Saturday, July 9, 2016

White Privilege and Black Pain? The Secret Life Of Pets

According to this liberal reviewer, that Snowball the rabbit and Gidget the Pomeranian are white indicates they have "white privilege" and they are ruining black people because two of the characters are voiced by black men. Snowball and Gidget look the same, but only so our attention will be drawn to how radically different their leadership styles are, and what motivates them to do what the narrative depicts them doing. 
We have rights, but the "right to ignorance" isn't one of them. This "review" from a so-called Dr. Johnson of Ohio ignores 95% of the film to try and make people think it's about black pain and white privilege, when this professor obviously doesn't know the first thing about engaging with a narrative and how symbols work, or what the rest of the 95% of the film was about. What he is doing isn't film criticism, it doesn't even pertain to study in the arts at all, he's using a film that is going against what he believes in (socialism) and trying to smear it so people will not go and see it, just like Emily Blunt smearing conservatives so they wouldn't go see Sicario, or Liam Neeson and Taken 3, or Daniel Craig and Spectre, or the latest example, Matt Damon and Jason Bourne. The film is a direct attack on socialism, but liberals don't want you to see it because it will bolster your confidence that being a socialist is an idiotic decision on all levels. Why didn't this "Dr." come out against The Legend Of Tarzan? Because Tarzan is a pro-socialist film the liberals want you to see so you can become indoctrinated with their propaganda, and become just like them.
Just like Snowball releasing the violent Ripper dog from Animal Control, so Obama has released violent criminals into society and invited them here from Mexico, South America and the Middle East. How does Dr. Johnson define "black pain" again? What about the real victims of this woman and two children murdered by Wendell Callahan? Obama did that.