Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Anniversary & Thank You!

I didn't intentionally choose June 13 as the start of the blog, but I have to admit, I think it's pretty awesome The Fine Art Diner shares its birthday with Captain America's Chris Evans. 
Dear Readers,
On this day, exactly five years ago, I created this blog and wrote the first essay posted. My very first post, A Vintage Year: 1971 and the Year Of the Law, I have left exactly as it was when I first wrote it; wow, you've come a long way, baby. There are times when I will go back and read an essay, and proudly pat myself on the back for some keen observations; there are other times I violently slap my forehead and think, "HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED SO MANY GOLDEN NUGGETS?" and then I begin re-working an essay no one will ever read, and don't get up an essay that people are begging me to get posted,... well, sometimes life is just like that.

I can't thank you enough for visiting this humble corner of cyberspace, especially when you have so many other options of things to do with your time and especially when I have had to take rather extended leaves of absence for various reasons; still, you came back, and if you hadn't have come back, neither would I. Thank you, for providing me with this purpose and outlet because if it wasn't for you (and I am fully confident every blogger and vlogger feels this way) this blog would cease. With all my heart, thank you.

So, here it comes, what you are so used to: I had my ticket to see The Conjuring 2 Thursday night, and I got a flat tire and couldn't make it. I am on my way to see it today, and will get that post up asap, and I hope to see Warcraft tomorrow. Even though it didn't make a big splash in terms of dollars, I am quite anxious to see Now You See Me 2 because I think that's going to be an incredibly rich film (if it's anything like the first one). I am planning on seeing Alice Through the Looking Glass as well: I know it's pro-socialist, but it appears they will be introducing some new arguments into the public arena which will benefit us keeping up with.

So, dear, dear reader, congratulations to yourself for keeping up with this blog and your own spirit of fortitude you have so amply demonstrated, and thank you for fortifying me with your encouragement so I could keep going through some rather dark times.
Thank you, and God bless!
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner