Friday, August 12, 2016

Anthropoid: Amazing

Sometimes God works in strange and mysterious ways; sometimes, He works in not so strange, and not so mysterious ways,.... I was supposed to go see Pete's Dragon this afternoon, but got the times switched and ended up seeing Anthropoid (which I had planned on seeing this weekend) instead. It was absolutely amazing. I knew it was going to be good, but this film was gut-wrenching-good. I knew with Cillian Murphy in it, I should expect great performances, and everyone, all around, were incredible. So, please, if you have free time this weekend, this is definitely worth it. I am working on the post now; what should you be looking for?
Toby Jones portrays Jan Zelenka-Hajsk√Ĺ, a teacher who led one of the Czech Resistance groups. There's a imperative detail about his character: the other Resistance members call him "Uncle." Why? It's probably a subtle reference to The Man From UNCLE.In the film, before the organization known as UNCLE has been formed, "Uncle Rudi," Hitler's favorite architect of torture of all the Nazi concentration camps, is called "Uncle" throughout the film; why? The film wants to give us a choice: either we can call the Nazi's and socialist programs "Uncle," and expect to be treated like all the Nazis' victims of World War II or we can have an organization called UNCLE with people protecting us from the Uncle Rudis of the world (as in The Man From UNCLE; for more, please see Only My Mother Calls Me Napoleon: The Man From UNCLE). Throughout the film, Uncle Jan wears his glasses, an important symbol we will go into in greater depth, but--towards the end--he takes them off, and that's a deeply human moment the film examines because it's a sign of regret: he can't see clearly, because his end has come, and he regrets what they have done; it's profoundly human, but just one of the psychological perspectives the film asks us to consider about being "human" and those forces trying to take our humanity away from us. 
"Anthropoid" refers to a group of monkeys, an ape or even an "ape man." Someone like human, but not human, more animal in their nature. So, look for ways the film shows us what "human" is, and shows us what is "not-human," "sub-human" or even "animal." I intend to still see Pete's Dragon and Sausage Party, the rotation has just gotten switched around. If you don't remember Anthropoid, the trailer is here, below.
Eat Your Art Out,
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Please, if you have time this weekend, go see this incredible film.