Monday, August 22, 2016

Trailer: Hidden Figures

There have been a few crises this week, I am so sorry for not getting anything up. I am still intent on getting up Anthropoid and I saw Dinesh D'Souza's Hillary's America which was awesome; he used some interesting narrative techniques that are worth our attention. Don't Breathe opens this weekend, and I will be getting up a symbol post before the film opens because that will help us all be a little more alert to what is going on. In the meantime, here is a trailer for the upcoming Hidden Figures film, and this looks great:
This might seem like a minority driven, pro-feminist film,... and it may be (the man putting the wastebasket on the woman's pile of books and telling her it didn't get taken out the night before, and her responding, "I'm not the,..." the what? The Help? Is meant to remind us of the film The Help as a reminder of what some black women were going through during this time, while other black women were engineers at NASA even though they still faced challenges, but we as a nation were facing challenges; the story of America is ALSO the story of blacks and women, not just white men). But look at the context of this story: NASA. How many women support space exploration? How many minorities support space exploration? And yet, Hidden Figures wants to reminds us that the story of NASA and putting a man on the moon, is also the story of black women and men because they contributed to the victory and so it's their victory too. When someone wants to do away with space exploration, they want to do away with the victory and story of blacks and women, too, just like someone wanting to get rid of baseball is also wanting to get rid of the story of Jackie Robinson.
Eat Your Art Out,
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