Monday, May 23, 2016

TRAILER: Star Trek Beyond #2, My Name Is Magneto, The Purge Election Year

I'm sorry. I keep getting side-tracked on Spectre, "I can't post it without talking about this!" and then I have to look for the images, then I have to redo something,... I am sorry, I am getting up before I do anything else, really (I'm not even watching the newest episode of Penny Dreadful until I get Spectre up). In the meantime, this awesome new trailer for Star Trek Beyond was released and this is going to be amazing!
Finishing up Spectre, and writing about a character who killed his father, reminds us of another character recently who killed his father, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in Star Wars the Force Awakens. Captain Kirk has honored his father--or at least tried to--as well as his "adoptive father," Captain Pike who died in the last episode. The situation being presented is, that of Oedipus Rex: not for Kirk to kill his father, but to embrace who he is and is destined to become (please Freud & Oedipus: the Ancient Struggle for more Freud's mis-interpretation of the Oedipus Rex play). We, the audience, are being urged to do the same: to be who we are called to be at this point in history, because that's what our Founding Fathers did (yea, they killed their "father," England in the Revolutionary War). On a different note, here is a clip from this week's coming release that is all ready doing smashingly well:
This is an important clip, because it demonstrates the overwhelming power of our emotions, especially when we allow them to run rampant; in other words, Magneto is going to do unto others that which has been done to him. But he's not going to just do it to one person, he's going to use his pain as a license to destroy all of humanity (we see this with Blofeld in Spectre as well, because this is a pattern that has emerged: people amassing power and then using that power for ill upon others because of grievances--real or imagined--and trying to get revenge). This leads us to our perverse next trailer for The Purge: Election Year. I can't even believe that something thinks this is how America really is. I'm baffled by this.
"Keep America Great" is a reference to Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again," and the blond Senator woman is supposedly a reference to Hillary Clinton, who was once a senator. The idea of a purging comes from capitalism, and the free market letting businesses that don't do well go out of business. This is a form of purgation which naturally takes place in the free market, but which socialists don't think should happen: the government should fund whatever it is you want to do, just like Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) in Captain America: Civil War funding everyone's projects at MIT. That is what the creators of The Purge Election Year want, the "real changes" they think the senator is going to bring about, and I would agree: Hillary Clinton would definitely plunge us deeper into socialism. When you think I'm talking too much about politics, please remember this trailer, and that there are a lot more people out there like this.
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