Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Controlled Dive: Independence Day Resurgence

Whenever--and I do mean this in absolute terms--WHENEVER there is an "alien" in a film, the first question to be asked is, "Who is the alien?" and no, the answer, "The alien is the alien," is not a legitimate answer. There will be clues the film makers want you to unconsciously know to identify who the alien is: it might be a part of our own selves that has become "alien" to us, it could be an "alien" people, such as immigrants, or an idea, or a specific group of people who identify themselves with something the film makers want to disown. There is always a real answer to WHO the aliens are. I didn't get to see the original Independence Day, but I did read the synopsis which stated that they figured out how to kill the aliens by destroying their force field through a virus after they infiltrated the mothership. We could say it was THIS VERY PLAN that was the blueprint for getting Barack Hussein Obama elected in 2008: If the "force field" that protects America is the Constitution (and please remember films such Oz the Great and Powerful, and Thor the Dark World, wherein cities that had never been attacked before had their force fields destroyed and the city was destroyed,too) and the "mothership" is Washington DC (because it controls the rest of the country), then just like Will Smith flying into the mothership, so did Barack Obama to unleash a virus, specifically, the virus of over-extended executive action, immigration amnesty, the afflicted economy for the last seven years, the spread of corruption throughout his administration, the un-Constitutional creation and implementation of Obamacare, using the IRS as his personal weapon, the attempts at confiscating Americans' guns (okay, I won't go on), etc., are the viruses that have weakened and seek to destroy our Constitution. 
The original Independence Day, which came out in 1996, was a propaganda piece forewarning the US of what would happen if then-President Bill Clinton didn't win the presidential election that year: that, if the Democratic Party lost to the Republicans in the election, all the socialist reforms that Clinton had undertaken might be swept away; it's not a coincidence that the sequel, Resurgence, also takes place during an election year when power is possibly going to fall from the hands of the Democrats and, once again, all their socialist actions undone. Here is a great "propaganda" piece promoting Independence Day: Resurgence which is filled with "globalism" and the New World Order utopian fantasies:
"Petty differences" which have been "put aside" probably include things like borders, cultural identities, monetary control over their economies, laws, education and language, just to name a few "petty differences" that socialists identify keeping people from the New World Order, which we have been warned about in films like Spectre (which identifies security as a reason people will decide to go with it, and which has obviously happened in Independence Day with the security threat being the aliens). How do we establish this?
By identifying who the "aliens" are.
When the film says "Independence Day," it does not mean the holiday America celebrates every July 4th in honor of the Declaration of Independence and ceasing to be a colony. What this films means is the day when humanity overthrows their employers and instead becomes dependent upon the government. Is that your definition of what "independence" is? If you don't believe me, please study the actions of Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth). He doesn't make others take responsibility for their actions. The film makers want you to thin,, "What a great guy for taking the blame for that near disaster," and if this happened in real life, that might be a heroic moment for a person; but then it happens a second time, and what does that mean? The film is tempting people that, in a world as perfect as what has been created with humanity's unity and all the utopian features, it's not complete unless there is someone there to take the blame for you when you have done something you shouldn't have done. Like Hillary and her emails, for example. Socialists know that taking responsibility for your actions makes you a stronger individual, so don't make people responsible, and they will lose their individuality, and they will lose the desire to take responsibility for their actions. 
Although no one saw Jupiter Ascending, Independence Day director/writer Roland Emmerich thought it a great idea of having capitalism symbolized by "harvesters" who are going to destroy earth in order to accumulate its resources just as Jupiter Ascending does. Why? Because one of the only "winning" points socialists have left in the battle against capitalism appears to be that liberals still believe capitalism is harder on the world's environment than is socialism: again, these are people who have not studied history and have probably never even heard of devastations like the Chernobyl disaster or the term "ecocide" and how it's the communist governments of China and the Soviet Union who are the greatest perpetrators of crimes against the environment; why?
There is another action the aliens take which aligns them with being conservatives (or, at least, the propaganda liberals have swallowed about what liberals believe conservatives believe): drilling. This isn't the boat in the image, but there is a boat in the Atlantic near the ship where the mothership begins drilling to get to earth's core and harvest the core, thereby making earth uninhabitable. On that ship, the crew are getting ready to "harvest" a sunken ship they have found that has a $100 million dollars worth of gold on it; when the mothership arrives, they know they can't escape, but they also can't get to the gold, so they get drunk; until one of them picks up a radio call asking for any ships in the area to provide monitoring to the government; the captain of the expedition, inebriates, replies, "Tell them we'll do it for $100 million dollars!" and they all laugh and take another drink; the radio operator relays the message and then looks at the captain and says, "They said okay." The crew then scrambles to figure out what the mothership is doing, and by the end of the film, they have made $100 million off the US government for their help. Now, we can say that this group of ocean-gold seekers are like the 2014 Jude Law film Black Sea (also that no one saw) and the film makers of IDR want you to weigh-in on their situation: would you rather risk your life diving in the deep trench to try and get gold you have to work for, or would you rather take a nice bloated check from the inefficient US government for hardly working at all anyway? This is what socialism does.
