Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sherlock Season 4 & Xander Cage #2

Essentially, we have the violin of Sherlock standing in for Sherlock; why? "Instruments" have a wonderful, organic presence in art, because our bodies can be viewed as instruments, as in the Man Ray photograph of Kiki (his muse, model and mistress) on the right. Not knowing anymore of the plot of the three episodes in the season than we do, we can't say anything definite about why the string has been plucked, but we can say that a broken string usually indicates violent playing, i.e., when someone has been playing furiously upon an instrument, so much so, that the string breaks. What this would indicate, then, is that the villain(s) of Season 4 have done precisely that to Sherlock: played upon him furiously. Now, there is another possibility, which is that Sherlock has played upon himself furiously; how? His drug addiction. If you will recall during The Abominable Bride, Sherlock had increased his dosage of,... whatever it is he takes (heroine? cocaine? both?) and Mycroft looked for the list (when I post on TAB, and I will, promise, we'll discuss how genius that was of Mycroft to do) so, the plucked string in the image above could also be a indication that Sherlock's drug addiction has worsened, and as the "instrument of justice" who was brought back to deal with Moriarty (or whoever else threatens the Empire) the instrument may be all played out.
I'm so sorry, Grandma has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. We believe it has been caught early enough and, after the surgery to remove the kidney, she will be all right, but there has been a lot of additional care she needs these last couple of weeks because she isn't well enough to go into surgery, so I sincerely apologize for not posting regularly. Please remember her and the doctor performing the surgery in your prayers; thank you! I all ready have my ticket to see Doctor Strange this Friday in IMAX 3D--oh, yea, it's going to be totally worth those few extra bucks--and I am putting together a quick Strange post now: there is SO MUCH, even just from trailers, for us to be looking for, that we have to have some kind of a road map before we hit the theater, so I will deliver.
On the big screen, Sherlock Holmes 3 with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, directed by Guy Ritchie, was supposed to be in full production--i.e., filming--now,... as in, they were supposed to be actually making the movie,... That hasn't happened. Another set-back which may be more political than artistic has caused Sherlock Holmes 3 to be delayed again. So far thus, two different writers have come up with two different scripts, and both scripts have now been cast aside; Warner Brothers has, rather, brought in a team of writers to work on the script, from scratch. This is a rather unusual move, generally speaking, a "team" of writers are usually only brought in at the start of a franchise, for example, Universal's new Monster Universe that has Dracula Untold for the first of the film line-ups; it tends to be looked at as a case of "too many cooks in the kitchen," but there might be another reason,... you probably remember Joss Whendon's Save the Day PSA about voting for Hillary,... Whedon claimed he had made five such PSAs and they would be released before Election Day, and we have yet to see another one;there might still be one or even two released, however, I think the massive public backlash against the celebrities appearing in the PSA has made Warner Brothers think twice before rushing out with another RDJ movie (since he figured so prominently in the ad) and by delaying the film, WB may be hoping that the public will forget/forgive and not create a disaster; it seems "Team Downey," the production team of RDJ and his wife Susan, think the same thing because they have collaborated with WB to get the script re-written. Again, the schedules of RDJ, Ritchie and Law were all set to be filming now, so the script re-writing doesn't make much sense to me,... at all, unless it's to give the toxic fumes coming off RDJ a chance to fade.
So, Sherlock Season 4 has been officially listed as airing January 1, 2017 (as they have done in the past) beginning with the first episode The Six Thatchers. There are, as usual, three episodes in the season, and star Benedict Cumberbatch has alluded to the possibility--as is also typical and usual--that this is the last season, even as he says that he would be despondent if this were the last time he portrayed Holmes. There's been a few drips of other news, but for the most part, we can get to it later; for the moment, here is the second trailer for XXX, and it looks great:
There are no more patriots, only rebels and tyrants, and that's quite accurate: when both sides in America are claiming that they are the patriotic ones, values have to be displayed in a different light, and that light of illumination comes down to power: who wants it and why. I think Donnie Yen is officially on the short-list of my favorite actors now. So, I am getting up a pre-post on Doctor Strange! As always, thank you so much for always checking in and keeping faith in me!
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