Friday, February 24, 2017

Satanic Invocations Against Trump: #MagicResistance& #BindTrmup

This is the actual "invitation" and announcement which is spreading on Twitter and other socials inviting people to take part in the "binding spell." What's a "binding spell?" Well, a "spell" makes it sound like you are using your own power to do something, you are not relying upon power or forces outside of yourself, but in fact, a spell is a prayer to Satan to do something for you, and both Satan and God require us to do something in exchange for things we want. When we ask God for something, He requires us to advance in holiness so we will spend eternity with Him; when Satan does something for us, it's to draw us away from God so we take on vices and bind ourselves to Satan eternally,... we sell our soulsAccording to this report at (yes, the fashion magazine for women), a "binding spell" isn't meant to harm Trump or his supporters, "we're just trying to stop the harm they're doing." What "harm" is that? Stopping the spread of Satanism and immorality! They know they have to stop Trump and all those supporting him because those same people do not support the evil being spread by the Left. But this is how bad the situation is: the same article goes on to articulate that a binding spell is "not the equivalent of punching a Nazi in the face, it's the equivalent of tying him up and taking his bullhorn away." How many people are going to fall for that? A lot. But just because you ask Satan to "only" stop Trump from suspending equal rights for those who have revolted against God's authorship in their lives, like homosexuals and transgenders, doesn't mean Satan will only "bind Trump" and nothing else, that's a hook for more innocent-minded victims who are actually going to think they are doing something good for society, but, again, in invoking Satan's help in this ritual, have bound themselves to Satan rather than binding Trump. In other words, their malevolence against Trump and his supporters will be turned back onto themselves.
On a different note, when the film Independence Day: Resurgence came out, I noted how there appeared to be Satanic references in the film and linking to other films in the same way; then the "After School Satan" program began and now we have a public call for a nation-wide black mass. I bet Hillary Clinton will participate. 
We were warned.
Tonight, Friday, February 24, 2017, there will actually be a global Satanic black mass to bind President Donald Trump and "all those who abet him," which would include someone like myself, and possibly yourself as well. Not only is it a terrifying realization that evil has become so strong, it can make a move like this in broad daylight, and on a global scale, but what is also terrifying is the likely number of people to participate thinking they are doing society a good, when, in fact, they are hurting themselves, eternally. By using the hashtag campaign #MagicResistance, the evil-powers-that-be are using the Harry Potter phenomena to make people think they will be like Harry Potter in using "good magic" to stop Trump and others. The Left has successfully kept liberals and future liberals from thinking and being able to think, which has lead to indoctrinating their followers into believing that Trump is a "new Hitler" and those who voted for him Nazis. This is one more powerful example of how the Left has successfully taken what they themselves did (Hitler was a socialist and so was the Nazi party, which is German for "people's socialist party"). What those who might not otherwise participate in such a "ceremony" don't realize is, this isn't "magic," this is Satanic power, and by opening up themselves to participate in this ceremony, they aren't going to hurt Trump or any of his supporters; rather, they are going to hurt themselves because they are opening themselves up to demonic influence and even possession.
Even though they want you to believe you are "self-exorcising" yourself, you're not, because the feather which is a part of the ritual, is meant to renounce the power of the Holy Spirit upon you; the candle light is meant to extinguish your ability to see the light of Truth and the Tarot card is meant to be a portal for demons to enter through. A Tarot card is the same as a Ouija board, it "invites" demons to enter the world and, specifically, through you. A person "exorcises" the Holy Trinity from their soul in a ritual like this so the demons will feel at home and won't be harassed by God and so they can take over your soul. I know some people will argue that they know someone who uses Tarot cards, and that person isn't "possessed," but just because they aren't vomiting green liquid, or crawling on the ceiling, doesn't mean they aren't possessed; the great tragedy on the Day of Judgement will be people realizing for how little they were willing to sell their souls. What do we do? Pray. If your church is having a service to counter these spells--I hope they all will! Mention this to your priest/pastor to make sure they know about it--go to the service with your family/friends and pray. If no service, at least pray three Our Fathers: one for President Trump, his family and administration, that they will be protected; the second Our Father for yourself and loved ones, so that you will be protected (God wants us to recommend ourselves to Him as an act of humility) and then pray the third Our Father for all those participating in this terrible black mass: both for those who know they are leading souls to Satan, and those who have no idea what they are doing. Remember, it was St. Michael who cast Satan into hell, and St Michael is "only" an archangel, the second-lowest in the angelic hierarchy, because the greatest demon in hell is no match for even the lowliest strength of heaven.
Here's an extended quote from the article:

However, even for those who don't, the ritual can have meaning. Witches have gathered to create spells for social justice before, whether it was to hex convicted rapist Brock Turner or exorcise the Pentagon. "My feeling was people were feeling so helpless in the face of all this," said Hughes, who sees the ritual, as much as anything, as a self-exorcism. "So many of us are overwhelmed by this guy's face, this energy―it's ever present and beating a lot of us down. I see this as a way of people reclaiming their own's not just that we can stop him, but we can expunge him from ourselves."

Hughes also says that all are welcome, even those highly skeptical of magic. "The real intention is just to get the energy focused at the same time, as many people as possible," he says. People can participate in their own religious rituals, or even perform this as a joke or an art project. "No matter how you approach it, it's still great to be part of it." Plus, we're sure you have some candles lying around.

These evil people have pledged to do this every month until "Trump is stopped," so please, pray for the president, his cabinet, and anyone being targeted by this black mass, but also pray for all those participating in it, because they are being fooled by Satan, just like the children of Israel was fooled into crucifying Christ, that they would save themselves, when they are condemning themselves. Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.
According to this article, singers Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey are supporting the use of witchcraft against President Trump. In an update to the role Lana Del Rey is taking to get rid of the US President, she supposedly used her social media accounts to encourage her followers to gather certain "ingredients" so she could put a hex on Trump. Of course, this is also the girl who complained that she slept with a lot of men in the music industry but none of them helped her get a record deal.
Since various occult groups have vowed to do their "ritual" on a monthly basis until Trump is removed from power, I will keep updating this article with links and news:

From the New York Post: Witches Around the World Uniting

This article from the Daily Mail UK continues the coverage and how witch Lana Del Rey will join the spell.

Membership to Satanic Temple Skyrocketing

Spells Will Only Harm Those Casting Them, Not Trump

This article below is slightly different, as it details Katy Perry wanting to buy a convent and the nuns refusing because of her association with witchcraft, but it does link up with celebs and their willingness to worship Satan:
The poster "invitation" to Clemson University's lamb sacrifice.
Clemson University students are protesting a new chapel being built upon campus grounds with a Bible-burning event and a lamb sacrifice; where is PETA when they are actually needed?
One of the creepy-as-hell practitioners of Satanism who will be going to public schools and teaching your kids that Satan is cool. Click here for my original post and interpretation of the Satan After School logo.
Do you remember the After School Satan club that the Satanic Temple wanted to start? They get tax-exempt status in ten days; if this isn't spreading Satanism, I don't know what is.

If you hoped the #MagicResistance and #BindTrump movement had lost resistance power, we were all wrong: not only is the next one getting just as much publicity, but also the next crescent moons on April 24 and May 23.

At this link, a group of protesters dressed as "typical" witches, demonstrating that they would rather espouse Satan than live with Trump as president.
So, on May 23, 2017, just prior to the next "binding spell," a writer for the LA Times said this in her article:

I heard about the incantation from the Oracle of Los Angeles. I’m on her email list and the subject line “Bind Trump, not your breasts” caught my eye. The binding-spell movement started with an article on Medium posted by Michael M. Hughes, a writer and magician. I don’t believe in the devil, but I do believe our country has gone to hell, and I am willing to try anything to save us.

But before I lighted my candles, I researched binding spells. I didn’t want to send bad vibes into the universe. There is enough evil in Washington already: Stephen K. Bannon, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions. The dark and terrifying have risen.

Then, she goes on to say this about her internet research into "binding spells" and what she found:

Another article from the National Catholic Register quoted Father Vincent Lampert, the designated exorcist for the archdiocese of Indianapolis. “Spells have power,” he said, but only on the spiritually weak. Could there be anybody more spiritually challenged than Donald Trump? If the Catholics were worried about this spell, there had to be something to it.

The "spiritually weak" Father Lampert speaks of are people just like Diana Wagman, the author of this article: people who don't have firm faith in God, people who want their way, and not God's way, and people who will, therefore, fall for anything to try and get what they want because, as we have been saying, these are the people who believe in participation trophies, not reality. You can read her full article, full of intense self-contradictions and convenient half-truths, here.
Gala Darling's Instagram account is everything the modern witch needs to be successful: it's pretty, it's feminist, and it's a bustling social media outlet. There is nothing about "witchiness" that most of us would link to Satanic activity, and that's precisely why it's so successful: it's all a big lie too many are happy to buy into.
This article from The Daily Beast, documents the rise of modern witches and how it's specifically related to feminism and "self-love," which isn't really self-love, because if you are enslaving someone else by your actions, then it's not love at all, it's selfishness. But the article intentionally aligns the modern feminist movement with the rise in witchcraft, which I completely agree with: feminists serve the devil, not God, because feminism is about the "self" whereas Christianity is always about the "Other," both the "Divine Other" (God) and the "other" of humanity; when there is only the "self," the equation of real love fails to work out because it's by our service to God through others that we come to know ourselves in our most genuine and sincere form, and thereby come to love God, accept God's love for us, and love our neighbors. Feminism and witchcraft care nothing about any of these things.
In the town of Belle Plain, Minnesota, a "free speech zone" had to be created under threat of a lawsuit from members of The Satanic Temple out of Massachusetts, because of the "offensive" monument in the Belle Plains Veterans' Park at the top. To appease the Satanists from Massachusetts, the Belle Plain city council agreed to install the monument to Satan (bottom image) in the park as well. The work is finished but has not yet been installed. It's being labeled as the first Satanic monument on public grounds (the Satanic statue of Baphomet in Detroit, also sponsored by The Satanic Temple,had a public unveiling, but technically is not on public grounds). 
Again, this is an on-going article and will be updated as further news develops; please say a prayer for our president, his cabinet and family, that they, and all the supporters, will be protected from the effects of this spell. Pray also for those participating in this terrible "ritual," because the organizers of this ritual don't really intend to harm the president (because they know they can't, Satan's power isn't strong enough), it's meant to lure in weak people who have no faith and no moral standing into a satanic pact and open themselves up to demons; of course, that's not what the people casting this spell think, but that's what is going to be used for.
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