: he's me. I am a white female, and Calaban's albinoism is meant to reflect white audience members watching the film. He can't be in the sunlight because it burns his skin, so his mother told him, 'Beware of the light," so he wouldn't get burned, and that's ultimately the message the film has for viewers who, like myself, are white: beware of the light, stay inside, don't come outside, or you are going to get hurt (mugged like the white man at the very start of the film that Deadpool didn't save). What happens to Caliban? He blows himself up with grenades, because this is what whites are supposed to start doing now: suicide. Do the rest of the world a favor and kill yourself, because no one likes you and no one wants you around. This is, of course, the message from the Liberals; why target white people? One, white people are the "dominant power holders" in Western society, and their radical Marxist textbooks teach them to target the dominant power holders in every society and isolate them and erase any possibility of anyone having sympathy for them. This is the only way to destroy them and take everything they have. So, when we see Caliban dressed as he is above, with the scarf over his face and wearing the hat and the poncho, the film makers want to tell white people that we are the bandits, not the Mexicans who break the laws, but we are the criminals and we better go into hiding and beware the light. Remember, we also see this in The Magnificent Seven with all the white cowboys die and only the minorities live: it's the same genocide, and just because some black people think it's "justice," certainly doesn't make it just and certainly doesn't make it right.
This might be confusing, but "X23" is what the "daughter" of Logan, Laura, was being called; X24 is actually,... one might say, Logan's twin brother Logan's DNA gave birth to, so both his brother and his son (China Town, anyone?). X24 is supposedly the "perfect weapon" because it's Logan without a soul to decide what is right or wrong, X24 just takes orders,... wait a minute,.... there's a problem. It's the socialists who don't believe in the soul, because to have a soul, you have to have God to give that soul ( a soul can't come from nothing) and socialists firmly disavow God and insist we are animals, not humans with souls. This leads us to the terrible,... "complication" of the ending.
This is one of the moments the film deconstructs: Laura has never been outside of the lab where she was created, so the System provided for all her needs and so she doesn't understand what "paying" is. She takes what she wants. When Logan comes in and stops her from beating up the poor attendant standing in the background, Logan tells her, "You can't just take whatever it is you want," then Logan asks the guy if he sells cell phone chargers and the guy motions to where they are, and Logan grabs one, some cigars and walks about with Laura, without paying. In a socialist system, we wouldn't pay, and socialists want us to believe that paying for something is evil (consider the kids not wanting to have to buy their own condoms in Project X and the way money was used in Bridge Of Spies: the Soviets used the nickle to pass microfilm, and the US used the silver dollar to bite down on and commit suicide if caught, because "money is evil and the root of spy games"; there is also the issue of payment in Logan, and Gabriella offering to pay Logan to take her and Laura to Eden, then Rictor offering Logan the money Gabriella offered him and Logan feeling like he had to refuse it and Laura not being impressed with Logan for not taking it) because paying for something is taking responsibility for it and for yourself. So Laura doesn't know to pay for the food, but this is the same food Transigen manufactured to eliminate mutants, which is what Laura is. Transigen also created that food to make a profit--us paying them to kill us--and instead their mutant isn't paying for it because they didn't teach her how to take responsibility for herself because they didn't want that in her or the others.
So, Wolverine dies, and X24 "crucifies" him on this stump and it does work because Wolverine has knowingly sacrificed himself for the kids to help them get to safety across the border (please see notes in caption above for more). After the kids bury Logan, and they have made a cross for his grave site, Laura shifts the cross so that, instead, it makes an "X" for X-Men,... or does it? A swastika, after all, is a bent cross, much like the turned cross of the "X" which Laura makes for Logan before running off to socialist Canada. Laura knows, then, the truth of the forces that created her, and Logan, but there is something just as sinister for Christians.
Mr Munson and his family is quite lovely, and it's so regrettable that white people bullied him later in the film, making it look like all white people are racist bullies, like KKK without the sheets, but the film wanted to do that to brainwash black film viewers into seeing racism everywhere. Why does Munson die? His son, Nate, tells Laura when she sees his trophies from racing and riding horses that he's not very good at it (all of his trophies are second and third place) but his father makes him do it anyway,.... it's very typical and common, in American society today, for parents to "force" their kids to participate in an activity, such as a sport, dance, game, or some activity which will help them socialize, develop their skills and focus on what gifts they have and what they want to do with their life. This is why Will Munson dies, he forced his son to participate in an activity. Socialists don't want anyone to be good at anything: everyone has to be equal in everything, which is why socialists/liberals are so good at ignoring reality, they are training to ignore reality even more, because that is what has to happen in a socialist society. 
Johnny Cash's song When the Man Comes Around, about the Final Judgment, plays during the credits, as if a warning to Christians that, if they don't become socialists, they will be judged and sent to hell. Sadly, I think this is the start of the turn of Marvel Studios, and rather than just Logan suffering from this asinine and willfully ignorant understanding of history and the future, all the future Marvel films will shove the same propaganda down our throats as Logan.
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner
So, the torch of the economy passes from the male-active principle that we have seen in Logan, to the child, female and passive principle we see in Laura. Socialists, of course, will far prefer the youthful, Hispanic hand of the female to the "toxic" masculinity and violence of the old man, and we are supposed to be trained to prefer the same.