Saturday, June 18, 2016

TRAILERS: Anthropoid, The Secret Life Of Pets, Mower Minions, Internet Famous

Why is this a timely film? Reinhardt Heydrich, the assassins' target (Cillian Murphy, Jamie Dornan) was the creator of the Nazi Regime's Final Solution, or how to get rid of the Jews once and for all. You know, as a regular reader, that history films are never ever never ever never ever Never EVER about history; they are ALWAYS about the HERE and the NOW; if someone really wanted to explore history, they would make a documentary, but when they want to explore history artistically, it's because the film makers understand that something that happened THEN pertains to something that is happening NOW; so, what is it? How many of us would have named Heydrich as the third person in charge of the Nazi regime? When Tom Cruise's film, Project Valkyrie came out, about assassinating Hitler so Germany could negotiate a surrender with the West, even though most of us hadn't heard of that plot before, we could identify Hitler and why there would be a plot to kill him. But Heydrich? No, audiences--even people familiar with history like myself--are being served a real treat with the plot of this narrative. So, again, why? Focusing on Heydrich today and drawing attention to that which he himself focused upon, suggests that there is a New Final Solution, not just to get rid of Jews, but also to get rid of ANYONE not supporting the New World Order. A film like this will definitely be an educational experience, not just the history with which we will be presented, but as well, how to go about protecting ourselves from those like Heydrich who want to implement a Final Solution today in advancement of the New World Order. 
I'm not going to see Finding Dory this weekend, for the same reason I didn't go see the Smurf movies: I don't believe in supporting companies and projects which support the mortal sin of homosexuality. Why not? Finding Dory has a "transgender sting ray" character in the narrative, and when companies or projects embrace mortal sin, they are going to incorporate that sin into whatever it is they do, thereby creating a moral "oil slick" like the Exxon Valdez ship did in Alaska, but with the soul. You may have heard about the online push (or liberal bullying) to "give Elsa a girlfriend" for the next Frozen film. I know a lot of people liked that, and disagreed with me that it was a liberal film, but if the film makers had been conservative, this wouldn't be happening. There are two new trailers just released, and this one looks amazing:
Again, as you know, films are never, ever, never, ever about history: they are always about the here and the now. Always. If they were actually going to be about history, they would be documentaries. The "creative license" used in artistic interpretations of historical events are meant to communicate how a story from real life has metaphorical repercussions for similar circumstances today. So, in other words, this film provides us with a rallying point of what others before us have had to fight, just like the fight described above against a "transgender sting ray." We have to fight. Now, a while back, The Secret Life Of Pets was releasing trailers, and I wasn't sure which way it would go; it turns out they have released a trailer just about the psychotic rabbit, named Snowball. If you know why the name "Snowball" is so important, you get extra points!
"Snowball" was the name of one of the leading pigs in  George Orwell's socialist satire Animal Farm. Why would they do this? Just as Orwell provided us with a satire of socialism, so, too, are the creators of this film. While it's called The Secret Life Of Pets, pets don't actually do this:
We can expect to see a fine line between humans and animals in the film, even as animals are given human traits, they are still animals and not humans, which is not what socialists today are wanting us to see; they want you to believe that you are an animal, not a human. And minions, while they have human traits, are not humans either; just as it was argued in Ted 2 (I can't believe I'm quoting that film) there is something special about being human: it's having a soul. Contrasting human qualities with what it actually means to be human, helps illuminate the argument better; so, as a special bonus, when we go see The Secret Life Of Pets, we also get to see The Mower Minions:
That we can't understand what the minions say is intentional, a perfect example of artistic "noise": what they say is unintelligible, but what they are communicating is perfectly clear. Whenever we encounter situations like this, we can be confident that something is being said, but we have to engage with it and interpret it, rather than just sit back and assume it's going to prance across the screen naked so we don't have to work for it. And, speaking of "prancing naked" here is the trailer for Internet Famous:
There are a lot of differences between liberals and conservatives; one of those myriad of differences is that conservatives would rather overlook someone's shortcomings if that person did something great and inspires us to do great things as well. Liberals would rather take someone who did something great and tear them down, drag out all the skeletons from their closet and use that as an excuse NOT to be inspired to do something great, but remain mediocre instead. In the situation we see presented for Internet Famous, there's room for arguments from both sides: sure, we can say these people probably don't have any real talent; however, given that they probably have no real talent, they have obviously found a way to create a "career" for themselves doing something they like and are good at, as opposed to being on welfare and anti-depressants. They are competing for something which could change their lives and catapult them into an arena where their talent can be pruned and groomed to make a difference (this blog is a perfect example: I celebrated five years this week, and looking back at early posts, I have developed my skills significantly in that time, because I have an internet stage that causes me to try and continually improve what I'm doing). Internet Famous is probably going to be a liberal film, taking the internet stars and competition to be an example of everything that is wrong with capitalism and the internet, (the film will be just as insipid as the "stars" they condemn) and using that as a justification for doing away with capitalism, the free market and technology, even though, sadly, the very people parodied in this film are those who tend to be liberals themselves, and liberals enforce the kinds of laws, policies and culture which produces people they are mocking in this film.
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