Friday, July 15, 2016

Ghostbusters Is,.... Pro-Capitalist?,...?...?

The first "official" image for Sherlock Season 4 has been released. Sadly, because of Benedict's increasing obligations, this is possibly the last season although he has expressed that he would like to continue with the series for as long as possible, there may be an even greater lull in-between Season 4 and 5 (if there is a Season 5). The episodes are expected to be released in the UK around Christmas, no word yet on if they will be released State-side simultaneously. 
I can't say it was a good film, I would give it about a B-, but it made some interesting arguments that I was certainly not expecting to see. It's easy to see now that the reason the "reboot" was made with women is because the arguments needed to be made by women for women, and that the film is, indeed, a genuine homage to the original, NOT (as I thought was for certain) "wealth re-distribution in art" (which I will go into in the post). I did not see it in 3D; there were some funny parts (I was thinking pretty hard during the film, so I wasn't there to "just enjoy it," which may or may not have made a difference?) but there is nothing in the film that isn't anti-capitalist nor pro-socialist, and there are certainly some anti-Democrat things, like when NYC is overrun with ghosts and afterwards, the mayor blames it on terrorists who poisoned the water,... yea, we are familiar with that stunt, aren't we? Speaking of the government's corruption and incompetency, Dinesh D'Souza has his newest film on the Clintons coming out July 22, and here is the trailer for it:
I just checked my theater listing, and it is coming to my area July 22 so you can bet I will be there! Opening the same day is Star Trek Beyond, and because of the gay Sulu character and stars Chris Pine and Simon Pegg bashing Trump AND Brexit, I won't be going to that.  So, I will get this Ghostbusters post up asap!
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