Friday, December 23, 2016

Robotic Questions: Passengers & Socialist Utopias

The company which made the Avalon spaceship looks really bad in the film, and the film takes several opportunities to make the business look bad, as well as those of us who had ancestors who immigrated her from other countries. Basically, if you are an American, you are an idiot. The is a hologram of a flight attendant who congratulates the people aboard (Pratt's character is the only one there, though) for leaving earth because it was overpopulated, over-polluted and overpriced. There was also a scene which was "quoting" The Magnificent Seven, another pro-socialist Chris Pratt film.
Complete socialist drivel.
I am so angry about this film because I have been lied to. There was information in the trailer which was NOT in the film, like, "The ship was meant to fail," and that's important. There are spoilers ahead, but please, don't bother wasting your time or money on this: if you have seen Groundhog Day, if you have seen The Shining, Cast Away and The Martian, you have seen Passengers (there as a scene "stolen" from Swiss Family Robinson, too). This isn't about a genre film where the story line is the same, or even "copying" a scene to invoke another film; this is about "lifting" scenes from other movies because you can't tell your own story, you have to re-write the stories others have written about you.
So, in the roughly 80 years that Aurora and Jim live together on board, they don't have a child, not a single one, who lives on after them, but they did grow a massive garden, because to socialists, the environment is far more important than overpopulating the ship.The purpose of the film is to re-write Ridley Scott's The Martian, where Matt Damon's character is accidentally stranded on Mars, and manages to survive until he can be rescued; Passengers, which is a denial of free will in the last scene that we see (Aurora's voice over from her book at the end) wants us to believe that we aren't strong enough to survive by ourselves, we are dependent upon others, upon the "government" (the ship's resources, the "ship of state") and that, we, as Americans, just need to "go to sleep" while Obama and Hillary enact socialism, and when we wake up, it's going to be great. Chris Pratt walking down the hallway, fresh out of the shower, with his naked behind showing, was taken from The Martian when Damon's character, emaciated from his extreme rationing, is shown in the same posture; there isn't a comparison between the two films, however, because The Martian wants us to understand how great humans are, how strong we are and how we can inspire others through our courage and resilience; Passengers wants you to believe that you are weak and, if life isn't worth living, pull someone else down with you to drown. 
My biggest complaint is this: Jim (Chris Pratt) wakes up because of a malfunction which causes his pod to open; after being on the ship alone for a year, he becomes suicidal and decides to wake up Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) and tell her she had a malfunction, which she believes; they fall in love, then she realizes the truth, that he "murdered her" intentionally by waking her up 90 years too soon. Then, Jim dies saving the ship, so she has him resuscitated so she isn't alone on the ship by herself. What's wrong with this? Instead of Aurora "forgiving" Jim, she minimizes what he did wrong (waking her up too soon) by doing it herself to him. In other words, his appetite for human interaction is justified because her appetite for human interaction is justified, they don't "grow" and say, "What you did was wrong, but I am going to be a better person and forgive you, even though I could hold a grudge. I will forgive you." That doesn't happen. Why? Because socialists don't believe in Love, and they don't believe in Love because they don't believe in God. Why not? Because God is the Law, too, and none of them want to be held accountable to the Law so they just pretend it doesn't exist. This is so disappointing.
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Monday, December 19, 2016

TRAILERS: John Wick Chapter 2, #2; Blade Runner Teaser, Pirates Of the Caribbean News

Some surprise news for everyone regarding Pirates Of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Keira Knightley secretly filmed scenes over the summer to revive her role as Elizabeth Swann. Beatles member Paul McCartney is also listed as being among the cast, but no word yet on his role. There is a bit more information on the story line: Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) leads his ghostly pirates out of the Devil's Triangle to kill every pirate at sea, including Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). In order to save himself, Jack must find the Trident of Poseidon to have complete control over the seas. The film comes out May 26, just at the start of the 2017 summer season. On another note, Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend Of the Sword has been moved up to Mother's Day weekend, May 12, a sign of it's competitive power against other films opening that lucrative weekend, which increases the odds that the film will indeed become the first in (at least) a trilogy based on King Arthur and his life.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was amazing! I am nearly done with the post, really, I just have to finish up the captions. Please, if you haven't seen it, do NOT read the post, as there are spoilers and really, truly, you need to see it before someone gives it away to you. This week, several big films are opening, including Passengers (Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt), which I expect will be very good, Sing, the animated film about the theater holding a singing competition, which I have been looking forward to for months; Mark Wahlberg's Patriot's Day, about the Boston Marathon bombing opens as well (we know that will be good) and Assassins' Creed with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. I am going to try and see all these films, but don't count on it; I need a break and grandma's sick, but I do want to see all four of them. I will be posting over the Christmas break, so if you have down time, check in and you will surely find a new post waiting for you. So, the second trailer for John Wick Chapter 2 has arrived, and yea, this is going to be really good:
A teaser trailer for Blade Runner has landed, but no word on when the official, bull-length trailer comes out; it's been a really long time since I've seen Blade Runner, so I have to re-watch it before making any comments, but Ridley Scott has not disappointed, and I don't expect him to start now:
Yea, there's a lot to discuss in that short teaser, but we'll at least wait until the full trailer comes out. Underworld Blood Wars comes out soon (and I am too lazy to look up when) and I have been unsure about it, but I had to watch a clip a week ago that I think gives it away: Selene has to go up north to find answers, and in this new clip, it was called the "Nordic Coven," which suggests the Nordic countries, which are largely socialist. I could be wrong, I will always admit when I am wrong, but I think that's a significant clue. Here is a different clip that gives us pretty much the entire plot:
Just because Donald Trump won, and populist movements around the world are also winning, does not mean we are going to see the end of the battle of socialism vs capitalism; why not? For at least two reasons. First, it takes about two years to get a film made, so the films coming out in 2017 were just beginning to be made in 2015; some of those films, like Magnificent 7 knew Trump was running for president, other films didn't, but still have to push socialism, which leads to the second point. Hollywood and the Left have too much invested to stop now, especially with so much of their power gone, so the only weapon they really have left, besides the "shadow government" Obama is going to set up, is cinema and music, as well as the celebrities they can control, so the narratives are likely to become even stronger in terms of socialist or capitalist.  Here is a perfect example:
This is wealth re-distribution. Just as Democrats and the Left have tried to change the electoral college to make it fit what they want, so these men in the film are willing to change the law (rob a bank and feel morally justified doing it) to avenge themselves and what they think is right. We saw this in The Tower, with Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick and Eddie Murphy robbing Alan Alda's character. Here is the second trailer for Alec Baldwin's The Boss Baby, and if this doesn't reek of socialists interpreting capitalism, I don't know what does:
The Boss Baby and Going Out In Style looks fun and silly compared to what we are going to see in the next trailer.
What's going on in this bizarre trailer? Katherine Heigl's character is being framed as "obsessive" and "crazy" for wanting to keep what she feels is hers; why? Because it's a sly propaganda piece that all white people who want to "keep what belongs to them" are crazy and it never belonged to them anyway. Don't believe me? The non-white snowflakes at MTV came up with resolutions for "white guys" for 2017, because 2016 was so bad.White people are being forced out because they are whiteThe University of Wisconsin Madison is offering a class on "The Problem Of Whiteness" so students can better address the inherent problem of white supremacy. Bill Clinton just gave an informal interview saying that Trump doesn't know anything, "Except how to get angry white men to vote for him." This isn't going away, this isn't going to be healed, at least not anytime soon because if the Left doesn't keep insisting that white people are what is wrong with this country, they will be utterly irrelevant, which is their greatest fear. Watch this terrible trailer for War For the Planet Of the Apes, which insists that animals are better than people:
I don't like to end posts on a negative note, so let's end with this brave, inspiring trailer for Alone In Berlin because, ultimately, this is what each and everyone of us has to do, TELL THE TRUTH:
This beautiful trailer was just released for Patiot's Day:
I am nearly done with Rogue One and will get that up asap!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

TRAILERS: Dunkirk, Despicable Me 3, The Wall, Patriot's Day, Transformers 5, Spider Man, Guardians Of the Galaxy

The Hollywood artist Sabo is known for taking popular Hollywood culture (i.e., liberal propaganda) and giving it a conservative twist. In this image, Sabo has taken the posters for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and replaced the title with "Rogue Won" and the image of Jen Erso (Felicity Jones) with Donald Trump, suggesting that Trump's victory against Hillary Clinton (also pictured on the poster where Darth Vader is on the original) is akin to Erso defeating the Death Star and Imperial Force. Along with Trump on the poster are people who "helped" win Trump the election, including Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. 
Opening this week is the highly anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that could shatter box office records this week. I don't know for sure, however, looking at the seriously mixed-bag of reviews, it looks like the liberal critics hate it, and the (relatively more so) conservative critics love it; one critic who loved it said it was the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back, so I am expecting to see a very good movie when I go Friday afternoon. Here is one of the latest trailers from the film:
This is going to be a super quick post, I'm not going into details on these trailers, but there have been so many that have come out, we need to get caught up (I am nearly done with a post, but I keep getting lost in details so that's why it's not up; sorry). Released just today is the second trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, and I can hardly wait!
As amazing as that trailer looks, it is depressing. This second trailer for Fist Fight should make you smile:
I think this is actually going to be a pro-socialist film: it's better for kids to dis-respect school and have no sense of personal responsibility or consequences of their actions rather than to beat up on the nice, wuss. I could be wrong, but I think Ice Cube, being a Republican, has been cast as the villain in this film; it should at least be funny, though. The first trailer for Despicable Me 3 should perk you right up, too:
I said I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm going to say something: why a villain from the 1980s? Because the Liberal Left has villified everything Americans like myself loved about the 1980s; no, not the shoulder pads or Rubics' Cubes or music, but Ronald Reagan. By making the 1980s seem idiotic, the Left has tried brought out everything about the 1980s to cloud over the glory of the Reagan Administration, and so the Bratt villain we see in the trailer is a sign of the Left's propaganda about that time in American history. Speaking of re-writing history, I have been fairly confident regarding the direction which the upcoming Assassins' Creed is going to take; this third trailer that has been released has made me cast some doubt on that:
What I think is going to happen is that "any impulse towards independence or rebellion is going to be crushed" is the way the Left wants the Right to be interpreted, that is, Trump is the one who wants to cruse individuality and personal liberties, and by twisting the history of the Church and Christian teachings, the Right and the Church is going to be made to be villains. I could be very wrong about this, and I will readily admit it if I am, but I have uneasy feelings about this film. This next film, The Wall, looks amazing:
We could really dive deep into this trailer, but we are going to move on for the moment. I don't get a chance to promote TV shows very often, but this looks particularly good:
Here is the second trailer for Patriots' Day, about the Boston Marathon bombing:
Speaking of Mark Wahlberg, here is the first amazing trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight; please listen carefully to the amazing monologue delivered by Anthony Hopkins:
This epic trailer shares with Fate Of the Furious the hero (Dom in F8 and Optimus Prime in Transformers) supposedly turning to the "dark side" and turning on all those they love and who love them. Optimus Prime killing Bumblee--the yellow Autobot we see on the ground when Optimus says, "Forgive me,"--is like Optimus killing his own son. We have seen this before in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Maggie, when his daughter turns into a zombie and he faces having to potentially kill her. Again, we aren't looking for "originality," rather, repeating patterns in stories which validate one another in the public square of discourse because it re-establishes the values being supported and why they are being supported. In this next trailer, a surveillance program called "The Circle" looks an awful lot like the "satanic" symbol we saw in Independence Day: Resurgence:
According to a synopsis for the film, The Circle is an internet monopoly company who hires Emma Watson's character that wants to sync your entire life together so you have only one identity on all your devices, across all of your social media, visible to the entire world at all times. If Tom Hanks' character reminded you of Steve Jobs, and the interview and company atmosphere of The Circle reminded you of Google or Facebook, that's because,... it's meant to. It's based on a book of the same name but books rarely have the same interpretation between author and film maker; I have no idea which way this film is going to go, but we will stay posted.
On the far left is the poster for Devil's Due, and the circle symbol on the floor of the cult who targeted the woman sitting in the circle; in the center, from Independence Day: Resurgence, is a drawing I made of the image of a "friendly space craft" that was coming to help earthlings from the return of the aliens wanting to destroy them and then, here is an example of the logo from the film The Circle (but this logo isn't as good as the solid red cicle in the film). In my post on Independence Day, I argued about the Satanic links being advocated by Independence Day in using this symbol, that the liberals who made the film want people to embrace Satan to help liberals overcome Christianity and conservatives. Given the "After School Satan" program that has been started in schoold, as well as the massive revelations by Wikileaks of Hillary Clinton being a satanic high priestess, spirit cookings and "pizza parties," we shouldn't be surprised to see this symbol coming up again. The question is, is The Circle promoting Satanism or is it warning against it? 
Up next is the long awaited Spider Man Homecoming where Spider Man has actually made it home to Marvel Studios. We first saw Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War and now, he's on his own.
I actually like Holland in this role, I think he fits it quite well, so I'm not sure what it is about this trailer that I don't like,... Oh, maybe its RDJ. Well, apart from that, there is something I don't like about it, I just haven't had time, or maybe enough material, to put my finger on it. But, speaking of Marvel, let's check out the hilarious second trailer for Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2:
Speaking of Chris Pratt, I am HIGHLY anticipating Passengers, which comes out Dec 21, so it's one of the last big films of 2016:
Again, a "ship" usually refers to a "ship of state," and that these people have been put on a ship for a "new destination" that is self-destructing, refers to our current political situation. Last but not least, we have the spectacular capitalist extravaganza that I can't wait to see opening Christmas Day:
I'm getting more posts up!
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cipher & Ciphertext: Fate Of the Furious

"Family no more" very much describes the atmosphere in the US since 2008, especially as Obama continues to glorify his legacy by furiously fanning the flames of division as he prepares to leave office (hopefully). Let's talk about betrayal for a moment. In the analysis of the trailer for The Mummy with Tom Cruise, we know that Princess Ammunet feels she was betrayed out of her destiny; that kind of "betrayal" is more enttitlement, that she felt she deserved something and it was held out away from her (please see The Mummy & Entitlement for more). The F8 family have a bond together and know one another, so for Dom to abandon them is a genuine betrayal. Why would the issue of a man betraying his family be the subject of a major motion picture? What man has betrayed those who thought they knew him and trusted him to take care of them? Maybe black people trusting Obama would take care of them and he let them down, maybe?
I was expecting a good trailer, and I hoped for something that would get me excited, but this is actually incredible. The woman's voice you hear at the start is Cipher's (Charlize Theron) and she is the main villain of the film (or at least one of them):
"You were only supposed to create a diversion. That was complete destruction," and this idea of "diversion" is something which has become prevalent--even an "epidemic"--in American society today as "red flag events" have been going on for several years, meaning to divert our attention away from the global takeover countries around the world have been protesting with recent elections (Brexit, Trump's election, Hollande's defeat, Italy's No vote, Iceland, Greece, etc.) while, in reality, the diversion of Obama's administration has actually caused complete destruction of the American political system, just as we see in the opening sequence. So what's the yellow wrecking ball?
This is an odd hairstyle. The ends of her hair, hanging over her shoulder, are like dread locks,... but they aren't,... but they are like them. The hair on her scalp that is pulled back is bumpy and uneven, suggesting that she tries to dicipline her thoughts (her hair being pulled back) but she isn't very successful at it, she has something uncontrollable about her mental processes. As I discuss below, color appears to be important in this film, and the "yellow" wrecking ball we see in the opening sequence may stand in for Cipher's yellow hair and the "wreckage" she causes in coming between Dom and his family.
A "code" has meaning, but a cipher is an algorithm which lacks meaning, it's a pattern. Instead of saying, "a shaggy, four-legged canine," I can use the code "dog" and you know what I am saying without going into greater detail. But if I write "GRJ," that doesn't mean anything, in and of itself, but if you have the cyphertext, i.e., a deciphering mechanism, than you know that I have written "dog" again, but each letter had been replaced by the third letter away from the original letter in the alphabet. Charlize Theron's character named Cipher is also a cipher we will have to decipher, or, perhaps, that is the journey of conversion Dom (Vin Diesel) will have to make in this narrative. Why is it important that she says, "you're a genuine outlaw?" It's not important, it's imperative.
Ah, the color orange. For long time readers, you may remember the diaolgue of the infamous orange scarg of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows with Robert Downey Jr. When we see a character wearing orange, or something orange, it communicates that the character is really alive in whatever capacity they find themselves in that scene. Given that so many characters wear black or white in this trailer, seeing Hobbs wearing orange is quite dramatic. Orange is the combination of yellow--symbolizing dignity--and red, which invokes our red blood and that which keeps us alive, but that we are willing to spend either for love or revenge. We don't know how or why Hobbs gets in prison, but that doesn't have him down: he's fully up to the challenge, and it may be that something which happens in this scene is the most important part of the film for Hobbs'.
"Play" appears to be a big part of the theory field, as Dom says it when the others drive spear hooks into his care to try and catch him, and then Hobbs says "Let's play" whe he warns Dom that he's coming after him. This is important for at least two reasons: first, with games there are rules, but with play there are no rules, and it's "play" that is being talked about in the film. Secondly, in both The Dark Knight Rises with Bane (Tom Hardy) and in Dracula Untold with the Master Vampire (starring Luke Evans, also of Fast and Furious 7), both films have villains saying, "Let the games begin," and it's very possible that we are meant to link Hobbs, Dom and these two other films together. 
In the first trailer for King Arthur and the Legend Of the Sword, Vortigern (Jude Law) tells Arthur (Charlie Hunnam), "I know what kind of man you are," and that's because the devil knows who we are, but God knows who we can become. Cipher thinks she has determined the pattern of Dominic Toretto because she thinks everyone is a pattern, just like the globalists who are trying to take over the world and tap into your pattern of behavior. Cipher (the character), however is pattern, and that is what we are being told in this first trailer, and what we will need to look for in the film.
So, what about Dom?
Color is going to be an imperative additional layer of commentary throughout the film, like the big deal they make with Roman driving an orange Lamborghini; why? We discussed orange above with Hobbs and his orange prison suit, but we know that Roman is the "joker" of the family, and it's probably not a coincidence that The Joker (Jared Leto) in Suicide Squad had a purple Lamborghini and part of the film's sowndtrack was called Purple Lamborghini, too. Part of this referencing network by the film makers is to show that they are a smart batch of cookies, they aren't just putting together an adventure-action flick, they have something to say (which they have been building up to) and making references such as this to other films demonstrates, not how smart the film makers are, but that we have reason to believe there is more just beneath the surface, if we care to look. Again, just as the prison scene might be the most important part of the film for Hobbs because he wears the "alive" color of orange, so this arctic car chase might be the most important for Roman since his vehicle is "alive."
"I don't know if the old Dom is in there," Hobbs says, and we have actually heard this line before (please remember, we aren't looking for "originality," rather, patterns of repeated ideology so we can identify the currents of social thought; yea, sure, we are "deciphering," but we are deciphering art, not human beings) in Warcraft when Lothar (Travis Fimmel) says the same to the deeply entranced Medivh (Ben Foster; please see To Kill a Demon: Warcraft for more); why is this important? Because F8 wants us to think about Lothar and Medivh because that is where F8 is taking Dom; why? I think The Conjuring II may have the answer.
This scene of "fire and ice" may very well be a reference to Game Of Thrones, which I don't watch, so I can't get. However, in the trailer below, when the submarine comes up and Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) says, "We're going to need a bigger truck," that references Jaws, Steven Spielberg's classic 1975 shark horror film. The submarine lurking beneath the surface, is meant to trigger us to "look beneath the surface" of the film for other "vehicles" of meaning, which we should have no problems in doing once we finally get to see the film. 
In The Enfield Poltergeist, the second chapter to The Conjuring, there is a spirit named Bill Watkins who terrorizes Janet Hodgson and her family; it ends up, however, that Bill was just a pawn of a far more powerful spirit, a demon, named Valak; what does this have to do with the cars of Fast and Furious? Cipher, as we described the process of ciphering above, is likely a "cipher" villain for another villain, just as Bill Watkins was; why?
Helen Mirren's character.
This photo of Diesel and Mirren was taken behind-the-scenes, but it's likely this is at least an accurate costume for the two of their characters in at least one scene they share. So, what does it tell us? Death. Mirren's white shirt denotes death (IF she is a villain, and everything I have heard attests to that) because a corpse turns white in death (with modern embalming techniques, we rarely see white corpses nowadays, unless it's on TV, but this was far more common in ancient days). The positive connotations of the color white is that a soul is alive when it has faith, hope, chairity and innocence; when these virtues are dead in a person, that person is dead, which would probably accurately reflect Mirren's character. Her white hair--because hair symbolizes our thoughts--suggests her thoughts are "dead" too, i.e., she thinks, but she can't reflect or medidate upon herself and what she does, she can't see that she has right or wrong decisions to make, she makes decisions based on what she wants and her worldly ambitions. What about Diesel? Black also denotes death, but in a different way. One is either dead to things of this world, and alive to things of the next world (which is why priests wear black) or one is dead to things of the next world and alive to things of this world. Dom has spiritually advanced through the films and adventures, using his skills, talents and resources for causes greater than himself and for people other than just himself (he has benefitted, too, but he's also helped others). Diesel's bare arms are an important detail because arms symbolize strength, the kind of strength a character has for good or ill, to be converted to a higher level or drag themselves down in the mire of sin. It's possible that Dom decides he doesn't like being a good boy, that he is a criminal and he doesn't want anything to do with his family anymore, however, Dom is a hero figure, and it's highly unlikely that Vin Diesel would permit his character to go permanenly bad. 
Mirren was cast rather late for the role, and her character is unnamed in the film credits; at one point, it was rumored that she was portraying Owen (Luke Evans) and Deckard (Jason Statham) Shaw's mother, which is still possible, and given that Fast and Furious 9 and 10 are slated in dates all ready, she may be a returning character in the next film. At this point, it's my theory that Cipher is just a pawn for Mirren's character, and Dom is basically chasing Cipher only to discover who is ultimately behind the Shaw boys (technically, Owen Shaw is still alive, although Luke Evans isn't showing up on the film credits for F8) which may prove to be mummy dearest; why does it matter to Dom? Remember, the Shaws are killing his family off, Dom isn't going to stand for that. I'm guessing Dom gets a lead on Cipher in Cuba and he "abandons" his family so he can chase the white rabbit down the hole. But this is just a theory for now,...
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Monday, December 5, 2016

TRAILERS: The Mummy & Entitlement

PLEASE WATCH THE TRAILER BEFORE READING THIS NOTE. Thank you. Isn't it bizarre that an ancient mummy sarcophagus, securely tied to the loading area of a cargo ship, serves as the introductory, main image for the huge trailer release? No, it makes perfect sense. Why? Because the plane crashing is happening on November 4 (trailer 0:41),... still doesn't make sense? Ok, each of the people on the cargo plane is a minority (except Tom Cruise and the main pilot who signals in the SOS which is important). The passengers are black and Hispanic, and of course Annabelle Wallis is female and so, because there is a member of the royal class (the princess) on board this plane, the plane is now transformed into a "ship of state," a vehicle over which the princess is going to govern by seizing control of the plane from the white male pilot, through the attack of her black birds of death,. aka in America as "liberal trolls," who crash the plane. So, when Tom Cruise sees the mass of black birds--a symbol of death--he says, "What the hell?" when he should be stating, "That's from hell," because it is. Who is the princess (symbolically)? Hillary Clinton and the black birds are her followers marching and protesting and trolling. In the trailer, tt's November 4, just days before the US Presidential Election, and the liberals are going to hijack the election to insure their candidate wins and the control is taken from the white men (Cruise and the pilot). 
The first full trailer for Tom Cruise's The Mummy has finally dropped and I am extremely pleased. The Mummy marks the second of Universal Films' resurrection of their classic "monster universe" they have been working on, which began with Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans. (Tom Cruise's The Mummy has nothing at all to do with The Mummy films starring Brandon Fraser).
Usually, people don't have two sets of pupils, so, the question is, why does she? The eyes, as we see below in the image, are on the yellow side; yellow usually denotes kingship (she's a princess, this fits within the tradition of royalty) because yellow is the color of gold, and gold is the only gift fit for royalty; yellow symbolizes cowardice when the king (or other royal member) should be the bravest of the brave, but instead they are not brave, Why are they implying "royalty" with her eye color, isn't just telling us she is a princess sufficient? This is why symbols are so important: it's not just that her social class was that of royalty, but she was called to be "royal" in all aspects of her life, including the area of self-sacrifice, rather than having others sacrifice themselves for her. Yellow/gold communicates dignity, inherent dignity which we all have, whether we our social status is royal or not; so, why two sets of yellow pupils? It suggests that she sees her dignity as being greater than what it actually is and the other set of pupils denoting that she sees the dignity of others as  being less than what they are. This interpretation could change, but it's probably a good starting point for us.
Why would, "I think better of myself than what I am, and I think lesser of you than what you are," be important with a villain? Tyranny. Isn't the "populist uprising" across Western civilization about the people taking back power from their tyrannical world leaders who think too well of themselves, and too little of the people they work for and represent? We also know that eyes are the windows of the soul, because the body "houses" the soul the way a home houses the body, so what does the yellow eyes say about her soul? She's animal rather than human. Those who deny the soul cease to live with the dignity of those with the eternal within them, and they instead live as the animals live, by the appetites. On her sarcophagus, the area around the head resembles the hood of a cobra because that's probably what people thought of her: a poisonous viper who attacked everyone and was better off dead. This now puts us in a position to interpret her sarcophagus with its gaping mouth and wide, hollow eyes. The mouth, of course, symbolizes the appetites, so she has lived by her appetites (this is re-enforced by the "animal markings" on her skin which suddenly appear as her pupils double) and that which she called "her destiny" isn't really her destiny, rather, it was her greed or lust for something--like total rule, for example--that was denied her that she still wants, like Lex Luthor of Superman. Her hollow, wide eyes symbolize the hollowness of her own soul and being, and validate that, whoever "took away" her destiny from her, did so with very good reason, and with total justification because she was such a bad person. Now, any of the things which we have just said about Princess Amunet can also be said of Hillary Clinton. It's important to note that Annabelle Wallis' character (the woman in the plane) wears glasses: that glasses signifies that she is much more careful in what she sees and how she sees it, as well as what she listens to (the earphones she wears). 
We learn from Dr. Henry Jeckyll (Russell Crowe) that she is Princess Amunet, and Amunet means "the hidden one" and while this had specific meanings in ancient Egypt, in modern America, it means a group of people who don't get to share in political power, i.e., the minorities who are the "hidden" ones in society. There is another interesting detail regarding her sarcophagus: if you notice at 0:20 (as the crew lifts up the sarcophagus and we see the backside of it from underneath) and again at 2:05 (when we see Amunet's back), it looks like surgery has been done on Amunet's spinal cord, and it was commemorated forever in her sarcophagus, that is, the scar from the surgery--or whatever bizarre ritual it might have been--is also on the back of the sarcophagus, reflecting Amunet's own body. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but it's a significant detail and one that we will need to pay attention to, as it will undoubtedly play out in the narrative.
After introducing Princess Amunet, Dr. Jeckyll says, "She will claim what she has been denied," and this is the perfect summary thesis of the "entitlement culture," especially here in America. Heretofore, the film which has best done this is, by far, Don't Breathe, because entitlement has become such a sad feature of America that the liberals have candidates that run on nothing but that: you are entitled to have this, and I am going to get it for you (but they don't because the candidates, as we all know, are really only interested in getting what they think they personally are entitled to). So, The Mummy comes out next summer, but we can be sure that Princess Amunet is a Hillary Clinton figure, and just as the political right will continue putting out anti-socialist films, we can also be quite certain that, having lost political power throughout the entire country, the political left will ramp up its efforts to tell us how stupid we are for throwing them out.
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