Thursday, September 22, 2016

John Wick 2 Bulletproof & Opening This Weekend

John Wick is back.
The first poster for John Wick 2 has been released; subtitled, Bulletproof, the film wants to make obvious reference to The Kingsman Secret Service film which highlighted the relationship between being a gentleman and the (bespoke) suit he wore; Wick's is obviously bulletproof and makes him look like an undertaker,... quite fitting.
Pun intended.
So, having read the synopsis, the film is obviously anti-business, and makes everyone who works at a business look bad and even heartless. The baby you see was made by a machine, which, obviously, is unnatural, like the people "growing" in pods in the Tom Cruise film Oblivion or Man Of Steel on Krypton. While the boy in the film asks for a brother, he gets a baby sister instead; why? Because men are bad and little boys grow up to be white male oppressors. The reason it's important to understand what the film is about is 1). it's animated, and people typically assume that if it's animated it's safe for the kids to watch and that is certainly not the case at all. 2). The tag line, "Find Your Flock" is an obvious animal reference and we know that there has been a massive battle being waged regarding whether we are humans or animals, and Storks wants us all to obviously be animals. 
Opening this weekend is both Magnificent Seven and Storks. Both films are anti-capitalist (Magnificent Seven filmed last summer when Trump made the announcement he was running for president, so it's likely the crew intentionally made the film about him, adapting elements of the script to reflect how they see him) so it doesn't really matter which of them I go and see, I will be miserable at either,... do you feel sorry for me? I am trying to post again, slowly but surely, and will try ever so hard to get the post up on The Magnificent Seven by Saturday afternoon. Again, Google is disabling the Slideshow app which appears in the upper-right-hand corner of this blog,...which I have had since I first started it, so it will no longer be there in a few days,... last but not least, let's take a quick look at two new trailers. First, Passengers:
There are numerous elements we could pick up on in this trailer, but for the moment, let's focus on them "waking up." Recall that tediously long and detailed post I wrote (while heavily medicated) on the symbols in King Arthur: Legend Of the Sword? One of the first things we hear Arthur say is, "I woke up," and when asked, "From where?" Arthur replies, "From a nightmare." In the post, we discussed the political significance of "waking up," and we see the two "passengers" "waking up" while on the "ship of state" (the spacecraft) supposedly heading towards a blissful new world (socialist utopia) but actually it's doomed. Isn't it nice to have me back? Our second trailer features Mr. Ice Cube:
Mr. Cube is actually a Trump supporter (quite brave of him I think) so a film like this is going to highlight the civil war that has been raging for several years now between whites and blacks as well as the obvious disadvantage whites are at in this fight: "Teachers don't fight," Mr. Campbell says, because, neither should adults who have jobs and responsibilities in their communities and to others; but that is certainly what we have seen in the last several years, so while this is obviously a comedy, because it's taking place in a school, we can decode it to understand that we the audience are being "schooled" in the lessons of racial relationships that have developed and the best ways to deal with them, and maybe some ways to avoid. Lastly, but not in the least little way the least, here is what looks to be an amazing film, Alone In Berlin:
This will be released October 13, so please be looking for it. Remember the "Public Service Announcement" aka "Propaganda" that Joss Whedon released? Here is the first parody that has been made in honor of those telling us what to do:
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