Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The End Of Marvel Studios: Avengers Embracing Socialism

What makes these actors think that making a Public Service Announcement and telling people who to vote for will have an effect on the election? Again, they believe we have no free choice. They are all famous (how many times do they tell us how famous they all are? and that makes them more important than you are in their estimation) and even people who aren't so famous, still are more famous than you are, and so, therefore, by Joss Whedon's account, they know more than you do and you should do exactly what they tell you to do, even though you have no idea who they are or what they do. So, the fact that you have no free will, means you are going to do what these "famous people" tell you to do. Other than being famous, these people have no qualifications to guide others in voting; just as Hillary Clinton has no qualifications to become president. Secondly, putting the nukes in the hands of someone whose signature line is "You're fired!" is a bad idea because,... because,...? But Obama putting nukes in the hands of Iran and ISIS is a great idea because they are killing Christians and all the famous people in this video hate Christians. I am so furious. And it's going to get even worse. More video "PSAs" are coming. There are nearly as many "Un-Likes" as "Likes" of the video, and the creators of the channel are being accused of erasing comments they don't like, so it's possible that the backlash will keep Whedon and company from posting anymore of the anti-Trump/pro-Hillary videos, but I doubt it.
This is a terrible day.
Abraham Lincoln said that the United States would never be destroyed by outside enemies, but from within; sadly, it appears that Hollywood giant Marvel Studios is being torn apart from within as well. This political ad against Donald Trump--regardless of what you think of Trump or whether or not you personally support him--will have massive financial repercussions for the studio:
To begin with, on Monday, September 19, we discussed Ethan Hawke telling reporters that his newest film, The Magnificent Seven, is about people banding together to ban Trump, advertising to conservatives that this film is going against everything they believe and the film instead is supporting a candidate (Hillary Clinton) who has labeled the movie-going population of conservatives as being "deplorables." In this post about Hawke, I foretold that more actors would begin turning on the studios because the studios make films that support traditional American values which conservatives still cherish. Get rid of the studio and you get ride of what is one of the last vestiges of American cultural identity (we have seen it happening in Marvel Comic Books: the black female Iron Man replacement, the female Thor, the gay characters being introduced, etc.). The actors aren't hurt by this campaigning because they all ready have their fortunes, so we, the middle and lower-classes, are the ones who are hurt by it. Now, just a few days later, director of The Avengers Joss Whedon has gathered members of The Avengers (and other famous people who are obviously happy to tell you they are famous while you and I are not famous, which qualifies them to tell us who to vote for, in their manner of thinking) to tell us how horrible Donald Trump is and to beg us to vote for she who has killed dozens of innocent people for the sake of her career and money, and sold this country out to the highest bidder.
Okay, why is this happening?
For at least two reasons.
If you are thinking, "Well, at least Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner weren't in the video," you might be wrong: Whedon has made five such "PSAs" that will be released between now and election week, so he's probably gathered every famous person he knows to speak out against Trump, and it's just a matter of where your favorite actor is on the schedule before their role comes out. Marvel Studios obviously hasn't had anything to do with these PSAs, except having made this actors extremely successful and famous; unless Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton or Rachel McAdams appears in one of these PSAs, a film like Doctor Strange may still be relatively successful; Spider Man: Homecoming, however, in which Robert Downey Jr has a starring role, will probably perform at a record-breaking low for the studio because film-goers will boycott because of RDJ making this video; the upside is, The Fantastic Four will not be the lowest box-office draw Marvel film in history. Films like The Infinity Wars will definitely suffer, massively, because all of these actors portray the characters in that film. Marvel is screwed. In the days leading up to the election, Marvel has two choices: sue the actors/Joss Whedon for negatively impacting the image of Marvel Studios with their personal lives (kind of like what Warner Brothers did with Charlie Sheen) or hope that, when their next films have come out, it will have blown over and people will have forgotten. People aren't going to forget, not when they have been personally insulted by people they have supported and who brought to life characters audiences admired and bonded with. Nothing could have destroyed Marvel Studios except the actors, and that's exactly what they have done. A problem Marvel has is that of the Actors Union: they can't fire the actors from their contracts because the union will step in and sue the studio on the actors' behalf, so the studios are going to be really tied here. It's not just Marvel that's going to suffer, however; Cobie Smulders, who portrays Agent Maria Hill in the Marvel Universe, is also co-starring with Tom Cruise in the upcoming release of Jack Reacher 2; how many will boycott the Tom Cruise film because of seeing Smoulders in this ad? How many people were looking forward to Sherlock Holmes 3, which was scheduled to begin production this fall, and will now boycott because of RDJ making this video? What it took Robert Downey Jr years to achieve has now been erased in three minutes. 
First of all, a lack of gratitude. It's hard to see someone like Robert Downey Jr, who was utterly broke before Iron Man made him one of the highest paid actors in history, come out to make a video which is going to make conservatives boycott Marvel Studios' films and cost the studio dearly. But hey, he has his millions and millions, so what does he care? What does any of them care? They don't because they all have contracts, which leads to our second point of why they would come out and make a video like this: arrogance. They all think they are irreplaceable. "You're vote matters," they tell us, and at the box office and TV, they are going to see how powerful our vote is. If you would like to vote right now, and show them what you think, click on the Save The Day link at the top of the video, or you can click this link here directly, and go to the YouTube channel posting the PSAs, and vote by liking or not linking the video that way.
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