Thursday, October 6, 2016

John Wick Chapter 2 First Teaser

The first official image of the film has been released; what can we deduce? It's Brooklyn Bridge. We know a bridge, like a hallway in a building, denotes a passage, almost like a birth canal. For example, in The Conjuring 2, when Lorraine Warren is sitting reading her Bible, and her daughter calls her and Valak-as-a-nun stands glaring at her at the end of the hallway, Lorraine has to walk down that hall to get to Valak and the message he has for Lorraine, and this moment in the film is a passage because now Lorraine knows she can't just "retire" from this spiritual battle the way she hoped to, the Holy Spirit (there is a picture of the Spirit as a Dove behind where Valak stands in this scene) is calling Lorraine to a greater spirituality through the battle she will have with Valak. We can expect something similar in this scene with John Wick. There is another example of this (and I am not going on just to go on ad infinidum even though I acknowledge I do that): Spectre. When Bond and Madeline Swann are at Blofeld's (Christoph Waltz) headquarters in the dessert, they walk down a long hallway and at the end, Blofeld turns to Bond and says, "So, James, why did you come?" and Bond responds, "I came here to kill you." At the end of the film, however, he doesn't kill Blofeld, because of what happens; the scene with the hallway marks an important passage for us, the viewers, because we are supposed to see a before and after for Bond to understand why he makes the decisions he does. Okay, so the point: I think there is every reason to assume John Wick Chapter 2 will be referencing Spectre because, in the teaser below, we know Wick is in Rome and the Vivaldi music in the background is eerily familiar to Nisi Dominus playing at the chateau of Lucia Sciarra (Belluci) when the assassins have come to kill her, which also happens to be in Rome like the John Wick Chapter 2 story. I could be wrong, but it's likely, at least at this point.
He wears a white shirt; why? White symbolizes either a soul that is alive, because it has faith, purity, innocence, or the soul is dead because it has no faith, purity or innocence (a corpse turns white in decomposition). The dirt on the shirt may symbolize the "dirt of sin" which Wick has accumulated up to this point in the film--remember, it's being filmed in the Holy See, so yes, religion will play a role--or the dirt of battle he has waged to fortify his faith (and it doesn't have to just be faith in God, it can be faith in life, too; remember, his wife has died and he needs a reason to live). His black pants symbolize his standing, because we stand on our legs, so our legs symbolize standing with others, our reputation. Black always means death, but it either means good death because we are dead to things of this world and alive to things of the next world (the virtues) or we are dead to the things of the next world (the virtues) and alive to the temptations and affairs of this world (sin and vice). So, John Wick is a dead man walking, but is he is a "good dead man" or is he a "bad dead man?" What about the dog? Dogs usually symbolize loyalty in general, so this might be a reference to his loyalty to his friend with whom he made the oath. Pit bulls in particular are known fighters, and the odds Wick fought against to stay alive at the end of the first film makes the pet an intimate choice for the character.  
I did go see Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg and it was excellent. Excellent. From the pure entertainment and quality of the acting, stunts, effects and narrative, it was an excellent film. It also has fabulous applications of theory, especially--hooray!!!--erasure. I just haven't finished it yet. So, here is a teaser for the trailer to be released Saturday for John Wick Chapter 2, which finds our hero being bound to an oath he made to help a fellow assassin take out someone or other in Rome:
With the first poster they released, and the emphasis on the tailoring in this teaser, again, they intentionally want to remind us of The Kingsmen Secret Service; why? We won't know until we get more details, but we are all ready ahead in catching the references. In the freeze frame of the teaser above, we see what looks Wick pointing a gun and a nasty cut across his nose; why? Because the nose is the most prominent feature of our face, and the face is the place of our individual identities, the nose symbolizes our character, so when a character has their nose broken or cut or damaged in some way, it's a reflection on their character; this isn't to say that Wick's character and integrity has suffered--maybe it has--but it likely means that someone has tried to defame his character and make him look bad to others. Numerous trailers have dropped this week, but I am trying to get a real post up; we'll see what I am able to come up with. If you can, get in to see Deepwater Horizon, it was great.
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