Monday, September 19, 2016

The Magnificent Seven (Remake) & Donald Trump

Please don't forget that the original remake of The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen had a Mexican as the villain; changing the villain to an American land-owner and industrialist is one more sad example of the Left trying to re-write American history and re-shape the country to hold up their propaganda. It's possible, though not probable, that Ethan Hawke is throwing us a foul ball just to put us off of a truly pro-capitalist Magnificent Seven, just as we have seen Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Liam Neeson, Daniel Craig and others do over the last year or so; why? IF The Magnificent Seven is pro-capitalist, and doesn't go against Trump the way Hawke claims it does, then the studio will suffer for conservatives boycotting the film after hearing Hawke's anti-Trump statement; if the film is truly anti-Trump, then the studio's reward comes in making the claim and giving conservatives the finger. It's still possible that the film isn't pro-socialist: I would have bet money that Zootopia and the remake of Ghostbusters were both pro-socialist, but I was very wrong; Hawke isn't particularly bright, and it's possible he's providing us with his wishful reading of the film's events, not the actual narrative, in which case, it would benefit him to tell people not to go see it because the Left does not want conservatives having their positions validated. I'm guessing it probably is against Trump, but I have been wrong in the recent past.  
Opening this weekend is The Magnificent Seven remake. I have been wavering on whether or not it would be pro-socialist or pro-capitalist, but it appears Ethan Hawke has answered the question for us: in this article, Hawke reveals that the film is about people banning together to fight Donald Trump. Regardless of whether or not you support Trump is actually irrelevant: the re-writing of the film to have outlaws and criminals defend people from a candidate (Trump) wanting to restore law and order to the country after eight years of lawlessness is a clear sign that we are in socialist territory: not only is the Democratic candidate a criminal, but Obama has released more criminals, and more violent criminals, directly into society than any other president. We've seen this in the case of pro-capitalist films predicting this move: from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, to the bunny Snowball in The Secret Life Of Pets, the socialists view the criminals as being the good-guys and the decent, hard-working Americans as criminals who should all die, and the sooner the better. In the case of The Magnificent Seven, it's the outlaws who are going to save the socialists from a society wanting law and order which Trump is promising to bring back.
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