Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oscars 2017

Have you ever wondered why they give an award of a naked man as THE top honor in Hollywood? I have, because that's the kind of thing I do. I'm certainly not sure, but it seems to me that standing completely naked in front of a vast audience is probably the most terrifying thing there is to most people, but something routinely called upon for actors to do (not only being naked in front of stage hands at the time of filming and editing, but then also the audience, every single time anyone watches it). We know that gold doesn't tarnish and it symbolizes dignity: so we basically have a message that, if you totally throw your dignity out the window anytime we demand it, we will give you this little golden idol to replace the inherent dignity you were born with, but sold for this little statue.  What's ultimately so frustrating about Hollywood is that it is the ultimate capitalist venture, and for the elites of Hollywood to turn the movie machine into an indoctrination machine was utterly brilliant, and I despise them for it.
There really is no reason to discuss this year's Oscars, just as there was no reason to discuss last year's, or the year before last. I know I'm not the only one filled with dread over the Oscars and politics, as this poll shows 66% of those who voted for Trump will turn off the TV if the show begins talking about politics. We know it's going to be massively political--as it always has been, but has reached unbearable proportions now--and there is no reason to "support" actors who only received their nominations because they are liberals. Again, I'm not the only one who has shut-out a lot of Hollywood brainwashing: 60% of Americans can't name one nominee for Best Picture, (I wonder how many can name one but not two?) a trend which has been developing for a number of years now as Hollywood elitism has grown and alienated film fans from the world's biggest awards-show-spectacle.
It's a common complaint among film fans that actors performing spectacular roles in big-budget films never get nominated for an award, and the film itself certainly doesn't, unless it's merely a neutral nod to some technical category, sound editing, for example. In other words, if a film made a lot of money, it's not going to get any Oscar gold. Why? Snobbery. First, there is a exceedingly limited number of roles in franchise films: how many Captain Americas can there be, after all? Given that, the Academy punishes actors for taking the very roles which makes Hollywood money and keeps them all in the lap of luxury. This is where the "hunger" to earn an Oscar comes from, the desire to be "taken seriously" in Hollywood and "be respected" by your peers, so that you aren't slavishly doing what the fans want you to do, instead, you are slavishly doing what people who don't respect you want you to do. So these bully techniques, of which we are all so familiar, are meant to establish power over actors and make them desperate to get into a "clique" of the "cool kids" in Hollywood. The other reason big budget films don't get acting awards is because those films are usually "morally mainstream," and Hollywood wants to control the "media darlings" by writing a new morality, one the people in general won't accept, but they will start to follow their favorite actors down that path because, as everyone in Hollywood knows, "fans" don't have any will or brains of their own; tell them what to think, tell them what to feel, tell them how to behave and--because you are a celebrity--they will do your bidding. And, by the way, I don't think Jared Leto deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of The Joker in Suicide Squad, although I think he did do a great job, this was just a commonly cited example of an "Oscar snub."
I did, however, find this article incredibly interesting: a reporter sat down with an Academy Awards member casting her ballot and went over why she voted the way she did and it was rather interesting. But that's about all, and I'm certainly not going to wast anymore time writing about the indoctrination-machine of Soros and the Left (what really did it for me, to be honest, was when Michelle Obama presented Argo with the award for Best Picture; if that wasn't blatant politicism, I don't know what is).
I hate being such a "Debbie-downer," so I like to end on some kind of positive note, so here it is: Mystery Science Theater 3000 is returning! The Netflix premiere date is set for April 14. No news yet on what the line-up will be, but Joel Hodgson is running the show, so we can be confident it will be as bad as ever, hooray!
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