Monday, July 18, 2016

TRAILERS: Magnificent Seven, Girl On A Train, Star Trek Beyond

Grandma and my aunt are both in the hospital since Friday night; I am so sorry, I hoped to get the Ghostbusters post up, and I will try and get it done tonight, but I wanted to let you know there was a good reason it wasn't up yet. Several trailers have dropped, so here is the second trailer for The Magnificent Seven:
I'm not going to call this film pre-maturely, but there are two things which stand out in this trailer. First, the opening line: If a man has a gun, he intends to use it, then we see everyone dead. This isn't necessarily going to be an anti-Second Amendment film, but that is typically the kind of logic which creates such a stance: if you have a gun, you want to kill someone with it, therefore, get rid of guns. The second detail is the villain, who says, I want something, I take it. He's a business man/industrialist, and that is also typically the sign of an anti-capitalist film (things might change though) but what I think will really be difficult is that SPOILER ALERT all the best of these seven gunman die (if it's going to keep with the original film) and that is typical of socialists: the best in every field or endeavor have to die because they want only the average and mediocre to survive, they don't want anyone being better than anyone in anything. Again, things might change, but with what has been presented, there will need to be some big leaps made.
I'm not even going to make a guess about this, there is just too much going on. Here is the final Star Trek Beyond trailer opening this week:
Permit me to tell you a story.
In 2007, my mother, whom I would describe as being a typical conservative America, would not have tolerated seeing two men kissing, or two women kissing, on either a TV show or a movie. She started watching House Of Cards (Kevin Spacey) and really enjoyed the series. So when the (I guess) third season came out, she was really excited to see it. In one episode, there were two women kissing, and she clenched her teeth, she didn't like it, but she bore with it because she wanted to watch the episode. The next episode, there was gay sex depicted (I don't know if it was two women or two men, sorry) and she turned it off, upset that they would try and make her watch it. The point is, even though she turned it off at the gay sex scene, they still won because her willingness to watch the two women making out means she has successfully been brainwashed into accepting NOW what she would not have accepted THEN. Even though she is a Christian and does not believe in homosexuality, the liberals have still scored a victory on her because she has bought into their indoctrination sufficiently that she now is willing to accept seeing same-couple kissing scenes. So, we know the character of Sulu (John Cho) is gay; are you going to go to the film? I am not, I am going to see the Dinesh D'Souza film, Hillary's America, opening this week, and I will probably go see Ice Age: Collision Course because I know that is a very pro-socialist series that I haven't written about, so that is where I will be. I hope to get Ghostbusters up late tonight!
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