Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Opening This Weekend

The Season Finale to Sherlock, The Final Problem, was far more than I imagined and I absolutely could NOT have been happier with it! Opening this week is both Split, starring James McAvoy, and Vin Diesel's xXx: Return Of Xander Cage, along with Micheal Keaton's "biography" about the founder of McDonald's, The Founder. I think BOTH Split and xXx are going to be good, solid, pro-capitalist films, with The Founder being a typical anti-capitalist film, being released just after the inauguration of one of the greatest capitalists of all-time, Donald Trump (I cannot believe he is really the president, I am so excited, and so grateful! HOORAY!). I don't know if I am going to have any time this weekend to make it to the theater, so I am going to focus, instead, on getting the post for Sherlock The Final Problem up. Wow, that was an incredible episode!  In the meantime, it would be worth your while--just to keep abreast of the cultural battlefields in the US--to read this article about colleges offering "safe spaces" to discuss toxic masculinity." What is "toxic masculinity?" Personal responsibility. Self-sufficiency. Being the head of one's household and family. Having a job. Doing what you do, because you enjoy doing it, not because you have been bullied into liking My Little Ponies by a pack of Nazi-Fems to show you are in touch with something they shout about called "your feminine side." Why does it have to be done in a "safe space?" Because a "safe space" is a designated area (but anywhere a lib is they are going to make a "safe space") where Liberals are "safe" from the truth and having to face reality.
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner