Friday, September 23, 2016

Utterly Pro-Socialist, The Magnificent Seven

Well, Ethan Hawke was telling the truth: The Magnificent Seven is about a group of poor people, hiring criminals, banding together to defeat an evil capitalist and industrialist who is likely meant to be Donald Trump. I'm really disappointed in Denzel Washington for having made this film. Chris Pratt, not so much, because he's still got a "young career" and I understand taking parts that are offered, but Washington can pick and choose and this was a terrible decision on his behalf. If you were set on going to the movies this weekend, don't bother to see this one: apart from the racism against white people, you can't even understand (at least) half of the film's dialogue. I am working on the post now; have a better weekend than what mine has started off being,...
Eat Your Art Out,
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