Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hidden Agendas: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

An important note for us to bear in mind is that most of the original film maker crew for the Harry Potter series are returning for the five-film series of Fantastic Beasts; why is this important? They are going to carry through with their same agendas. Now, I will be the first person to admit, we saw the exact same circumstances with The Conjuring--which was incredibly pro-socialist--and then, in spite of everyone still working on the film, The Conjuring 2 was pro-capitalist. Returning director David Yates just completed The Legend Of Tarzan which was definitely pro-socialist (and anti-Catholic), and definitely not a good film. Permit me to make a distinction: while the Harry Potter films were not strictly pro-socialist, the way we have seen films advocate socialism since 2008, the films are very anti-Christian in what they teach children and the behavior of Potter himself (please see Harry Potter vs. The Potter for more).  If I am wrong about Fantastic Beasts, I will be the first person to admit that, I promise. There is, however, an incredible problem: THIS IS A WORLD OF WITCHES AND WITCHCRAFT. Sure, the name "wizard" sounds more innocent than "witch," the bride of Satan, or a warlock, BUT THIS IS SATANIC PRACTICE. AS CHRISTIANS, WE CANNOT BE A PART OF THIS. Wicca and other forms of witchcraft are THE fastest growing "religion" in America. To go and watch a film promoting Satanic activity, is a MORTAL SIN, it separates you from the FACE OF GOD. Please, please, PLEASE do NOT go see this film!
The latest in the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, opens this weekend and will be wildly popular, spilling into next week's Thanksgiving Day box office. In spite of lackluster reviews,, devoted fans can hardly wait to see the first in a five-film extravaganza. Unfortunately, from the trailers released, it appears this is going to be heavily pro-socialist, but even if it's not, HERE IS A LETTER FROM AN EX-WITCH TELLING US THAT HARRY POTTER AND MAGIC IS OF THE DEVIL; this isn't about "fantastic beasts" getting out of a suitcase, this is about the demons of hell being let loose upon the earth and all Christians. Here is the first trailer.
At 1:05-1:16, we hear the hero Newt Scamanger (Eddie Redmayne) say, "We're going to recapture my creatures before they get hurt. They're currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet: humans." Newt is far more concerned about the animals than humans; the wizards are concerned about the humans only because they are worried that the humans will "fight back"; why is this important? For two reasons: first, as we saw in Noah with Russell Crowe, socialists elevate animals, and demote people because socialists are determined to make people think they are animals, not people, because animals do not have any Constitutional rights, and animals are far easier to control (they don't need wages, individuation, guns, or to worship God, for example); secondly, elite liberals, progressives and socialists, see humanity as totally expendable, especially when it comes to achieving the ends of their agendas, and we certainly don't get the idea that humans mean anything in this Fantastic Beasts world since the wizards seemed only concerned that the No Majs (people who have no magic in them) will "fight back" if they get scared, so keeping them safe is in the interest of the wizards. Here is the next trailer:
The second reason I think this is going to be pro-socialist, is that, at the start of the trailer, someone says, "You've known for 24 hours that an unregistered wizard,..." What?!?!? This is the United States of America, what do you mean, "unregistered wizard?" What, is there a "Checkpoint Charlie" like what we saw at the start of The Man From UNCLE when Napoleon Solo enters communist Berlin? How DARE you suggest that he needs to register in America, but, because these are likely socialists, the government, in this case, MACUSA, wants everyone registered because that is the only way to control people and that is their aim and objective (this is meant to reflect gun control and gun registration issues). Someone asks Newt, "Do you know anything about the wizarding community in America? We don't let things loose," and that would appear the people are not "let loose" either, but they are controlled and registered. This leads me to our third reason why I think the film will be pro-socialist: MACUSA.
Please note something important in this image: She is wearing pants. True, after many women worked in ammunition factories in World War I (yes, WWI, not WWII) some women started wearing work pants in their home or farm, but wearing pants publicly in the 1920s would be seen as risque for a respectable woman (it wasn't until the 1930s that pants for women were seen as being socially acceptable). This, along with the very flat chests the women seem to have in the film, slowly erase the differences between man and woman by making the women look more boyish (especially with their bob haircuts). Granted, this was the style of the 1920s--even though most women would not have been wearing trousers in public as she is--but it's being adapted to tansfer an image of how the differences between male and female are just "social constructs" and nothing that actually exists in nature. This is to further erode and, ultimately, destroy, any sense of identity we have as being "different" from others; Globalists and progressives want us all to be the same and equal.
The Magical Congress of the United States Of America, MACUSA, sounds just like Marcuse, as in Herbert Marcuse, the "Father of the 'New Left'" in America (his name was dropped by the communists who kidnapped George Clooney's character in Hail Caesar!). Marcuse is so important to liberals, even I have some of his books, because his name was always being dropped by Art Historians in their erudite articles. The fourth reason I think this will go pro-socialist is because of Jon Voight. Voight portrays Senator Shaw in the film, and Voight is a well-known Republican in liberal Hollywood, and Senator Shaw is a villain in the film; just as I have speculated on directors, such as Christopher Nolan and JJ Abrams casting liberals as villains in films, because audience members would see the liberal and know that "liberals are villains," so the opposite, I think, is being done with Voight to cast Republicans as villains.
Jacob is a factory worker, but he wants to be a baker. Now, a factory worker, in the 1920s, in New York, what does that tell you? He was probably a member of a union, or he would be today. Why is this important? He's not educated, as he says at one point, I know I'm not dreaming because I don't have the brains to make this up. He's not an immigrant himself--he has an American accent--but his last name of "Kowalski" means his parents were immigrants. The uneducated, immigrant, factory-working class was THE CLASS socialists want to target, because they think they have the highest chance of making them want to re-distribute the wealth of the country in their favor, so just as Jacob wants to "be a wizard," what he might in fact really be saying is, I want to be part of the 1% of the wealthiest people in the country. On a slightly different note, the female wizard asks Newt if Newt erased the memory of Jacob; why is this important? It's a typical strategy of socialists, to think they can just "erase" something and then it no longer exists, like Hillary erasing her hard drives of all her illegal dealings while she was Secretary of State. Reality is the greatest enemy of liberals, so they try to change it any chance they get (and that includes changing people's understanding of their identity because our identity is the "filter" through which we interact with reality) and history is recorded reality, so by erasing Jacob's memory, they are attempting to control the historical record of what they did and didn't do.
The fourth reason I think Fantastic Beasts will be pro-socialist, is that film makers are talking about making Dumbledore gay. Am I just being homophobic in not wanting gay characters, like the gay Sulu in Star Trek Beyond? There are two reasons why Globalists and elite liberals push homosexuality upon society (remember, in America, less than 1% of the population is gay AND transgender, but they want us to think that 55% of Americans are gay): first, Christians have to choose between honoring God or accepting gays. If we don't accept gays, we are bashed and bullied horribly as being homophobic or worse, so this makes it difficult to identify as being a Christian, and for a group who wants to drive God out of the world completely so the government can become God, this is a great tactic.
"Something is stalking our city. Reeking destruction and then disappearing without a trace," then, perhaps in another voice, I can't tell, someone says, "Witches live among us." There is a poltical group in the film, the Second Salem, of the Salem Witch Trials, that is, and that's because a "witch" is a political term in the United States which refers to the "Witch Hunts" of the McCarthy Era post-World War II when Senator Joseph McCarthy sought to uproot socialists and communists working against the government in the US, specifically targeting the Democrat Party and Hollwyood. This character is obviously a villain in the film, not just because she is rooting out socialists who are living in the city, but because she also wants to identify who the witches are and root them out, too. I know that I am specifically being targeted by this character: to make me see how poorly liberals and real-life witches view me for wanting to keep them from their "freedom of religion," when in fact, witchcraft is NOT a religion at all because it worships Satan and Satan is an anarchist, and because he seeks to overthrow all order and create chaos, Satan--and anything to do with him--should be expressly forbidden by society whic is bound by law and order. By making villains out of people like myself, Fantastic Beasts, other films, and people on the Left in general, use bullying techniques to belittle our position and make us seem like we are the closed-minded bullies.
Secondly, for the globalists who want to control the human population--not because of the environment, rather, because a smaller population is easier to register, monitor and control--homosexuality is the ultimate form of birth control: gays cannot have children, so by forcing homosexuality to become more socially acceptable, more people will identify themselves as gay, and they won't reproduce, and they won't be Christians. By making Dumbledore gay, then, the children, teens and adults who watch the film, will believe that being gay is okay, and we shouldn't judge; this isn't about "judging," this is about mortal sin and sexual perversion.
Now, the fifth reason,....
Fantastic Beasts takes place in 1926, during the Roaring 20s, a time of great economic prosperity just before the huge collapse of the Great Depression. With four films yet to go in the series, this will be explored; why is this important? A sequel to Mary Poppins is coming out that will take place during the Great Depression, and--with Emily Blunt cast in the lead--it will assuredly be pro-socialist. Democrats love the Great Depression for two reasons: first, they think it shows how unreliable capitalism is (if President Franklin Roosevelt hadn't have been such a socialist like Obama, he could have allowed the economy to quickly recover instead of intentionally prolonging the depression, but that didn't fit his agenda) and, secondly, it greatly increased the number of people dependent upon the government for their living, which is exactly what Democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists and communists want. But I digress: this is especially important because we hear talk in the trailers of Grundelvelt and the killings in Europe: this is, metaphorically speaking, sitting us up to see the rise of Hitler, and socialists are desperate to make people think that Nazis weren't socialists--which they were, NAZI stands for National Socialists German Workers' Party, not the National Capitalist Movement for the Rich, which is exactly what they want you to think it did stand for--but they Nazis were "crude nationalists" who clung to their German identity; sure, they were concerned with their German identity, but because Hitler wanted them to believe they were superior to every other nationality and identity in the world; Globalists today don't want us to have any identity whatsoever (male/female, black or white, rich or poor, religious or secular, etc.) because once we are a herd of animals, we are easier to control So, the rise of Grundelvelt will mimic the rise of Hitler in Germany, and that is supposed to tell audiences that, if you cling to your identity, whatever that identity is, you are a Nazi. Also, Dumbeldore's gay lover will be Grundelvelt. NOTE: At the end of this post is an interview with Ezra Miller who is in the film, and he calls the presidential election results "neo-fascist." If you asked Mr. Miller to distinguish between a fascist, socialist, communist and capitalist, I bet money he couldn't do it.
At 1:28, we see a group of wizards ready their wands, followed by a shot of police men readying their guns,... now, it's possible--and I want to think, even probable--that the film isn't actually shot this way, that there isn't going to be a "show-down" between the liberals,... I mean, the wizards, and the cops, because Blue Lives Matter. There are plenty of examples in trailers where scenes are juxtaposed together to create an impression that something happens in the narrative, even though it actually doesn't,... I am, however, truly upset that someone thought it would be a good idea to make people believe that a group of wizards getting ready to cast spells on police officers was a good idea, given the increasing number of officers' deaths and injuries from violent organizations and individuals. I am NOT going to go see this film. Even if it is pro-capitalist--which I seriously doubt, even if I am wrong about the reasons--by the very fact that this encourages the use of witchcraft and spells, THIS, LIKE ALL THE HARRY POTTER FILMS, IS ANTI-CHRISTIAN and cannot be entertainment for those who call themselves the children of God. This is where you make a choice who you belong to: to God, or the world, and Satan owns the world.
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner
P.S.--Here is an interview with Ezra Miller where he basically says that Trump is a fascist and so are the people who voted for him. He's just talking up to 5:00, or you can skip to 6:00: