Monday, December 5, 2016

TRAILERS: The Mummy & Entitlement

PLEASE WATCH THE TRAILER BEFORE READING THIS NOTE. Thank you. Isn't it bizarre that an ancient mummy sarcophagus, securely tied to the loading area of a cargo ship, serves as the introductory, main image for the huge trailer release? No, it makes perfect sense. Why? Because the plane crashing is happening on November 4 (trailer 0:41),... still doesn't make sense? Ok, each of the people on the cargo plane is a minority (except Tom Cruise and the main pilot who signals in the SOS which is important). The passengers are black and Hispanic, and of course Annabelle Wallis is female and so, because there is a member of the royal class (the princess) on board this plane, the plane is now transformed into a "ship of state," a vehicle over which the princess is going to govern by seizing control of the plane from the white male pilot, through the attack of her black birds of death,. aka in America as "liberal trolls," who crash the plane. So, when Tom Cruise sees the mass of black birds--a symbol of death--he says, "What the hell?" when he should be stating, "That's from hell," because it is. Who is the princess (symbolically)? Hillary Clinton and the black birds are her followers marching and protesting and trolling. In the trailer, tt's November 4, just days before the US Presidential Election, and the liberals are going to hijack the election to insure their candidate wins and the control is taken from the white men (Cruise and the pilot). 
The first full trailer for Tom Cruise's The Mummy has finally dropped and I am extremely pleased. The Mummy marks the second of Universal Films' resurrection of their classic "monster universe" they have been working on, which began with Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans. (Tom Cruise's The Mummy has nothing at all to do with The Mummy films starring Brandon Fraser).
Usually, people don't have two sets of pupils, so, the question is, why does she? The eyes, as we see below in the image, are on the yellow side; yellow usually denotes kingship (she's a princess, this fits within the tradition of royalty) because yellow is the color of gold, and gold is the only gift fit for royalty; yellow symbolizes cowardice when the king (or other royal member) should be the bravest of the brave, but instead they are not brave, Why are they implying "royalty" with her eye color, isn't just telling us she is a princess sufficient? This is why symbols are so important: it's not just that her social class was that of royalty, but she was called to be "royal" in all aspects of her life, including the area of self-sacrifice, rather than having others sacrifice themselves for her. Yellow/gold communicates dignity, inherent dignity which we all have, whether we our social status is royal or not; so, why two sets of yellow pupils? It suggests that she sees her dignity as being greater than what it actually is and the other set of pupils denoting that she sees the dignity of others as  being less than what they are. This interpretation could change, but it's probably a good starting point for us.
Why would, "I think better of myself than what I am, and I think lesser of you than what you are," be important with a villain? Tyranny. Isn't the "populist uprising" across Western civilization about the people taking back power from their tyrannical world leaders who think too well of themselves, and too little of the people they work for and represent? We also know that eyes are the windows of the soul, because the body "houses" the soul the way a home houses the body, so what does the yellow eyes say about her soul? She's animal rather than human. Those who deny the soul cease to live with the dignity of those with the eternal within them, and they instead live as the animals live, by the appetites. On her sarcophagus, the area around the head resembles the hood of a cobra because that's probably what people thought of her: a poisonous viper who attacked everyone and was better off dead. This now puts us in a position to interpret her sarcophagus with its gaping mouth and wide, hollow eyes. The mouth, of course, symbolizes the appetites, so she has lived by her appetites (this is re-enforced by the "animal markings" on her skin which suddenly appear as her pupils double) and that which she called "her destiny" isn't really her destiny, rather, it was her greed or lust for something--like total rule, for example--that was denied her that she still wants, like Lex Luthor of Superman. Her hollow, wide eyes symbolize the hollowness of her own soul and being, and validate that, whoever "took away" her destiny from her, did so with very good reason, and with total justification because she was such a bad person. Now, any of the things which we have just said about Princess Amunet can also be said of Hillary Clinton. It's important to note that Annabelle Wallis' character (the woman in the plane) wears glasses: that glasses signifies that she is much more careful in what she sees and how she sees it, as well as what she listens to (the earphones she wears). 
We learn from Dr. Henry Jeckyll (Russell Crowe) that she is Princess Amunet, and Amunet means "the hidden one" and while this had specific meanings in ancient Egypt, in modern America, it means a group of people who don't get to share in political power, i.e., the minorities who are the "hidden" ones in society. There is another interesting detail regarding her sarcophagus: if you notice at 0:20 (as the crew lifts up the sarcophagus and we see the backside of it from underneath) and again at 2:05 (when we see Amunet's back), it looks like surgery has been done on Amunet's spinal cord, and it was commemorated forever in her sarcophagus, that is, the scar from the surgery--or whatever bizarre ritual it might have been--is also on the back of the sarcophagus, reflecting Amunet's own body. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but it's a significant detail and one that we will need to pay attention to, as it will undoubtedly play out in the narrative.
After introducing Princess Amunet, Dr. Jeckyll says, "She will claim what she has been denied," and this is the perfect summary thesis of the "entitlement culture," especially here in America. Heretofore, the film which has best done this is, by far, Don't Breathe, because entitlement has become such a sad feature of America that the liberals have candidates that run on nothing but that: you are entitled to have this, and I am going to get it for you (but they don't because the candidates, as we all know, are really only interested in getting what they think they personally are entitled to). So, The Mummy comes out next summer, but we can be sure that Princess Amunet is a Hillary Clinton figure, and just as the political right will continue putting out anti-socialist films, we can also be quite certain that, having lost political power throughout the entire country, the political left will ramp up its efforts to tell us how stupid we are for throwing them out.
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