Thursday, August 4, 2016


I am still doing the analysis of Don't Breathe, which was (jokingly) assigned to you as homework to analyze yourself; yes, we are still doing that. Right now, I have just updated the post, Symbols In King Arthur: Legend Of the Sword in two places: first, the poster that is the first image in that post, and, secondly, the caption for the image of Arthur standing at the sword still in the stone. I was sick when I wrote it and there were a few things I wanted to add to the post now that my head is cleared of medicine.
Victoria Woodhull did it in 1872. This is the importance of dumb-ing down the population, so they will buy into hype like this.
I am getting us ready for Suicide Squad: I all ready have my ticket for a showing tomorrow. Yes, it's getting bad reviews, but it appears to be generally anti-feminist, and with the Democrats having just announced (erroneously) that they are supporting the first female candidate for president, an anti-feminist film is a big deal. It could still go pro-socialist, but even if it does--I dare say, especially if it does--the role The Enchantress has, and what she intends to do, is exceedingly damning for feminists, so I am now looking forward to the film tomorrow. I am posting something this evening on Harley Quinn and the other women in it because their dynamics are going to be important political statements. So, sorry for the delay, but I am posting something asap.
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