In capitalism, there are, of course, companies and individuals who break the law and do things they shouldn't; the government is there, however, to enforce the laws and punish the evil-doers. In socialism, the government oversees itself, and because the people have no power in a socialist/communist system, no one can bring the government to justice, or prosecute, when the government has committed the foul deed (if you don't believe me, please recall Tom Cruise's excellent film Oblivion and read more environment commentary here). So, the key to understanding the aliens is this "harvesting" image that will tap into the minds of liberals so they know who to hate.
There are a lot of problems with this film, one of them being the elevation (as in, "celebration") of a lack of originality. In the commemoration ceremony at the start of the film, the main cast makes it clear that they have taken the alien's technology and used it to make huge advances,... they have. Literally, they have taken the technology and, not building on it or innovating on it, they have just duplicated it, meaning, no originality, they are still using the same alien guns, and while they have built systems to protect earth, when the mothership arrives, it takes out the weapons before earth can even get them fired up. In the scene depicted above, it's taken right out of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull when Indy is in Area 51 and uses bullets to find a highly magnetized container; this scientist doesn't do that, but his searching around Area 51 for his laser is. Why is originality and creativity such a problem for socialists? The government can't allow people who are too smart to exist because they are smart enough to start a revolution and overthrow the government, so anytime someone begins making advances scientifically, they are killed and the body of scientists have to start all over, not to mention, they usually have severely limited access to the outside world so they don't know what they are missing.  
At the start of the film, an alien craft appears in front of a moon station the global community has created and even though the craft hasn't done anything, the president, played by Selma Blair, gives the okay to blow up the craft. This reviewer proudly deduced that, since the president fired at the alien craft, Republicans must have won the election that year. It's interesting this misconception, because it's always been the socialists/communists who have been aggressive in terms of the military: not only does George Orwell's anti-socialist novel 1984 (and Orwell himself was a socialist) demonstrate the constant state of war the country must be in for the workers to be united and not rise up in rebellion against Big Brother, but history itself offers countless examples of communist countries who have immediately sought to conquer their neighbors (Vietnam, Korea, the Soviet Union, China). So, if it's socialism that is really the aggressor, why did this reviewer think Blair's president must be a Republican?
The "mothership" of the aliens which picks up the distress call from one of the ships on earth, comes to earth and has its own "gravitational field" so it basically picks up all of Hong Kong and then dumps it on London (seen in the image above). Why does that happen? According to liberals, Republicans have their own theory of "gravity" which applies to the economy. This scene from IDR in which Hong Kong has been destroyed, reminds us of another film when Hong Kong was destroyed (for a different reason) in the film Battleship (Taylor Kitsch). Hong Kong is the world's leading financial market because it has the freest market, and the lowest taxation, the very least amount of government control; because Hong Kong had remained a British colony for so long (like the US celebrating independence from Britain on the day supposedly being celebrated in the film) Hong Kong gained a capitalist infrastructure it would not had developed had Hong Kong remained with China (and eventually become communist like the rest of the country). Now, here is the "gravity" theory the liberals apply to Hong Kong: "What goes up, must come down," and because markets do fall, liberals reason that, because Hong Kong is so free and so powerful of a market, when it crashes, it's going to destroy the entire city of London, so, London, it's better to have a "steady state" that doesn't face ups and downs, rather than to have free markets and low taxation because, some day, that's going to destroy you,.... That's how liberals think (for more on this topic, please see In God We Trust, All Others We Track: Battleship). 
It would be tempting to call the socialist strategy "genius" except they have managed to so thoroughly keep their party members ignorant and emotional, rather than rational and educated, that it wasn't a chore at all: take the dominant characteristics of socialism, and tell people they actually belong to your opponents. As the video above points out, just as the characters in the film took the weapons used to almost destroy the world to now defending the world, so, too, have the socialists taken the very charges against them and--through perversion--have managed to make their followers believe none of it is true about socialism, but it's all true about capitalism. The reviewer linked above has successfully been indoctrinated into believing that capitalists--who gain nothing from war and aggression--are the war-like and aggressive party whereas it's the socialists who have everything to gain from inflicting war, chaos and damage upon people and countries (please see Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie, Yellow, Polka-Dot Bikini and the Vietnam War for more). There is one last punch at conservatives and capitalism the film takes that I want to discuss, and it's in the last seconds of the film: interstellar travel.
The top image is the Queen Alien; they try to destroy her, but she has "her own force field." We can say the Queen symbolizes conservatives and Christians because we have been protected from liberals' attacks by the Constitution, which is our force field. The remaining pilots lose control of their engines, so by using the "controlled dive," they are going to destroy the Queen; in other words, their vehicles are wiped out, and by controlling their descent, they are going to crash into the Queen, and that is going to kill the Queen, because the economic hardships the Democrats have been artificially burdening the country with, have also been a "controlled dive" in the economy (like Hong Kong debris being dropped and used as weapons on London) and liberals have hoped that, with their anti-capitalists and anti-growth measures, they can finally use it against America that capitalism doesn't work and end capitalism in America once and for all. Dillon says during this sequence, "Get ready for a close encounter, bitch," he's calling the motherland America a "bitch," and also referencing Steven Spielberg and his interpreting Close Encounters Of the Third Kind to have been a pro-socialist film that now inspires Dillon, as a young black man, to hate the alien/motherland of America so much and do his duty in destroying it. 
On an different note, but happening during the same scene, is the bottom image. Whenever there is a school bus (and we have seen them recently in pro-capitalist films, Godzilla, Man Of Steel and Terminator: Genisys, as well as the pro-socialist film We Are What We Are) it means we the viewers are being "schooled" and taught a lesson because the film has become a vehicle of learning for us (it's always a vehicle of learning, but they really want to highlight it when they use a school bus). So, we are the children in this scene, being schooled on how to bring down the motherland. It's interesting to compare Julius' progress throughout the film: we first see him at a retirement center where the very elderly are not interested in his book, How I Saved the World; then he is picked up by some kids who are interested in his book, and then there are even more kids when he takes the school bus because it has gas in it. What does this mean? The senior citizens who don't care about Julius are also those members of the population who are most apt to hold onto capitalism and--remembering how history truly happened--be less likely to support liberalism, so the liberals want to do away with them (the United Nations, which figures in IDR, put out this commercial suggesting that, because the environment isn't capable of handling so many people, old people should voluntarily give up their life because they have all ready "lived a good life," so they can die now because the government needs them to; the commercial has been removed, so that channel was the only one who still had it up). The children, on the other hand, being abandoned and orphaned, are looking for a new "parent" and will gladly be raised by someone else because even though liberals have to have abortion to offer, they need young children to indoctrinate and turn to their side because they don't know anything to counter the liberal teaching.
As we have seen, there are several films (which is typical of any film, and I always try to point out which films are being referenced) IDR draws upon, and one of them appears to be Christopher Nolan's outstanding anti-socialist sci-fi drama, Interstellar. We don't often hear the word "interstellar," so when it's mentioned in the closing seconds of the film, it immediately makes you reference back to, "When have I heard that term before?" Why would IDR want to mention such an anti-socialist film? Interstellar proposed that socialism would destroy the world rather than save it, and only through daring would we be able to use our courage and resources to save ourselves; IDR wants viewers to believe that socialism can save us as well, and that we will even be greater than more advanced alien life forms. So, basically, the entire response IDR has to Interstellar's entire anti-socialist thesis is, "Oh, yea?!?! Whatever you can do we can do better!" (please see Are You My Ghost? Interstellar & the History Textbooks for more).
This might seem like a stretch, and if so, that's fine, but this has really, really been bothering me. Do you remember how, at the DNC convention in 2012, the Democrats voted three times NOT to include God in their platform? This anti-God position seems to be picking up quite a bit of momentum. In IDR, at the start of the film, people from "The War of '96" are still hooked into the collective unconscious of the aliens and have nightmares and hallucinations; many of them around the world have been drawing an image that looks like the image (which is like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the mountain everyone is drawing; I drew, the image above, I couldn't find the image from the film, sorry) on the right. That image is being sent by the Queen Alien to the people of earth so they will be afraid of it and it ends up that it's this sphere of AI sent by the refugees to save humanity from species that are enemies with the aliens attacking earth. As they say in the film, "My enemy's enemy is my ally," or, as they said it better in the pro-capitalist Star Trek: Into Darkness, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Again, IDR is full of references to other films, and when the symbol on the right first flashed across the screen, I immediately though of the film Devil's Due which utilizes a symbol nearly identical to that in IDR (poster is on the left, and the girl in the center of the circle has drawn the symbol on the floor of the nursery). In Devil's Due, the symbol denotes the sin of adultery, creating an abstract image of a penis entering into the vagina; we can say the same for IDR even though there is no sex in the film, because the symbol, like the saying from Star Trek, has clearly been taken from another film. What the sphere wants to do actually mimics the story of The Fall of Satan: he rebelled against God and so Satan and his angels went to their own place (cast out of heaven) and there they plan to destroy God and all those who serve him, which is, again, exactly what the sphere invites the humans to do at the end of the film. It's like Satan is telling the liberals how impressed he is that the liberals have been so successful in defeating Christians and conservatives and he wants liberals to teach the rest of hell how to overcome Christianity. Now, in two different places in the film, it would seem that God has been invoked: first, Julian Levinson (Judd Hirsch) tells one of the kids he is with to "Have a little faith," then, before the Americans attack in the Queen Alien in the trap they have baited, the commander gets on the short wave radio and asks everyone who can hear him to pray for them,... "Because we are all one people." So, that last part was a passive propaganda pieces about no borders, no boundaries, no individual identities, just one big New World Order. So why would the film seemingly have a "satanic messenger" in the sphere while at the same time seemingly promoting God and religion? If you watched the whole clip of the DNC above, you have your answer: just as the delegates voted that they didn't want God included in the platform, and then someone,... (Obama) gave the order from off-stage that God would be included in spite of the negative vote against it, so we can see that even though the Democratic Party has completely divorced itself from God, they still want the cover of being Christian or at least of supporting God, even though they work against God and Christianity at every opportunity (we see this in Obama himself: he claims to be a Christian, but has done nothing to support Christians in the Middle East who are being slaughtered and he and wife Michelle gave Americans a lecture this last Christmas over A Charlie Brown's Christmas special and the "true meaning of Christmas" being the protection of little trees, not the birth of Christ). UPDATE: SATAN AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS TO BE INTRODUCED TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS THIS YEAR: The Movies Didn't Lie: Satan Coming To Schools For Your Children article is here! Remember, Detroit, a Democratic stronghold, put up a public statue celebrating Satan with two children standing beside him. So, the film makers are saying, we will unite with Satan to bring down America (through sex, drugs, moral depravity, ridiculous restrictions on the economy, etc.) and we will finally destroy the Constitution with Satan's help. As ridiculous and incredible as this may sound, please remember the pro-sociaist and controversial ending to The Witch (2015), during which Thomasin preferred to sell her soul to Satan and become a witch rather than live on her own or go back to the settlement from which her family came. If that wasn't a pro-socialist film, I don't know what is, and the film makers' thesis was quite clear. There is also the the very pro-capitalist film Warcraft which revealed  those touched by the cursed fel magic (a metaphor of socialism) were being controlled by a Satanic demon.  I obviously don't like any of this, however, it's better to understand what the socialists are doing than to blind ourselves to it and be unprepared for the new battles that are sure to present themselves.
In conclusion, Independence Day: Resurgence isn't a particularly good film (even liberal critics are panning how poorly done it is) nor does it offer any real arguments against capitalism or the conservative position that we haven't all ready heard. What it does do, however, is possibly draw liberals to a much closer position that has been hinted at and would certainly not only hurt
Eat Your Art Out,
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This note is an update: I didn't want to put this in the original post until I had some time to think about it, and I have. When President Whitmore is getting ready for his "suicide mission" to kill the Queen Alien, his daughter Patricia tells him, you saved the world once, now it's my turn, and he replies, the first time I saved the world, now I'm saving you. What does he mean when he says this? Unfortunately, that, being a white male, he's blocking Patricia's ability to make more of herself int he world, and like senior citizens offering to "die off" because they have "had a good life," so Whitmore is going to get out of Patricia's way so she can have a future free of successful, old heterosexual white men,... this is exactly what we have just seen in The Conjuring 2, that white men are being held up as the "demonic forces" in society holding back minorities, but there are other forces which stand to gain from the disappearance of white men in society, namely, feminists. In Independence Day, why was it the Randy Quaid character had to die? Because he had fought in Vietnam, he was a veteran who fought against the spread of communism through the world, so that's why his character couldn't go on living. Now, in Resurgence, Whitmore, being a white, heterosexual male, is standing in the way of communism spreading and feminists being able to finally be equal to men, so Whitmore has to die. This is also why Dr. Isaacs has to die (he got hit by alien fire when he was helping to defend the white orb from the aliens getting it): he's a doctor and he's successful. Did you see Cloud Atlas? No, of course not, because no one saw it. Tom Hanks, among many other characters, plays a ruthless doctor, keeping a patient sick intentionally because he wants to make more money off him; in World War Z, when Brad Pitt's character gets to where all the medicine has been stored and he infects himself, there is a doctor zombie trying to get him, but one he's infected, he walks right by him. Both of these pro-socialist films want to destroy doctors because they support socialized medicine (Obamacare) and want doctors in a capitalist system to appear evil and greedy. Independence Day: Resurgence just wants Isaacs dead because (one, he's probably Jewish, and if you look closely at these pro-socialist films, they are still trying to get rid of Jews, although they want Jews to continue supporting them, but once they can, they will do away with them completely) he's white and male and he needs to die so feminists and gays can take his place.